Ways To Build Connectivity.

Every human being thrives in association. Even little children find joy in spending time and meeting others within their age group, why? Because they speak the same language, they play and think alike. Every person has at least one friend they associate with and see a lot of themselves in. As we all know, life would be boring without friends! So here are some ways to build connectivity. 

But beyond just associating with people who share our views, we must learn to connect with people who share our interests, especially in purpose and career. Connectivity helps us broaden our minds, have clearer dreams and aspirations, and sharpens our experiences. 

There is a popular saying that goes, “No man is an Island”. 

How Do You Connect? 

1. Proper Use of Social Media: 

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter have made the world a social market. You can connect with like-minded people anytime and from the comfort of your home. It has become a safe space for a number of introverts who have found their voices on these platforms. On these platforms, you can follow the works of role models actively, giving you an edge in your field, you can also interact with these people and grow your network base. Remember, distance is never a barrier with social media.

2. Research:

Another step towards connectivity is proper research. Maximising the Internet, and reading books help one become knowledgeable about the people to look up to and what we might have in common. You can also join communities in your research field to be a part of a trusted circle and get peer support. This not only helps us strike meaningful conversations and make good contributions without sounding dull, but it also makes us feel like we are part of a productive and efficient community.

3. Attend Seminars: 

Seminars, conferences, and reunions are events that add positively to an individual. You meet people, socialise, and exchange knowledge. When people see you as someone they would love to have in their corner because of your broad knowledge about shared interests and careers, it makes networking easier. You will easily exchange contacts with people you feel you can’t be in the same room as. This is your cue to register for that seminar and attend it! 

4. Be Teachable: 

No man knows it all. As much as you want to share your knowledge, be open to learning more. No matter who is teaching or talking, set your heart to learn. Nobody likes someone who feels like they know everything and are not willing to listen to anyone else. A teachable spirit, helps you learn fast and well from a mentor and makes you preferred should any opportunity arise.

5. Serve: 

As ridiculous as this sounds, it’s an important aspect of life. Most of us are scared of being used by the people who know better than us, so we won’t be taken for granted but as much as it is a valid reason, the truth is, the more you serve, the more you learn, the better you get, the more experience you gather, and the closer you are to your desired goal. 

Try these five goals and see yourself gaining grounds that seem too far fetched.

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