Welcome to Lagos

This is Lagos. Where if you are not sharp, you can be a victim of the Lagos bad boys trick. Welcome to Lagos (Yoruba: Agba Meta or Aro Meta) is an Art Deco statue of three Lagos white cap chiefs in Lagos. Designed by Bodun Shodeinde in 1991 and standing over 12 ft high, the sculpted three chiefs image was built to welcome people coming into Lagos State (Wikipedia).


However, deviating from the Lagos statue, there are a lot of interesting things about the clause, welcome to Lagos, denotes a real Lagos experience that makes Lagos unique and stands out from other places in Nigeria. It’s like a note for those visiting Lagos the first time. Below are some things that make Lagos different:

The Agberos

Lagos Agberos are unique and rich. I know you are wondering what agbero means. They are a set of young men who collect levies from bus drivers and conductors. The job is not backed up by the government, but they go to the extent of destroying the vehicles of drivers or beat up the bus conductors, who do not give them enough money. Lagos Agberos do not collect small money. So in a day, a confirm Lagos Agbero can make up to seven thousand naira.

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The Market Women

There is a sharp contrast in the attitude of Lagos market women depending on where they are from. They can either insult you or plead with you to buy from them. However, more market women are ready to insult you than to plead with you. Even the market men, as I call them.
If you are new in Lagos, please, I am pleading with you, don’t go to Yaba market. Because you may end up buying something that worth 1000 NGN for 4000 NGN.

So you can be insulted with your money in a Lagos market. Another thing is that once you have paid in Lagos, you cannot collect your money back. Especially from Yaba boys. The best they can do for you is pick another item in the shop or outlet.

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The second victim of the welcome to Lagos palaver is Abba. He is a fresh boy from Kano. Unlike Aliyu, Abba boarded a plane from Kano to Lagos. So he felt that he was free from his Welcome to Lagos note. Abba received his welcome note, the day he left camp. In his words, ‘I was robbed on my way back to my accommodation the same day I left’. That was a welcome to Lagos note to this pampered Hausa boy.

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Even mature people coming from other places cannot avoid their welcome to Lagos note most of the time. They are so sharp that at times those selling in traffic, sell with guns and try to look out for those that look like mupas.

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