What Business Can I Start Up Here In Nigeria?

The state of the country’s economy is not one that needs much talk or sugarcoating. That said, we are also aware of the state of business in the country with frequent low sales. Despite the challenges faced, the number of entrepreneurs continue to rise in Nigeria. It is not odd these days for people to approach you and ask “what business can I start up here in Nigeria?

There are not enough jobs to go round, so people have to be their own bosses sometimes. Hence the rise in people searching for a business to start. Literally, there are no untapped businesses in Nigeria. So, if the above question resonates with you, you are on the right page. If it doesn’t, there is always someone who needs this and you can always share with them.

On the list below are some of the thriving businesses in Nigeria that you can go into:


Fast Food Business

The fast-food business is one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria to start with a small capital. The fact is there is no one who doesn’t eat. We all need food to fuel our system at one point or the other. One might argue about those who make their own food; especially breakfast,  but is it all the time? Even those who love to cook or cook for a living have at one point eaten outside.

You might eat breakfast at home before work or school, what then happens to lunch? For a city like Lagos, which happens to be the most populous state in the country, the fast food business is one of the most common businesses you will see around. It is the kind of business you can start with 20000 naira or more. You can actually start a mini restaurant and start making money from it. You can also deliver to companies, thereby saving them the stress of going out to eat during breaks.

Real Estate Business

The real estate business is another business you can start in Nigeria with little or no amount of money. In this digital age, all you need to become a real estate agent is your mobile and intuition. You don’t need any formal education or capital to start this type of business. For instance, you can help other people find their dream houses or get commissions over the sales of land.


Plantain Chips Business

If you have ever been stuck in the Lagos “traffic” or anywhere in Nigeria, you would understand the need to eat something after long hours of no movement. It is also one of the most common edibles you can find in almost all parks in Nigeria. The plantain chips business is another kind of business in Nigeria that requires little capital to start. It is one of the popular businesses in Nigeria, however, this does not mean you cannot break into the market if done properly. You can set your business apart from the rest by packaging it in advance and if you are really good, you will get retailers in no time.

Popcorn Production Business

There are definitely moments you just feel like chewing something. Every now and then, on the bus, on the road, at home, at the cinemas, you see people eating popcorn. The great thing about this kind of business is that it doesn’t require you to have a shop, just an exposed environment with lots of movement and you are good to go. The popcorn business is also not a gender discriminating business, hence there should be no worry about gender bias. With the necessary requirements like a popcorn machine, kernel (corn), butter, groundnut oil, sugar, salt, flavour nylon, a busy road or market, you are ready to start your own popcorn business. Just getting a free space and targeting an environment with a lot of moment is all you need, especially in the evenings.


Liquid Wash Business

The Liquid Wash business is another one of the fast-growing small-scale businesses in Nigeria. The local liquid wash is one of the most used commodity in most homes these days. With very little cash, you can actually start the business and make a considerable amount of money. It is one of those businesses that you can start with less than 30000 naira. It is one business that will continue to sell because people will always wash their dishes. If you are really good with the business, you can actually sell to retailers in no time.

Downloading Of Music/Games/Apps Business

This is one business that is common in most urban cities in Nigeria; especially in Ikeja, Lagos where the famous “computer village” is situated. If all you do before now with your laptop is watch movies, there is no better time to put it to better use. It is no news that people want the latest music video or audio or movies, the latest applications and games, but one major problem is data. So, with less 20000 naira to buy data, you can always download as many movies and audios that you can. The same thing applies to applications on phones. Often times, when people get new phones in places like computer village, they want to start using their phones as soon as possible. Therefore, the need to actually download new apps and transfer files from the old phone to the new one comes into play. This is where the need of your own business comes because you get to make money by transferring the apps to them.


From the above are some of the businesses you can start in Nigeria with a little amount of money. Kindly share other business ideas you know with fellow readers.

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