Living in a Family House vs Renting an Apartment in Lagos

Africans believe in a lifestyle of communism. We hold family values in high esteem. Extended families originated from Africa, we love to live together, eat together, sleep together and work together. The culture of living together, and upholding unity in extended families, had led to so many break-ups in relationships. So how can you cope when your boyfriend lives in a family house.

Most young ladies date young men with potentials. Having potentials means innate abilities to achieve some things and get to certain heights. This connotes that the young man may be on a low level at the moment – so he’s not yet at the peak of his career but he would get there. Most young men with potentials face challenges before getting to the top of the ladder. One of such challenges may be living in the same house with their extended family.

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Tony had no choice than to start living in his grandpa’s house in Lagos, so as to secure a job. He also wanted to have access to Susan. Susan had a lot of challenges coping with Tony. Because of Tony’s grandpa’s house, which housed a lot of aunties, cousins, nieces, cousins and nephews.

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To crown it, the family members hold respect in high esteem. Tony’s aunties started complaining that Susan doesn’t greet them well and that she looks at them in a funny way. The house is a duplex at Ikeja. Tony’s grand aunties and uncles became a burden to Susan and this caused arguments and misunderstandings between them on a regular basis.

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One day, one of Tony’s grand aunties reported Susan to Tony. She claimed that she wanted to fall on the corridor and Susan didn’t tell her sorry. Tony was angry and he spoke rudely to his grand aunt. All the family members started claiming that he was supporting Susan.

Two months later, Tony got a very good job. He was able to rent a new apartment in three months. Now, the relationship is better and stronger.



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