When your Landlord lives Upstairs

Some landlords don’t like to live in the same compound as their tenants since they can easily employ a property manager to handle the management duties of their property. While others prefer to do the job themselves, hence, living in the same compound as their tenants.

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For the latter category with storey buildings, hardly can you find, in Nigeria, an apartment where the landlord decides to live downstairs. Could it be a product of the egoistic mentality that most Africans have?

For the Whites, particularly Americans, this is different. While their building styles differ from ours here in Nigeria, they still tend to be less egoistic. Americans do less of flaunting their power when it comes to being a landlord or being a CEO.

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Little doubt, the upper-class individuals who had personal contact with Mark Zuckerberg – the acclaimed 6th richest man in the world and founder of Facebook – when he visited both the mainland and island areas of Nigeria, must have had a lot to learn from his humility and simplicity. To rich Nigerians, he must have been annoyingly humble. I hear he even jogged on the bridge I used to ride on when returning home from work.


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Back to Nigerian landlords: Is it a crime to stay downstairs while your tenants stay upstairs? For me, staying upstairs doesn’t carry any prestigious benefit as staying downstairs can be much better. All depends on the environment where the house is located.

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However, when you have the option of choosing either upstairs, downstairs, back flat or the flat in the front, for a totally vacant building for rent, my next article would guide you on how to make the best choice.



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