Nigeria, the most populous sovereign country in Africa is endowed with 36 states and a federal capital territory. She is further enriched with well over 250 ethnic groups amongst which are the 3 major ones (Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo) all subdivided into the 36 states of Nigeria.

It is a known fact that the developmental pace of the states of the federal republic of Nigeria is very unequal, take for instance the northern states of the country, one could easily pass them off as backward in comparison to some other southern states here in Nigeria.Lagos and Abuja arguably are the fastest developing states in Nigeria with the former as the nation’s commercial capital and the later as the federal capital territory

Lagos state is also the commercial capital of the nation according to the last census exercise (2006) is populated to the tune of about 17.5million people and about 21million people as corroborated by the recent immunization exercise carried out in the state. Are you wondering where I am heading to with all these assertions? Let’s get down to business.

We have been able to establish that Lagos is developed and the population density is very much on the high side given that it’s the smallest state in the country, it is also a haven to a whole lot of commercial, recreational and other activities keeping the people in it busy or bubbling day and night. With all these in Lagos, a fast thinking and profit oriented business person would be quick to realise that one lucrative business to dive into is real estate. Yes… owning a house and letting it out for rent to tenants ( sounds simple right?).  One of the major reasons for the lucrativity (my coinage) of this business is the fact that a whole lot of people living in Lagos and the world at large need a roof over their heads. Since the houses for rent are limited, the commodity (house) becomes expensive to rent depending on the part of Lagos you are in as some places are tagged highbrow areas while others are not so on the high side.

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Lagosians, it does not end there, nowadays it is no news that we have some set of agents (street agents) who at times  hawk their wares on the streets of Lagos (the guys that ask you aggressively on the street, “you de find house”?). A number of persons here in Lagos have been duped by these guys who hawk properties that do not exist to innocent house hunters, very disheartening.

All hope is not lost people of Lagos, there is a group of beautiful minds who pondered over these societal epidemic and concluded that it’s hard enough that renting properties are expensive in Lagos so one should not have to go through more life wrecking experiences like being duped by scammers in the name of agents helping them to get properties is a properly registered first of its kind online real estate firm that guarantees value for money when searching for a property here in Lagos. A firm tested, trusted and still building trust in the minds of Lagosians in search of houses to live in.  All you need do is log on to our website: ‘’ right at the top of the website is a search panel, type in the specification of the property you want, be it a 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, duplex, office space, warehouse, whatever kind of property you want to see and hit the search button. After this ABC steps, results within your specifics will pop up, then you get to select from the result what exactly you will love to inspect. Thereafter, call the number(s) on the “contact me” icon and just like magic you will have a whole team at your beck and call working to get you your dream property at your choice area.

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