Will Shipping Containers Reduce Housing Deficit in Lagos?

The Lagos Housing Problem has been an impediment to the Lagos Megacity goals. Overpopulation and the attendant housing shortage is one of the major challenges Lagos city officials and residents grapple with. More than 500,000 people move to the city every year, and across Nigeria, there is already a housing deficit of more than 17 million units, according to the BBC.


There have been a number of concerted efforts to address the housing challenge, including an ambitious project to reclaim land from the Atlantic Ocean to construct and develop a brand-new city called “Eko Atlantic,” which is expected to accommodate 500,000 people.

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Tempohousing, a local construction company, says it has taken up the challenge to meet the demand for affordable housing in Nigeria by leveraging its technology and expertise to build easy-to-maintain, portable, and affordable housing for the masses.

Tempohousing claims it provides affordable houses and office accommodation using shipping containers. the company was founded to meet the city’s demand for modern, high-quality, low-income housing.

The concept is still foreign to many Nigerians, so most of the clients tend to use the containers to build office spaces, not homes.


Tempohousing says its vision is to significantly drive down the cost of the delivery of much-needed affordable living and working spaces, reduce the country’s housing deficit, bring growth to the country, and assist clients in making their dreams a reality.

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After reading this, series of question ran through my mind. The first is the viability of the scheme. The second is the question of general acceptance by Nigerians. Will this be better than brick building in the long-run? Are there possible side effects of this kind of building. I accept that this is a very good innovation and it takes productive minds to come up with this. But the big question is what is the possibility of the success of this scheme. You can send in your comments. I will love to know if you like or dislike this innovation.

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