1004 is a luxury residential hub in Victoria Island. The estate has come to limelight due to her strategic location, her unusual height and the number of flats therein. The name 1004 was derived from the numerous flats in the abode. The estate is the largest single luxury high rise estate in Sub Saharan Africa with over 1004 flats, maisonettes, studio apartment in Victoria Island. The 1004 building which originally belonged to the Federal Government of Nigeria was acquired by a group of investors in 2007. The estate was opened in 1979 as a high amenity and upscale estate accommodation for senators and members of the House of Representatives. Subsequently, it was occupied by senior federal civil servants until its acquisition by 1004 Estates Limited for N7 billion in 2007.

1004 Estate possesses an excellent location in the heart of the Victoria Island’s business and recreational district coupled with its constant provision of power/recreational facilities and its secure environment. The estate has four swimming pools and tennis courts which provide a vibrant sporting lifestyle for its residents.

However some companies have such as  MTN, Shortlet Nigeria, Amador Energy Services, Kfoury Construction Company Limited, Wall Mount, Adano Engineering Company Nigeria Ltd and 1G4 Studio are present in this neighbourhood. As a residential abode, there are a number of schools, hospitals and worship centres in the neighbourhood. Some of the schools within the estate include Crescent Schools and Federal Housing Estate Primary Schools. Federal Staff Hospital, Gio Dental Clinic and Fuma Clinic offers medical services to the residents of 1004 estate. The prominent worship centre here is the 1004 Muslim Community Mosque.

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Around the block

The Neighbours

Most residents in 1004 are elites, business moguls, politicians, and entrepreneurs. Originally built to be the hub of politicians and top civil servants, it has become the abode of a number of upper-class Nigerians notwithstanding their field of professionalism. The lifestyle of individualism prevails over communalism here.

What To Expect

1004 Estate is one of the most popular luxury hubs in Lagos. Although it was built in 1979, the estate experienced rapid development from the managers between 2008 to 2009. Thus, she can stand as a modern location that suits the Lagos high-end real estate. The estate is strategically located with modern fun and sports activities to unwind.

The Market

Some of the supermarkets and stores are situated in flats where residents can shop as there is no local market in this posh estate.

You'll Fall In Love With

The unique fun hubs in 1004 give the residents the opportunity to unwind in their own mini luxury world. There are also some unique places to relax and see the world here. Some of them are Marcopolo Express and 1004 Restaurant & Bar.

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