Adeola Odeku is one of the most popular areas in Victoria Island. The neighbourhood possesses a serene atmosphere and it is the hub of a lot of thriving medium and large scale businesses. The road network here is motorable and the cost of renting a property in Adeola Odeku is quite high because it is the hub of the creme de la creme. There tends to be heavy traffic in the neighbourhood during work hours.

There are a number of companies in Adeola Odeku which include: Oil And Gas, Kaywise Venture, Ikon Office Solutions Ltd, Garment Care Limited, Netcom Africa and SPAR. South Shore Women and Children’s Hospital Lagos, Kleinburg Medical, Glen Eagle hospital and Beaconhill Smile Clinic are the major hospitals here. ADRAO International School and Lancaster University Nigeria office are educational institutions located in this neighbourhood. Christ Apostolic Church is one of the major worship centres located here.

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Around the block

The Neighbours

The residents of Adeola Odeku are rich and affluent folks. Communalism is not the order of the day here as everyone tends to mind their own businesses. Some residents do not even know their neighbours or visit their neighbours.

What To Expect

The serenity in Adeola Odeku will thrill anyone no matter your class and social status. The neighbourhood is well secured and it is the home of a lot of businesses. Adeola Odeku boasts of an excellent road network.

The Market

A few supermarkets and streets shops cater to the needs of the residents in the neighbourhood as there is no major market here.

You'll Fall In Love With

The places to wine, dine and unwind in Adeola Odeku includes Cumberland Hotel, Night Club VI, Ronics Store, Bedinod Investment, Spice Bar Indian, The Place, KFC, Spice Route, Steers Real Burgers, Jade Palace Chinese Cuisine Ltd, Eve Restaurant and Lounge, Debonairs Pizza and HubDeli amongst others. 

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