Aguda is a suburb in Surulere which is a highly residential area with decent roads.  The neighbourhoods within Aguda is majorly dominated by old people as it is one of the oldest places found in Surulere. Most of the houses here are gated.

Aguda has a fair supply of power. Seen in the area are mostly old houses with a number of new modern houses. Banks like First Bank, Ecobank and Access Bank have their branches here. Schools in Aguda include the Aguda Grammar School, Princeton School, Handmaids International School, Shaki Crescent amongst others.

The Aguda community hosts a number of mosques and other places of worship including the St Barths’ Anglican Church, Our Lady of Fatima, Watchmen Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement. A major hospital in Aguda is the Aguda hospital.

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Around the block

The Neighbours

Residents of Aguda are diverse in class (middle-class residents are however more) and in ethnicity. Retirees are also settled here. Streets in Aguda include Owolabi Street, Brown Road, Adetola Street, Akanbi Arimi StreetOdunjo Street. The area is more of a residential hub, however, there are a good number of roadside shops, stores and supermarkets within the neighbourhood. 

Most of the roads are tarred although some of the street roads are not tarred but motorable. The roads are poorly landscaped and there is no provision for green space. The drainage channels are mostly blocked with dirts and stagnant water which makes the area prone to flooding when it rains heavily.

What To Expect

Aguda is majorly residential and most of the houses in the area are flat apartments. Also, traffic gridlock should be expected during work days. During regular peak hours, the traffic situation gets worse, however between off peak hours, it is easier to get around the neighbourhood. For residents who are not mobile, there are commercial buses, motorbikes (Okada), tricycles (Keke Maruwa) that are allowed to ply the street roads and help get residents and visitors around. 

The Lifestyle

Living in Aguda can be interesting for people who enjoy the conventional Lagos lifestyle. During the day, you can spot a few street hawking who sell inexpensive good items. A drive through the area reveals some building materials stacked along the road as there a number of houses under construction within the neighbourhood. Check out for properties available for sale or rent in Aguda. 

The Market

The market that takes care of the needs of the residents in the area is the Aguda Market. The presence of roadside shops and street hawkers within the neighbourhood give residents shopping options to pick from. However, there area some supermarkets in Surulere such as Best Buy Supermarket, T Black Supermarket, Nazareth Supermarket, Shoprite, Citydia Supermarket among others. Other markets in Surulere include Oponri Market, Ojuelegba Market, Masha Fruit Farmer Market. 

You'll Fall In Love With

For fun and recreation, Aguda provides fun spots like; Mr Biggs, Gilford View Hotels, Uncle B Guesthouse, Chicken Republic, Chefvys amongst others


Mr Biggs is a household name especially in Lagos Nigeria. The fast food restaurant has about 170 locations around the country outlets in other African countries. The outlet in Aguda serves residents in the neighbourhood, Mr Biggs offers great dining experience with a rich menu that provide variety to choose from in terms of African dishes and snacks. The customer service is also quite impressive. Check out Mr Biggs Aguda, Surulere


Chicken Republic  which started in 2004 is an African fast food company with various outlets in Nigeria. The fast food company is famous for their delicious chicken and chicken combo, the outlet housed in Aguda offers variety of dishes. The customer service is quite impressive and the outlet is properly maintained. Check out Chicken Republic Aguda, Surulere, Lagos

Social Facilities


Aguda Grammar School is situated at 28, Brown Road, Aguda, Surulere, Lagos. The school which is owned by the Lagos State Government was established in September, 1980. The school runs only a secondary arm which prepares students for external examinations including West African Examinations Council (WAEC) and National Examinations Council (NECO). A good number of children in the neighbourhood attend this school, the school has a population of over 2000 students.


Chefvys is a fast food restaurant housed in Aguda, Surulere, Lagos. It is a popular spot in the neighbourhood where residents and visitors can hang out alone, with friends and family. The restaurant serves healthy ready-to-eat meals with variety in menu. Drinks and snacks are also sold here, there is an option to take-out for those who do not want to eat in. Check out Chefvys, Aguda, Surulere, Lagos

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