Akin Olugbade Street is a residential area with a blend of companies in Victoria Island. The neighbourhood is strategically located and it is one of the best places to live in Victoria Island. The major roads of Akin Olugbade are well laid out. However, the area tends to be affected by traffic during the Lagos rush hours. There are various choice properties in Akin Olugbade for rent and sale. They include duplexes, bungalows, studio apartments, detached buildings and flats. Akin Olugbade is the abode of rich Islanders as it possesses an ambience of class. The power supply here is good. The serviced apartments for rent in Akin Olugbade can boast of an uninterrupted power supply.

As a residential hub, there are schools and hospitals in the neighbourhood. The major school in Akin Olugbade is Infantino Montessori School. The prominent hospital in Akin Olugbade is the Royal Saints Hospital. There are also a few companies such as; SunTrust Oil Company Nigeria Ltd, Bacom Group, Atlas Petroleum Limited, Mcdermott, BK productions Nigeria, Anchorage Energy Nigeria Limited and Doigt Creative.

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  • Eko Hotel

Around the block

The Neighbours

The residents of Akin Olugbade are luxury lovers and possessors of luxury spheres. It’s not strange that most of them are elites, entrepreneurs, business moguls and professionals. There are also a few artisans here. Low-income earners such as cooks, domestic servers, Okada riders, and gatekeepers are also part of the Victoria Island community and some of them can be found in Akin Olugbade.

What To Expect

Living in this part of Victoria Island combines comfort with elegance and refinement. Apartments for rent in Akin Olugbade are built to taste featuring modern facilities. The neighbourhood is strategically located near major freeways with access to downtown, lovely shopping malls, schools, employers, medical facilities and recreation. Akin Olugbade is beautiful and luxurious, it is a haven with numerous amenities for exquisite living. Here, serenity is defined at its peak.

The Market

Residents can shop at major supermarkets in Victoria Island. The Jakande market and the Oniru new market are also great shopping hubs for perishable food items in the neighbourhood. There is no major market in the neighbourhood but there are great shopping malls there.

You'll Fall In Love With

The places to unwind in the neighbourhood depicts Victoria Island as a global culinary scene as there are a good number of unique restaurants and hotels located here. Some of them are; Moonway Hotels Ltd, L’escale Hotel, B.B.Q “R” US Hotel And Rest, NOK Restaurant, Le scale Restaurant & Guest House, Browns Cafe & Restaurant, Art Cafe and La Pointe Cafe among others.

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