Akoka is the home of Lagos’ most popular citadels of knowledge; the University of Lagos and the Federal College of Education. Akoka is a serene and lively environment majorly dominated by young and lively people. Akoka boasts of a good network of roads as well as a commendable supply of power and water.

Apart from the higher institutions, there are a number of hostels in Akoka which depicts the area as majorly a residential one. Some of these hostels are very expensive, one of them is the popular Emerald hostel. Most of the residents of Akoka are undergraduates which demonstrate that the environment is dominated by young people. Nonetheless, a few families and elderly people are also resident in the area.

Akoka houses a number of tutorial centres which enjoy high patronage from youngster seeking admission into various higher institutions of learning. There are also a good number of Primary schools and Secondary schools in the area like the Akoka High School. The renowned St Finbarr’s College is also located in Akoka.

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Around the block

The Neighbours

A combination of undergraduates, young people as well as lecturers form the majority of residents in the Akoka neighbourhood. Some lecturers also live within the Akoka area with their families, there are also lots of school hostels within the area. Akoka plays home to some of the top tertiary institutions in Lagos such as University of Lagos, Federal College of Education. Akoka (which is a technical school), St Augustine College of Education, Akoka. The area is approximately 40 minutes from Victoria Island and 34 minutes from Ikoyi during off peak hours. 

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What To Expect

A moderate standard of living in a serene student-dominated neighbourhood is what anyone should expect in Akoka. It is very interesting to find a student dominated area with little or no conflict. It’s safe to be on the streets of Akoka even at 10:00 pm at night with no fear of attack. The neighbourhood is peaceful and serene. The standard of living is moderate and suits all class of people. People spend based on the choices they make not based on the fact that things are excessively expensive.

Most roads in the area are tarred and properly maintained, with streetlights lining the streets which light them up at night. There are various means of transportation allowed within the area including private cars, commercial vehicles including buses and taxis, tricycles (Keke Maruwa) and motorbikes (Okada)

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The Lifestyle

Found deep in the heart of Yaba, Akoka is fun and excited neighbourhood to live in. Being mostly dominated by students of the various tertiary institutions housed wihin, accommodation type in Akoka is mainly hostels and small apartment. However, these houses are not for the faint pockets as properties in Akoka are quite expensive. Most landlords who own houses, apartments and hostels make a huge chunk of money yearly from rent. Check out PropertyPro.ng for apartments for rent or sale in Akoka and in Lagos generally.

As expected in a student-dominated neighbourhood, nightlife in Akoka is always crackling with energy. Akoka is saturated with the presence of restaurants, clubs, bars, hotels and lots more.

The Market

Shops and markets for perishables within trekkable distance to Akoka cater to the teeming needs of the residents. There is no central market in Akoka but residents can patronise the Abule Oja market which is within a trekkable distance. A lot of Akoka residents also patronise the Aluta Market, Tejuosho market, and the Bariga market. There are also a good number of shops in the environment. Supermarkets in Akoka include Lily Best Supermarket, Ibamus Ventures, PMG Place. 

You'll Fall In Love With

The fun and lively environment in Akoka resulting from the presence of young people residents there, as various fun and hangout spots can be found in the neighbourhood, are some of the things you’ll fall in love with. Shawarma spots, suya spots, and bars are the fun spots in Akoka. Lagoon Hotel and Suites, Akokaites place, De Next Hotel Limited (Akoka), and Unilag Guest House are all located in Akoka.

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Social Facilities


University of Lagos is fondly known as “UNILAG” is owned by the Federal Government of Nigeria, established in 1962 and has its main campus housed in Akoka, Yaba (Lagos Mainland).  The well-known university offers various educational bodies which include the full time undergraduate program, Full time/Part time Post Graduate Studies as well as the Distant Learning Studies. UNILAG has one other campus in Yaba and another in Surulere, Lagos. The school has twelve faculties including Engineering, Clinical Sciences, Social Sciences, Arts, Environmental Sciences, Law, Dental Sciences, Science, Basic Medical Sciences, Pharmacy, Education, Business Administration. 

All these faculties have various departments under them. The presence of the University of Lagos in Akoka has brought development of various kinds to the neighbourhood especally in terms of infrastructure and social facilities. Property owners in Akoka have benefited in that most of them build hostels for students instead of apartments and are sure to make a lot of money from this investment annually.

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Federal College of Education (Technical) Akoka which was established in 1967 is a Federal Government owned school in Akoka, Yaba, Lagos previously known as National Technical Teachers College Akoka. The Federal College OF Education (Technical) Akoka is an approved institution which is affiliated to the Federal University of Technology Minna, the institution offers the Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE).  The school provides quality education and excellent facilities.

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University of Lagos, Akoka, Yaba, Lagos

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