Alaka Estate is located beside the National Stadium. It is a residential estate and the major company within the estate is the Maldina Marbles and Tiles. Rent in Alaka Estate is quite high as it ranges between 1.2 million to 8 million naira. Alaka Estate is a serene and tranquil environment which boasts of good security and fairly good roads with little or no traffic.

Alaka Estate is a great place for growing families to reside in as it offers a number of social amenities and facilities. Schools within Alaka Estate include Pampers Private School, Vineville Academy, Rightville school. Hospitals seen in the area include Parklande Specialist Hospital and the Providence Hospital. Churches in Alaka Estate include Foursquare Church, Church Hills Integrated amongst others.

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Around the block

The Neighbours

Alaka Estate is nestled in Alaka, Surulere, Lagos. The estate has a gated entrance with security at the entrance who carry out routine security checks occasionally. However, there is unrestricted entry to visitors or non residents. It is an opulent part of Surulere, the residents of Alaka Estate vary in age and are mostly of the upper and middle class. Alaka Estate is a good place to raise a family due to the peaceful nature and environment.

The building type in the estate are all uniform in appearence and the residents are not gated. Most of the houses in the estate are old and need to be renovated inside-out, however, there are some newly built houses in the estate as well. Check out for apartments for rent in Alaka Estate. The traffic flow within the estate is minimal as the roads are tarred and fairly maintained. The drainge channels in most parts are covered.

What To Expect

Expect to experience quietness and tranquillity in the environment of Alaka Estate. New and modern buildings are seen here as well. Howbeit, the landscaping of the area is quite poor and there is no provision for green area. The road networks are quite good. The houses in the estate are gated, the streets are properly lined and are clean. Residents of Alake Estate enjoy a safe and secure neighbourhood which makes it a good environment to raise children as there are also some good and highly recommended school within the area and in the vicinity. 


The Lifestyle

The lifestyle in the estate is more of peaceful and quiet which is quite a desirable appeal for those who like to enjoy a tranquil neighbourhood. There are a number of street shops within the area where some residents sell inexpensive goods item. The estate has a few places where residents can relax and hangout with friends and family, Surulere as a whole also offers a good number of fun and entertaining spots which supplements for whatever is not available within the estate.

The Market

There is no central market in Alaka Estate but there are a few shops where purchases can be made. Residents can go to other nearby markets to make purchases. Some markets in Surulere include Ijesha Market, Ojuelegba Market, Aguda Market, Iponri Market. There are also some supermarkets within the vicinity some of which are Shoprite, Dattose Supermarket, Zara Food mart, G and T supermarket, Leisure Mall.  

You'll Fall In Love With

De Rigg place, Canal Ville Bar, KSF Place among others are located in Alaka Estate for fun and recreation spots.


De Rigg Place is a lovely hotel in the heart of Surulere where residents, travelers and visitors can enjoy affordable accommodation. The hotel offers good ambience and the environment is properly maintained, the staff are also quite helpful and friendly. Guests lodged here have easy access other areas of the mainland as well as the Island. The restaurant and bar housed within is also a  nice hangout spot in Alaka Estate where residents can unwind with friends or family.

Social Facilities

Alaka Estate is a gated residential hub which offers various social amenities that makes life comfortable for residents dwelling here. There are streetlights within the estate that lighten up the area at night, the security system within the neighbouhood is quite effective which makes it a secure place to live.

The road network in Alake Estate is good and provides accessibility to other areas in Surulere. There are worship centres in the estate and within the vicinity as well.

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