Allen: The Famous High Street in Ikeja

Allen is majorly a commercial area in Ikeja having streets lined with diverse businesses (small and medium scale), companies and banks. There are quite a number of newsstands in Allen. A sizeable part of Allen is residential. For people who aren’t mobile, tricycles (locally called Keke Napep) and commercial buses are the most popular mode of transportation here in Allen. It is about 1.36 kilometres in length. The good road network in Allen makes it easier to commute other areas around such as Opebi, Adeniyi Jones.

Allen does not lack in basic, social amenities and infrastructures as there a good number of hospitals, schools, churches. Bolanle Specialist Hospital, Ikeja Medical Center, Duro Soleye Hospital, Motayo Hospital Limited are some of the hospitals in Allen. Popular Schools include; Divine Offspring International School, Alpha Smart School, Abiola International School. Churches in Allen include; The King’s Heritage, Redeemed Christian Church of God, Graceville Chapel, Chapel of Uncommon Grace and Dove Christian Centre. The Murtala Mohammed Airport is just fifteen minutes drive, enabling residents of Allen access to enjoy social amenities within short distances.


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Around the block

The Neighbours

Allen is a business-oriented environment where you can find business oriented or working class people in this area going about their daily operations. Whether it is the vendor on the street, the shop owner or just people trying to get to their place of work – Allen is full of trade-minded individuals. There are a good number of properties for sale and rent in Allen Avenue, you can check out to have a look of available flats for rent and for sale.

Allen avenue plays home to various commercial banks namely; Access Bank, Fidelity BankFCMB bank plc, First Bank of Nigeria, Heritage Bank, Keystone Bank, Stanbic IBTC Bank, Sterling Bank, Wema Bank and Zenith Bank. The presence of these banks helps to make financial transactions easier has there are 24 hours ATMs available for use.

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What To Expect

Allen is famous for its bustling social activity, if you love an ever-bubbling nightlife, you would definitely enjoy Allen. Traffic during the day is minimal, but during the evenings, it may be a bit jammed as a result the rush hour. During the day Allen is a pretty normal business environment with people going about their day to day transactions. At night, it can get a whole lot of social. 

In Allen, you will find LG electronic store, Panaserv electronics, PEP shopping centre, Samsung, Bakers world, Sony centre and many more shops.


LG Electronic Store is quite popular for its electronics like air conditioner units, television, mobile phones, fans, rechargeable fans, gas cookers, projectors, projector screens, washing machines, dish washers and many other home appliances. LG Store is known for providing best quality products. Payment can be made via cash or credit card. Check out LG electronic store,


Panaserv Electronics is also known for all sorts of electronic products,its products like a large capacity rice cooker, vacuum cleaner, blender, computer appliances and other office and home appliances. The parking lot is quite spacious and the staff are friendly. Residents and visitors on Allen Avenue come by to get their appliances. Check out Panaserv electronics,


PEP Shopping Centre is a major retail store with an outlet in Allen Avenue that trades in clothing, shoes, food items, toiletries, drinks and many other household items. You can get great stuff for your kids as well at good prices, from flip flops, sport shoes, clothes, toys and a lot more. PEP offers durable and affordable products, shopping here is an enjoyable experience. Check out PEP shopping centre,


Samsung is located at 27/29 Allen Avenue, Ikeja. Samsung is known for selling a full variety of Samsung electronic products like television, washing machine, freezer, mobile phones and many more products. Although it is a portable store, they sell very good and quality products. Check out Samsung,


Bakers World is a bakery, consists of lot of food items and it is a boutique desert service that provides cup cakes, puddings, bread, cake accessories and a range of other treats for events as well as personal consumption. Cakes from Bakers World are especially fluffy and nice. You can enjoy these services even if you are running on a budget, there is something for everyone. To enjoy these mouth-watering delicacies, visit Bakers World at number 58 Allen Avenue, Ikeja.


Sony Center  is an electronic outlet in Allen Avenue where we can discover a wide range of high quality products from Sony and the technology behind them and people can have a lot of electronic items based on features in them, example mobile phone of various models and versions and speakers, digital system, and so on. All are available in Sony center.

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The Lifestyle

Life on Allen Avenue, Ikeja is a  more of an urbane lifestyle. The street is a healthy mix of commercial and social activities. During the day, commercial activities come alive from the various commercial banks, electronic stores, pharmacy, shops, offices and various organizations on Allen Avenue.

If you live in Lagos, there is almost a 100% possibility that you have been to Allen and if you have been to Ikeja, chances are that you must have heard about the ever active nightlife in Allen. During the night, it can be termed as a different place as the social activities swing into action form suya spots like University of Suya a famous suya spot that has been on the avenue for over two decades, fast food joints, bars and shops alike. It is commonly referred to as the city that never sleeps. Allen is a great place to meet different people from all works of life has it is strategically located in the capital of Lagos- Ikeja.

Allen is rich blend of the everything a urban neighbourhood should have. There are at least two tattoo shops on the street with interested customers from various parts of Ikeja and Lagos as a whole getting their tattoos done. In Allen Avenue, there are a good number of women and younger ladies who are hairstylists pulling for customers all day long. During the day, residents of Allen know they don’t have to bother about a bureau de change spot as there are men on both sides of the street hustling to convert your currency.

 It is impossible to talk about interesting places in Lagos without including Allen Avenue, Ikeja. With fun places lined up in the street and it’s proximity to recreational centres, you certainly can’t go wrong in Allen.

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Allen, Ikeja

The Market

There is no market at Allen but there is the presence of many shops that deal in retail products. Goods available at Allen includes drugs, food items, drinks, electronics, toiletries and many household items. Allen is thick with boutiques and other stores where you can purchase clothes, shoes and other personal effects. Owning a multi purpose store, a super market or a mini mart in Allen Avenue is good business for residents and others who do business here.

The presence of various commercial banks makes trading very easy in Allen. Payment of purchased goods can be made via cash or credit cards. There are lined up ATM machines in Allen Avenue so residents and commercials workers do not have to bother about long queues as in some other places.



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You'll Fall In Love With

Allen avenue comes alive at night with street lights, music, food and conversations, the street sure never sleeps. Allen is the place to be at night, you can’t but notice the lighted ATM machines will make you want to spend more on fun and pleasure.

The many fun spots in Allen which includes University of SuyaPekasMama CassLagos Ikeja HotelZaaz HotelBest Western hotel amongst others will thrill anyone. The presence of LASpark and varying vegetation at the park provides the environment of Allen with an aesthetic appeal.

University of Suya

University of Suya which is the suya restaurant is located at 62 Allen Avenue, Allen Lagos. It is undoubtedly the best suya spot in Ikeja as they serves delicious skewered beef, ram, or chicken in various forms. University of Suya has been on the avenue for about two decades and has a lot of regular customers.


Didoz VIP Lounge ,popular club in Allen, Ikeja has a fantastic ambience that makes it feel like home to customers. A perfect place to relax, enjoy great music and most times, loud and wild fun. It is a major hub for night crawlers at Allen Avenue.


Oshopey Plaza is a 7 story building in Allen Avenue, Ikeja. The plaza has been on the Avenue for a over a decade, it houses a myriad of business  and it known for affordable products. Stores and offices here are opened every other day except on Sundays, they close daily business by 4pm . Oshopey plaza is a major landmark on Allen Avenue.


Zaaz Hotel is located on the Avenue, they offers very impressive facilities, friendly and helpful staff. The room are clean and convenient. Zaaz Hotel is an interesting place to be, they also provides laundry service, car hire services, hot tub, restaurant and bar. The accommodation is quite affordable as well.


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Social Facilities

There is a large statue of Obafemi Awolowo at the Allen Avenue round about. This busy street is home to varying social facilities that helps make life easier as it caters to various aspects like education, health, finance, food and many more. Allen Avenue is packed with varying social facilities.

Mama Cass Cafeteria

Mama Cass Cafeteria is situated on the ground floor, number 5 Allen Avenue, Allen, Ikeja. Mama Cass operates from 8am-11pm daily. Mama Cass cafeteria is a fast food restaurant that specialises in Nigerian dishes. The ambiance at the cafeteria provides the right environment to enjoy the mouthwatering Nigerian dishes. You can pay for your meal via cash or credit card.


Master Lee is situated at Oladipo Kuku street, Allen, Ikeja. Master Lee operates within the time frame of 12-9pm from Monday-Saturday while on Sunday is 1pm-8pm. Master Lee is an oriental food service provider with a chain of takeout outlets in Lagos. The meals range from soups, beef, spring roll, fish, rice, noodles, shrimps, sauce vegetables, prawns, crabs, chicken and many more. Meals can be ordered online via the Master Lee website


Tantalizers is located at 117 Allen Avenue, Ikeja. Tantalizers operates within the time frame of 7am-9pm daily. Tantalizers is a fast food restaurant which provides varieties of meals. The restaurant starts Allen Avenue and is a few feet from University of Suya. They provides the option of take out meals for clients.


12 Baskets is located at 3 Omotayo Ojo street, Allen, Ikeja. 12 baskets operate from 9am-7pm from Monday-Friday while from Saturday-Sunday operates from 10am-7pm. 12 baskets is known for its mouth-watering finger foods.  Check out 12 baskets on

Just Amala

If you are in need of a good place to enjoy local delicacies, Just Amala has got you covered full time. Just amala is situated at Allen, Ikeja. Just amala is known for its amala and various Nigerian cuisine. Just amala operates from 6am-9pm daily. Payment is made via cash only. Residents, corporate workers and visitors come down here to relax and enjoy some good food.


Nigerian Turkish International College is located at Lagos- Suite 1, Agbaoku street, Allen, Ikeja. Nigerian Turkish International college has 17 branches in different states in the country. They also offers boarding services to the students. They educate students with both Nigerian and Turkish curriculum, Check out

D Ivy college

D-Ivy college is situated at number 34 Allen Avenue, Allen, Ikeja. D-Ivy college is a private school co-educational institution with a good environment for learning. D-Ivy College is a very popular school on Allen Avenue. Unlike some other schools, studying here offers you opportunity to study in International universities. 

Tender cradle school

Tender cradle school is situated at 13 dipeolu street off Obafemi Awolowo Way Ikeja, Allen, Lagos. Tender cradle school offers educational services to nursery and primary students. The school curriculum is based on International Primary Curriculum (IPC). For more information about Tender cradle school visit

Divine offspring international school

Divine Offspring International School is located on Allen Avenue, Allen, Ikeja. The divine offspring international school offers educational services to creche, nursery and primary students.  For more information about Divine offspring international school visit

Presken Hotel and resorts

Presken Hotels and Resort is situated at 16 Mojidi street, off toyin street Ikeja, Lagos, Allen, Ikeja. Presken hotel and resort is 4km away from the Murtala Muhammed International Airport,Ikeja. The hotel guests also enjoy access to free wi-fi. Check out

Reliance Royal Suites

Reliance Royal Suites is located at 15 – 21 Majekodunmi Street, Off Allen Avenue, Allen, Ikeja. Reliance royal suites have 85 stylish rooms. Reliance royal suites is 15 minutes away from the  Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja. Check out

Knightsbridge Hotel

Knightsbridge Hotel is situated at 9 Emina Street, off Toyin street, Allen, Ikeja. Knightsbridge hotel is 10 minutes away from the Murtala Muhammad International Airport, Ikeja and 7 minutes walk from the New Afrika Shrine. They offer accommodation that is not over-elaborate but has all the trappings a good hotel room should have.  Check out

Watercress hotel

Watercress Hotel is located at Allen, Ikeja.  Watercress hotel is 15 minutes away from the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja. The hotel has 63 rooms and suites. Check out Watercress Hotel

Our Home Suite Hotel

Our Home Suite Hotel is located at 70 Allen Ave, Allen, Ikeja. Our home suite hotel is 15 minutes away from the  Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja. Check out

Crown cottage hotel

Crown Cottage Hotel is located off Allen Avenue, Ikeja. The hotel guests also enjoy access to free wi-fi. The restaurant serves a variety of continental, local and Chinese dishes with a variety of drinks provided by the bar. The crown cottage hotel is 7km away from Murtala Muhammed International Airport.

Jabita International hotel

Jabita International Hotel is situated at 144 Obafemi Awolowo Way, Allen, Ikeja. The hotel guests also enjoy access to free wi-fi. Jabita International hotel is 6.5km away from Murtala Muhammed International Airport.

Chantella Suites

Chantella Suites is located at 3B, Allen Lane, Off Allen Avenue, behind KFC, Ikeja. The tastefully designed hotel also provides access to free wifi for its guests. The location of the hotel makes it’s quite easy for guests to navigate to the  Murtala Mohammed International Airport.

Spring Link hotel

Spring Link Hotel is situated at 4 Tiwalade close, Allen, Ikeja. The hotel guests also enjoy access to free wi-fi. Spring Link hotel provides a serene environment for leisure travelers and guests to relax. You really do not have to spend a ridiculous amount on accommodation when you can get a nice and clean room here at a good price. The staff at Spring Link Hotel are courteous and the experience is generally nice. 

Anjienz Royal Suites

Anjienz Royal Suites is located at 4 Tiwalade Cl, Allen, Ikeja. The well stylish 18 room hotel also provides hotel guests with access to free wi-fi. Guests can also order tasteful meals. The accommodation is quite affordable so if you are running on a budget, you can check out Anjienz Royal Suites Allen Avenue.

Motayo Hospital Limited

Motayo Hospital Limited is situated at Amore Street, Allen, Ikeja. The Motayo hospital limited provides 24 hours ambulance to manage emergencies. The hospital has various departments namely Bone and Joint, Kidney Transplant, Dialysis, ENT Center, Dental Clinic, Internal Medicine, Eye Care, Dietetics and Nutrition care, Preventive Health, and Physiotherapy which helps to cater for general health. Check out Motayo hospital limited,

De Vine hospital

De Vine Hospital is located at 8 Lawal Street, Allen, Ikeja. De Vine hospital specializes in Management of Trauma, Emergency surgical life threatening situations.


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