Badore is a residential neighbourhood in Ajah with close proximity to Ado, Oke Ira and Olumegbon Palace. Badore is one of the major hot cakes in Lagos real estate development and is for sure one of the best places to invest in as far as the real estate business is concerned. With rapid developments, the neighbourhood has experienced various stages of metamorphosis, a good number of estates springing up in this area.

Worthy of note is the fact that Badore is an indigenous local community and the village of the Badore people rose to limelight due to her strategic location. The neighbourhood is about an hour drive to Lekki during rush hours. Properties for rent and for sale in Badore include detached buildings, bungalows, flats, duplexes and mansions. The road network in Badore is motorable and are well laid out. The power supply is also fair.

Companies within this area are;  Infinitex Services Company, Pateng Ventures and DCP Construction company among others. Lagos State Model College, Victa Academy, Badore Community Junior Secondary School and Genesis School are the popular schools here among others. Prominent hospitals here are Royal Infirmary Hospital, Household Of Love Church, Gate Of Heaven Parish, Baptist Church, Salem International Christian Center and Ira- Ira Central Mosque to mention a few.

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Around the block

The Neighbours

Badore, formerly home to lower class folks is fast developing to be the home of upper-class Nigerians and expatriates. However, there is a slight class difference in the neighbourhood as Badore is classified into the estates for the rich non-indigenes and the local communities for the indigenes.

What To Expect

Badore may soon become one of the best real estate location to invest in Ajah due to the new plan to construct the Fourth Mainland Bridge, which is expected to take off in Badore and land at Igbogbo-Bayeku in Ikorodu. This will for sure make Badore a very profitable real estate venture and bring the area to the forefront of real estate ventures in Lagos.  

The Market

Badore is in close proximity to the Ajah Ultra modern market. Thus, residents can get their perishable and non-perishable food items here. There are also a number of street shops and supermarkets in the neighbourhood.

You'll Fall In Love With

The lovely relaxation spots in Badore and its environs include Fairmont Suites, Le Brigadier Hotel, Global Hotel, Utimanik Suites, Priceless Restaurant, Spot One Bar, Sparkle and Berries Restaurant, Tasko Crown Hotel, Chicken Republic and The Dreams Foods International among others.

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