Crown Estate, located in Sangotedo, Lagos is a gated estate and a residential hub. The road network is motorable and the power supply is fair. Crown Estate is one of the most sought after estates in the Sangotedo axis. The neighbourhood is well secured with beautiful buildings. As a gated estate, there is a central security unit. Most of the residents pay dues for security and other facilities in the estate. There are a few beautiful apartments for rent and for sale in Crown estate. Real estate investment in Crown Estate will yield more as the Lekki Ajah axis has always been an icing on the cream of real estate investors.

Crown Estate is a strictly residential hub void of commercial reservations. However, there are very few companies there which include Hunc-Ven Ltd, B.C Madeibo Insurance Brokers, Kraz media and Adbog Tracking Solutions Ventures.


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Around the block

The Neighbours

Crown Estate is the abode of middle-class and upper-class Nigerians. Most residents here are entrepreneurs, oil workers, civil servants, business moguls and artisans. The estate is beautifully landscaped with green trees and roadside flowers as well as some planted in front most houses. Buildings in Crown Estate are mostly duplexes most of which are prototypes built by the developer, residents pay annual service charge for estate maintenance, electricity supply, water supply and others. Interested in owning or renting a property in Crown Estate? Check out  to get a list of properties available for sale or rent

The estate is predominantly housed by high income earners who desire to live in a clean, safe and secure environment. Houses in Crown Estate are all gated and most of the roads are interlocked. Non-residents of the estate are not allowed entry until their hosts have been able to clear them. The security system in the estate is quite effective as there are security guards in front of the gated entrance and exit.  The rate of property appreciation in Crown Estate is average although a significant increase is expected as the Lekki-Epe Expressway gets better.

What To Expect

The estate is quite serene and well secured. The street roads are mostly interlocked and accessible, the Estate central road is tarred, the street lights come on at night which makes the estate more appealing and beautiful. Crown Estate is one of the best places to live after the Ajah Roundabout, it is also a good place to raise children. If you are looking to build your own house in the estate, expect to pay a development fee to the land owners  before you will be allowed to commenced and form of construction. Expect a beautiful layout and landscape with double side drainage channels which are also well cover. Crown Estate is generally clean and well maintained.

Traffic congestion when heading to Victoria Island is same for areas close to Sangotedo, residents who work in this area are expected to be on their way before peak hours around 6:30 am. Traffic in the evening begins around 5:00 pm.

The Lifestyle

The Estate is a hub for high income earners and upscale families who desire a quiet and serene environment as life in Crown Estate is more of a high-class and urban life as seen in most estates in Lekki. Neighbours tend to keep to themselves, their gated houses been a means to make this lifestyle effective. There is also a marked out area for commercial activities within the estate.

The estate has well maintained sporting facilities, there are a good number of fun centres located nearby including bars, hotels, shopping malls, parks, lounges, cinemas and others.

The Market

The Sangotedo Market is in nearness to Crown Estate neighbourhood. The estate houses no major market but there are a number of small stores, shops, supermarkets and malls where the residents can purchase items to suit their domestic needs. The Novare Mall which is situated close by serves as a market for residents who do not want to go all the way to major markets in other areas. Shoprite is also nestled in the mall as well as other stores. 

You'll Fall In Love With

The relaxation centres around the estate where the residents of Crown Estate can wine, dine and unwind includes Shasta Golden Hotel Wadbash Hotel, Bienvenue Suites, Valley Point Hotel & Suites, Splash Bar, West Syde Exclusive Inn, Sammies Bar, Whisky Ice House and Suites, Bucker’s Palace Hotel, Nero Bar & Lounge, Prince and Princess Ade Hotel, Unique Hotel,  Whiskey Ice Bar and Lounge among ot

An appealing factor that comes with Crown Estate is the serenity and beautiful ambience that springs from the well maintained trees and flowers in the estate . The good road network is also admirable, the estate generally has a pristine environment. There are a number of good school in the vicinity including Caleb British International School, Greenspring School, Edidot College and others

Social Facilities

Crown Estate houses a pharmaceutical store but no health centre at the time of this review, although there are a few close by such as WhiteTouch Diagnostic Centre, Safeway Hospital and Maternity among others. The nearest banks and ATM machines are housed in Novare Mall. Residents enjoy sporting facilities especially during weekends, it is also an avenue for neighbours to get to know each other and also network. There is no religious centre located within the estate but there are several nearby including Redeemed Christian Church of God Cathedral Of Mercy Church, Sangotedo, Church of Christ Sangotedo, Moba Central Mosque.


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