Eric Moore is one of the most popular areas in Surulere. Eric Moore has proven to be a choice location when it comes to real estate in Lagos.

She has two major residential hubs which are; Eric Moore Towers and Eric Moore Heights. Eric Moore Towers was sold by the Federal Government under its privatisation programme to Dock Management Nigeria Limited. 3 of the towers have since been acquired and renovated by Shell Staff Co-operative Society. On the other hand, Eric Moore Heights comprises of 1 tower that will be exclusively fenced out from the larger estate, providing the most exquisite finishing and luxury facilities that can be found anywhere on the Mainland area of Lagos.

With unique and exclusive facilities that allow it compete with luxury locations and luxury properties on the Island, Eric Moore is sure a unique location in Surulere, and in Lagos as a whole.

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Around the block

The Neighbours

Eric Moore is a hub for the rich ‘mainlanders’ in Lagos as most of the residents here are elites who have white collar jobs. The cost of renting an apartment in Eric Moore is quite high, the neighbourhood is dominated by high income earners and high income earning families. Check out for properties for sale or rent in Eric Moore. Eric Moore Towers Estate is also a major hub of top-level civil servants.

Residents in the neighbourhood have the advantage of networking with people of top class and high level individuals. There are also a few artisans that live in Eric Moore. The neighbourhood is in proximity to major business districts on the Island. Eric Moore is about 22 minutes from Victoria Island via the Eko Bridge and approximately 25 minutes away from Ikoyi. 

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What To Expect

Eric Moore as a serene and accessible choice area is a good place to raise children. It is one of the best locations for luxury real estate in Lagos. Eric Moore is a connecting cord between the Lagos Island and the Lagos mainland. Except for traffic rush hours in the morning and evenings which is between 6am-9am and 5pm-7pm respectively, the neighbourhood experiences peace and quiet. 

Expect good and well maintained roads which offer good interconnection. The drainage channels here are properly covered, the neighbourhood has no incident of flooding.

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The Lifestyle

Living in Eric Moore gives you an opportunity to live in a central location which makes it easy for you to connect to major hubs in Lagos. There is also the added advantage of living around elites as your neighbour may just end up being a top business owner. Life here can also get challenging and exciting at the same time. Residents here have to deal with keeping up the luxurious lifestyle as Eric Moore is a top class area in Lagos. Residents in this neighbourhood are predominantly high income earners as well as expatriates.


The Market

There is no major market in Eric Moore except for a few supermarkets and shops in the neighbourhoods. Residents can purchase groceries and other items needed in nearby markets. Leisure Mall Surulere and Shoprite are major nearby market locations to shop in Eric Moore. However, Surulere itself offers a wide range of shopping option, some other supermarkets and markets in Surulere include Lawanson Market, Orile Mini Evening Market, Gbaja Shopping Mall, Kilo Market, Ijeshatedo Market, Census Market, Aguda Market, Iponri Market, Kings Supermarket, Masha Fruit Farmer Market, Best Buy Supermarket, Best Choice Supermarket, Jerdell Supermarket, Source Supermarket

You'll Fall In Love With

There are a few major recreational centres where Eric Moore residents unwind or catch some fun. Some of these fun places are; Afriville, Admirals Restaurant and Bar, Easy Home Royal Suite, and Godi Leisure Club among others.   


Afriville is a top class African hub that also provides a restaurant, bar, bookstore and lounge housed along Eric Moore road, Suruelere, Lagos. Afriville is strategically located such that it is difficult not to spot it when driving or walking through the road. Residents come around to hangout with friends and family, it is also a great place to hold a short as there is a convenient office space housed within.The book store is stocked with latest and sought after African book, the restaurant and bar offers enticing African meal served fresh and warm. Check out Afriville, Eric Moore, Surulere

Social Facilities


Eric Moore Towers which was formerly owned by the Federal Government was later sold to Dock Management Nigeria Limited under monetization program. It is a residential hub containing blocks of apartments with adequate parking space. Eric Moore Towers is a gated residential area, serviced apartments, active security system and standby generator that supplies power. It is a hub for upper class individual and families who can afford the luxury. It also houses the top class Canadian International School. 


Canadian International school popularly called CIS is situated at 85 Eric Moore Road, Surulere, Lagos. The school was  established in September 2013 with both the nursery and primary arm. The school offer very high standards in terms of academics as well as extra curricular activities. CIS aims at preparing the child for secondary education and also help in bringing out the genius in child enrolled here.

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