Igbo Efon is a residential neighbourhood located in Lekki. It can be accessed via Igbo Efon Bus Stop immediately after Agungi Bus Stop. The neighbourhood is in proximity to New Road and Chevron Drive. The neighbourhood is close to the popular Alpha Beach which can be accessed via Igbo Efon. Igbo Efon features a good and motorable road network as the major roads are well laid out. The power supply here is also fair. The houses are fairly built and the neighbourhood is very secured. There is a Marriage Registry in within the neighbourhood of Igbo Efon.

Some companies in this neighbourhood are; Pavian Cakes, Isreal Ventures, Canny Investment, Gloven Ventures, Feyi Furniture, Atican Nigeria Limited, Nnamditiger Building Company, Hezekah Investment, Sandtex Portland Paint and Products, Dmatel Hotel and Resort, Nelson Dreil Company Limited, Forashayma Nigeria Limited, Canny Investment and Sofia Limited. Hospitals here include Eti Osa Local Government Primary Health Centre, Phoenix Eye Clinic Ltd and Mosfat Natural Clinic. Pattern & Style Sewing School, Troika School, Linsy High School, Rex Genus School, Britafro International School are the popular schools in Igbo Efon. Major worship centres here are Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, Elohim’s Tabernacle International, Assemblies Of God Church and Igbo Efon Central Mosque.

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Around the block

The Neighbours

There are indigenes as well as non-indigenes in this neighbourhood. Most of the residents here are middle class and lower class Nigerians. Igbo Efon is the work place of some mainlanders. Most of the houses in Igbo Efon are low-cost houses such as mini flats and one room apartments, it is a perfect place for residents on a tight budget who work in business districts on the Island as it is in proximity to Victoria Island.

Unlike a lot of areas on the Island, Igbo Efon isn’t a very beautiful or well landscaped neighbourhood, the area isn’t gated, the road network in the here is pretty bad which results in traffic congestion. The area lacks the presence of basic amenities that a community needs such as proper drainage systems and channels, the gutters seen here are shallow and blocked, there are no street lights, although the major roads are tarred, some street roads are bad and broken with potholes. 


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Street in Igbo Efon, Lekki, Lagos
Street in Igbo Efon, Lekki, Lagos

What To Expect

The neighbourhood is a place to live for low-income earners who work on the Island. Igbo Efon is also partly serene and accessible. Lots of commercial activities take place in the area, from road side shops, kiosks, block industries as well as supermarkets are found here, this makes the area congestion as lots of people come in and out on a daily basis. There are lots of undeveloped land in the area and some under construction, you can check out PropertyPro.ng for properties for sale or rent in Igbo Efon. 

Expect to see lots of motorbikes (Okada), tricycles (Keke Napep), cars and buses plying the road, there also cars and public buses packed at the sides of the road. when it rains heavily, the area is usually flooded due to lack of proper drainage channels and gutters blocked from lack of maintenance. Igbo Efon suffers from poor waste management system, dirts are littered on the road and sometimes heaped on bare lands which makes the area unattractive.

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The Lifestyle

Life in Igbo Efon is a blend of work and play. People who live here are mostly middle class and  some low class citizens. The area is usually bustling and busy during the day with corporate workers trying to find their way to business district like Victoria Island and Ikoyi. At night, residents and visitors unwind by chilling out in bars, restaurants and hotels around including Top Phase African Kitchen, Eat Well Food Canteen, Kay’s Kitchen, Charlitee’s Point Restaurant and Bar among others.


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The Market

The Igbo Efon market caters for the domestic needs of the residents. Most residents sell their goods in front of their houses. There are also shops, kiosks and containers in this neighbourhood where the domestic needs of the residents can be met. There are also major market in proximity to Igbo Efon such as Lekki Market, Jakande Market, Lekki Art and Craft Market as well as some supermarkets and malls like Novare Mall, Shoprite, Prince Ebeano Supermarket among others, which serves residents in the area and in Lekki generally.

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You'll Fall In Love With

The fun spots in Igbo Efon includes bars, hotels and suya spots. Some of them are Lunch Box, Top Phase African Kitchen, Top Phase Bar, Royal garden guest house, Majesty’s Island, Amala Nigeria Limited and Sao Cafe among many others.


Sao Cafe is housed in Igbo Efon, it is a wonderful place to hangout or have a fun night with close friends, family, have a small meeting or enjoy a game night with the boys, all at an affordable rate. The customer service here is great, they also offer yummy dishes and there is a beautiful patio behind the building.  you can even have game night there. Guests sometimes find it difficult to park although this depends on the day of the week you visit as the cafe is usually more populated during the weekend and in the evening.


Royal Garden Guest House is located in Igbo Efon, a residential and commercial area in Lekki. The hotel offers comfortable, convenience and spacious rooms at affordable prices. The amenities available include outdoor pool, bar, restaurant, laundry services, quality customer service and others. Residents come around to chill, relax, have fun and hang out with friends.


Charlitees Point is a restaurant and houses a bar as well. It is a nice place to have an outing with mouthwatering food both local and international as well as chilled drinks  and drinks are great, the staff are courteous, friendly and quite helpful. The restaurant and bar remains ever lively as there are weekly activities for some days during the week ranging from music from live band, comedy night, ladies night, hip hop music and so much more.

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Social Facilities


Troika School is a top-class school located at 17, Olu Akinbola Avenue, Off Omo-Oba Olukolu Street, Igbo-Efon, Lekki. It is a place where children receive preschool, primary and secondary education all aimed at building up children mentally, emotionally and physically while maximizing their potentials. The school also offers multilingual study curriculum which includes French, Chinese and English Language. Check out Troika School Igbo-Efon http://troikaschool.org/


Eti-Osa Local Government Primary Healthcentre is a public healthcare facility owned by the government located in Igbo-Efon which serves serves residents within the Eti-Osa Local Government which includes all areas in Lekki. There are professional doctors, nurses and other medical personnels who attend to patients promptly. Residents of Igbo-Efon and beyond come around for different kinds of health related issues


Briscon Pharmaceutical Limited is a private company established with the aim of rendering services like drugs and diagnostic analysis. The company imports and distributes ethical products including Cancer medications, Antiretroviral drugs and specialized drugs. Briscon also renders consulting services on general consumer market goods. Check out Briscon Pharmaceutical Limited https://www.brisconpharma.com/

social facilities
Mosque in Igbo Efon, Lekki, Lagos
Eti-Osa Local Government Area, Igbo-Efon, Lekki, Lagos

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