Ijesha is majorly residential and is one of the most popular neighbourhoods in Surulere. The neighbourhood is fairly serene and it is the hub of a few small businesses. Ijesha is known to have a fair road network and power supply as well as an affordable cost of living.

There are a number of schools, hospitals and worship centres in this neighbourhood. Some of the schools in Ijesha are; Timi Comprehensive College, Oba Adelani Gbogboade Memorial College, Florida Comprehensive College, and Childs Will High School among others. The following hospitals are in Ijesha; Primus Hospital, Funto Hospital, Zenith Hospital & Maternity and MicGerald Hospital.

The popular worship centres in Ijesha includes Talabi Coker Memorial Methodist Church,  Cherubim And Seraphim Movement Church – Ayo Ni, The Redeemed Christian Church Of God, Christ Chapel International Church, and First Baptist Church. Ijesha Tedo Central Mosque, Igbalajobi Adeniji Memorial Mosque, Iranlowo Oluwagbenga International Mosque and Daru L’ Quran are major mosques in this neighbourhood.

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Around the block

The Neighbours

The residents of Ijesha are artisans, shop owners, entrepreneurs and civil servants. A few of the residents have white collar jobs. Ijesha is majorly a residential hub for lower and a few middle income earners, families raise children here as some of the adults in Ijesha grew up in the neighbourhood. Residents of Ijesha possess diverse culture and beliefs. They also belong to different age groups.

Driving through the neighbourhood can be quite a task as the roads in Ijesha suffer from poor maintenance. The area is prone to flooding especially when it rains heavily as a result of blocked drainage channels. For residents who do not own a car, there are commercial motorbikes (Okada), as well as tricycles (Keke Maruwa) within the neighbourhood which aid movement.

What To Expect

Ijesha is an affordable and accessible neighbourhood to live. It is also a semi-serene neighbourhood with friendly residents. The standard of living in Ijesha is fair. Ijesha offers  fair road network, though not without one or two potholes. The houses here are mostly bungalows that must have experienced lots of decades. The are also new structures sprinkled around the area but they can’t be compared to those in Bode Thomas, Adeniran Ogunsanya and the likes.

The Lifestyle

Ijesha can be regarded as one of the ghetto areas in Surulere as compared to upscale neighbourhoods like Alaka Estate, Aguda, Adeniran Ogunsanya and others. There are some good schools withing the neighbourhood where residents can enrol their children, some of these schools are also quite affordable. Some bank branches in Ijesha include Access Bank, Keystone Bank, Sterling Bank. 

There are a good number of local bars, bukkas, and restaurants within the neighbourhood which spice up nightlife for residents as well as visitors in the area.

The Market

The Ijesha market is the hub of perishable and non-perishable food items. There are also a number of clothing items and services rendered in the market. The market is quite popular and the residents can easily get almost all their wares in this market. The market serves the purpose of its existence well. Other markets in Surulere include Iponri Market, Ojuelegba Market, there are also some supermarkets in Surulere such as Dattose Supermarket, Zara Food mart, G and T supermarket, Shoprite and others. 

You'll Fall In Love With

The few restaurants in Ijesha includes Sir Chris Restaurant, Mama B Restaurant, China Spot Restaurant, and Ify Jee Restaurant among others. Some hotels in Ijesha include City Centre Hotel and Millicent Hotel and Suites. Residents also visit a few recreational centres outside their neighbourhood. Ijesha is quite a lively neighbourhood which houses relatable people. Apartments for rent in  Ijesha are quite affordable, check out PropertyPro.ng for properties for sale or rent in Ijesha, Surulere. 

Social Facilities


City Centre Hotel is located at 20A Ijesha, Surulere, Lagos. It is a good and recommended hotel if you are visiting Ijesha and need a place to stay. The rooms in the hotel are comfortable and convenient, furnished beautifully and offer a lovely highlight of the neighbourhood. The staff are mostly courteous and friendly. Some facilities available include bar, restaurant, swimming pool, and others.


Millicent Hotel and Suites is situated in Ijesha, Surulere, Lagos. The hotel is properly built and equipped to offer a homely setting and experience. It is a great place for residents, travelers and visitors who need affordable accommodation within Ijesha, Surulere as Millicent hotel is a moderately priced hotel.  There is a bar and restaurant within the premises, airport shuttle is also made available for travelers among other facilities and services. An important factor that is easily noticed is the presence of effective security.


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