Ikota is a residential neighbourhood in Lekki which is portioned into two, the hub of the affluent and the hub of the low-income earners. Major roads here are motorable and the power supply is good. For those who work in Lekki, living in Ikota is a plus because they will experience little or no traffic to and from work. The neighbourhood is serene and highly accessible.

In Ikota, there are a number of companies, schools, hospitals and worship centres. Companies here include; Etisalat Nigeria, Ehisben Nigeria Limited, Sterling Homes, Homart Nigeria Company Limited, The Remy Couture Hair, Lacey Affairs, Safety Orient Enterprises, Intralog, Preparation For Life, Munak Group, Exceptional Cleaners, Roadtrip Travels and Tours Ltd and Patovic Oil and Gas Ltd. Prominent schools in Ikota are; Master Moulders International School, St. Mary’s School, Sureville Montessori School, Jesilo High School, Delphi International School, Resogate Hall Nursery/Primary School and Jilord High School. Major hospitals in Ikota are the Peninsula Hospital and Samkol Nursing HomeDeeper Life Church, New Generation Baptist Church, St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Desires of All Nations Parish, Emmanuel Pavilion and Abundant Grace Chapel are the major worship centres in Ikota.

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Around the block

The Neighbours

Ikota houses the upper class and lower class Nigerians as the neighbourhood is partitioned into two; the Ikota village which is for the poor and the estate called Ikota Villa Estate where we have the Lekki County Homes by Megamond. The majority of those in Ikota village are low-income earners, most of the people there are poor. Ikota Village is ruled by a traditional ruler. The neighbourhood is a high-density area. Some of the houses in Ikota Village are built with bamboo with a few built with bricks. Most of the people that live here are indigenous. The Ikota Central Housing Mosque is located here as well as other religious centres like Redeemed Christian Church of God, The Apostolic Church Nigeria, Foursquare Gospel Church among others. 

Ikota Villa Estate is a striking opposite of Ikota Village, located within is the popular Lekki County Estate. It is a gated community manned by security guards who monitor the entrance and exit of visitors with interlocked roads and gated houses both old and new that have trash cans in front of almost all of them. Residents of Ikota Villa Estate pay service charge for waste and security. Security in Ikota Villa Estate is top-notch, asides the security guards at the main entrance, residents of streets and closes in the area pay for extra security. These security guards carry out routine checks before cars or visitors are allowed in. Some houses here are still under construction, there also so undeveloped land, you can check out PropertyPro.ng to find out properties for sale in Ikota Villa Estate and apartments for rent as well.

Ikota Villa Estate is a cool and beautiful neighbourhood, decorated with trees and flowers. The presence of a good number of schools in Ikota Villa Estate is an edge for the estate, as families do not have to worry about where to enrol their kids. Ikota Villa Estate also houses a healthcare centre and pharmaceutical store. There are ATM machines at Mega Chicken right outside the estate. There also some banks located close by.

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What To Expect

Ikota is a unique blend of low income and high-income earners. The neighbourhood is strategically located in the Lekki peninsula. 

In Ikota Village Lekki, expect to see bad road, broken, untarred and dirty roads. Although the area doesn’t get flooded during the rainy season, lots of stagnant water is stored and road gets really messy. There are also lots of street shops and local restaurants here, lots of residents use the front of their houses to build stores or kiosks where they can sell a few inexpensive items. Most houses in Ikota Village are not gated, they are either small, uncompleted, old or dilapidated, the sides of the road are littered with tyres.

Ikota Villa Estate is pretty different as most of the roads are good and have good drainage systems, although some do not have drainage systems at all which causes flood when it rains heavily, this is a factor to consider when deciding on the street to get an apartment or property in Ikota Villa Estate. The estate is relatively safe and secure, the properties here appreciate at a high rate, most people who live here are middle and high income earners.

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The Lifestyle

Your experience living in Ikota is dependent on what part you reside in, Ikota Village or Ikoka Villa Estate. The Ikota Village is an underdeveloped area when people live a pretty lowkey life, fun time here is when neighbours come out to chill, eat and drink with friends. Residents also spend their leisure time at local bars and restaurants where they  go to have fun. Younger men engage in one menial job or the other, the village has a traditional ruler, who helps in running the affairs as well as maintaining peace in Ikota Village.

Life in Ikota Villa Estate is more of an upscale and urban, with more of middle class and high class residents. Like most high-end estates in Lekki, neighbours keep to themselves and get to interact only when need be. There are fun spots in Ikota Villa Estate including Chopaholics, Amala to Rewa Restaurant & Catering Service, Best Value Restaurant. There are lots of bars, lounges, hotels and parks close by.

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The Market

Street shops and big supermarkets cater for those in Ikota Villa Estate, there are street shops and big supermarkets that cater for them, some of which are the Ikota Shopping Complex which houses lots of smaller stores that offer a variety of goods and services.  There is also a small market in Ikota although most of the residents in Ikota Village sell their wares in front of their houses, in shops and in containers. There is a store, or a kiosk in front of almost every house located here, however, residents still make use of the major market. 

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You'll Fall In Love With

The hotels, bars and restaurants serve as recreation spots for the residents of  Ikota. Some of them are; Lekki Horizon Suites, Orchid Hotels, Mega Chicken, Bukka Hut, Sphinx Fast Food, Motanjay Guest Inn and Bar and Regalo Kitchen among others.


Lekki Horizon Suites and Events is situated in Ikota Villa Estate. The Hotel offers accommodation, entertainment, lodging, swimming pool, great hotel service round the clock. There is also a bar, where guests can grab a drink or two as well as a conference room. Lekki Horizon Suites provides lovely garden area and a large event space. It is a great place to enjoy comfortable and affordable accommodation with necessary amenities.


Mega Chicken is a fast food restaurant located at First Gate, Ikota Estate, Opp Ascon Gas Staion, KM14 Lekki Epe Express Way, Aja, Lekki. Mega Chicken is quite spacious a lovely interior and great ambience. They offer variety of cuisines from African to Chinese. There is also a sitting area upstairs, the staff are courteous and friendly. A experience at Mega Chicken Ikota leaves customers pleasantly surprised.   Check out Mega Chicken Restaurant https://www.megachickenrestaurantsltd.com/


Regalo Kitchen is a catering service company nestled in Ikota Villa Estate. They offer varieties of home made meals, fresh veggies as well as fruits, this catering service company is known for selling healthy food. Regalo Kitchen also bakes different types of cakes  according to your healthy needs and for all kinds of events either for individuals and corporate bodies. They also engage in training and supply raw food stuffs for the busy individuals across mega cities.

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Social Facilities


Lifecrest Medical Centre is located at no 56A Ikota Road 1, Lekki, Lagos. The healthcare centre leverages on the state of the art medical facilities to provide quality, accessible and excellent medical services for patients in a clean, healthy and friendly environment. Their services include clinical and diagnostic needs such as general medicine, family medicine, paediatrics, gynecology, cardiology, as well as behavioural and emotive medical problems with the help of professional staff. The healthcare centre services both residents of Ikota Village, Ikota Villa Estate and other areas in Lekki. Check out Lifecrest Medical Centre Ikota http://lifecrestmedicalservices.com/


Lekki County Homes is a gated residential estate located in Ikota and developed by Mega Mound Investment Ltd. It is a beautiful, well planned and landscaped estate with trees and flowers everywhere, it is mostly  occupied by high and middle income earners who work on the island as the location is convenient for corporate workers. Unlike some areas in Lekki the estate has no record of flooding as the drainage systems and channels as well as other infrastructure are well maintained. Lekki County Homes is a highly secured estate, with security guards at the entrance and exits, carrying out routine security checks before visitors are allowed into the estate. It is a good place to bring up a child as the environment is peaceful and safe.


Funderland Mall is a unique and entertaining place to hangout with friends and family, it is strategically situated in Ikota. The mall has a beautiful and cool environment with a masterpiece architectural structure containing lots of shops, eateries, restaurants and others. Funderland offers lots of entertaining features which includes Rock Climbing, Trotter and Pop Water Park, Kids Zone & Gifts etc. There is also space for family picnic, parties, company events and others.

social facilities

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