Iwaya is a residential and commercial neighbourhood in Yaba. Iwaya is strategically located to accommodate start-ups and already established business. Some of the companies in this area are; Iwaya Electric Manufacturing Co Ltd, Eaglet Engineering Construction, African Alliance Insurance Company as well as Blueworld Global Service.

A popular residential estate in Iwaya is Beckley Estate. The road leading to this neighbourhood is good but narrow. The power supply is also partly constant. Although there is no central security unit in Iwaya, Beckley Estate is gated with a central security unit. The Cornerstone Baptist Church Iwaya is a popular place of worship here.

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What To Expect

Iwaya is strategically located and it is easily accessible. Iwaya has a notable spot where plantain is sold. In this plantain village, most people queue to buy plantain because it is cheap and very affordable.

The Market

Iwaya Community Market serves the residents of the Iwaya neighbourhood. Residents of Iwaya get easy access to purchase goods as the market is closer to the residential area. There are also a few shops in the residential areas.

You'll Fall In Love With

There are a few suya spots, bars, and shawarma spots in this area. There are no major fun spots, but many residents visit the fun spots in Sabo and other parts of Yaba. Rockwell Suites is a hotel in this area.

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