Jakande Estate Lekki is a residential neighbourhood in Lekki. The neighbourhood is a fairly accessible and affordable one to live in. The road network is motorable but there are some potholes in the area. Jakande Estate boasts of a fair supply of power. The cost of renting an apartment in Jakande estate is affordable.

Schools in Jakande Estate Lekki include Ilasan Senior Secondary School, Gbara Junior Secondary School and Mayeigun Community Primary School. There are a number of companies in this neighbourhood. Some of them are; Mic block Industry, Zuab Motors, Technocrime Security Limited, Mobil Filling Station, AA Rescue Nigeria Limited, Technocrime Security Limited, Poise Nigeria and Rhapsody’s. Godson Clinic & Maternity Hospital and St. Kizito’s Clinic are the major hospitals here.

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Around the block

The Neighbours

Most of the residents are traders, civil servants and factory workers. The neighbourhood is the hub of middle and lower-class Nigerians. It is an affordable place to live on the Lagos Island. Jakande Estate is not well managed, most of the buildings are uncompleted and old, the roads are bad, untarred and have lots of potholes  although motorable but it is pretty difficult to navigate. A lot of streets lack drainage systems and channels while the few streets that have, these drainage channels are dirty, filled with stagnant water and blocked. 

The estate has no provision for waste management system, so the wastes are littered in front of houses, in some uncompleted buildings and on the street. The streets are mostly dirty and unorganized, with lots of residents selling good on tables very close to the road. During the rainy season, the area gets very muddy, dirty and flooded owing to the blockage of drainage systems which stops water from passing the right channels.

What To Expect

Expect to see lots of uncompleted buildings, old bungalows, unpainted houses and cars packed at the side of the road. There also a good number of roadside shops, kiosks and tables where residents sell inexpensive items especially edibles. The neighbourhood has a large number of uneducated residents, hoodlums and jobless residents, although there are also middle-class people living here. There are also lots of houses without gates located here, residents of Jakande relate with one another as much as possible unlike lots of ritzy estates in Lekki with gated houses where residents are mostly social elities and prefer to keep to themselves.


The Lifestyle

Life in Jakande can be challenging for residents who are used to living in more organized areas with lots of social amenities like sporting facilities, shopping malls, major landmarks, and so much more. Living here is also advantageous for corporate workers running on a tight budget who work in business districts like Victoria Island or Ikoyi and wish to live in proximity to their work-place as houses for rent or sale in Jakande are quite affordable as compared to other areas in Lekki. Although prices are expected to increase drastically after the renovation planned by the Lagos State Government.

Jakande Estate is an open estate with no security system such as armed security men within the estate. There has been some incidents of robbery and a few criminal activities within this area.

The Market

The major market in Jakande is the Bar Beach Market located at Jakande first gate bus stop. Although the market is not big, it is the hub of perishable and non-perishable food items. People from nearby neighbourhoods also buy goods in this market. Opposite the market is a new shopping mall with exquisite supermarkets and fun hubs. One of these fun hubs is the popular Shoprite mall. The Jakande Art & Craft market is also situated here, opposite Mobil Filing Station and in proximity to the Jakande Roundabout, Lekki. 

You'll Fall In Love With

The fun hubs in Jakande offers a lively nightlife for its residents. There are a number of bars in this neighbourhood. Most of them are local bars where people can unwind and have a plate of pepper soup or Isi Ewu. Suya spots are not left out. Opposite Jakande Roundabout are eateries where residents can relax. Chicken Republic, Beachgate Hotel & Tour, Princess Bar, Royal Point Bar, Iya Alaje Restaurant, Unclesco Best, I – 5 Bar, Lounge 365 and  Ocean Pavillion Hotel & Suites are some of the fun spots in Jakande.


Beachgate Hotel & Tour is located in Jakande Estate, Lekki. The hotel is a good place to rest, have a meeting or an event. Beachgate Hotel offers a conducive atmosphere and environment, good rooms for guests at affordable and budget friendly prices, the staff are qualified and quite helpful. There is also a hall for events that talkes up to 450 people as well as impressive power supply and spacious parking lot, the road linking to the hotel from the Jakande roundabout to the hotel is pretty bad.


Chicken Republic is a modern fast food restaurant having about 65 outlets and one situated at Jakande Roundabout. The restaurant boasts of a stylish building and interior decor, great value, impeccable customer service, product consistency and prompt delivery system, it is an amazing place to experience an extraordinary dining experience. Chicken Republic prides itself in production of soulful African dishes as well as their irresistible chicken. Check out Chicken Republic Jakande Estate, Lekki https://www.chicken-republic.com/

Social Facilities


Cirlce Mall a top-class and modern shopping mall that houses a variety of well known sophisticated shopping centres and eateries. There are two entrance and exit routes with armed security personnel mounted there for security checks, the entrance and exits are wheelchair accessible as well. Circle Mall is strategically located by Jakande Rounabout an intersection between the downside and upside of Lekki stores, most times, the traffic situation around this area is an advantage to the mall customers pop in if they need something real quick, while waiting out the traffic. The mall is offers awesome shopping experience, quite organized environment, a wide variety of shops to visit ranging from clothing, jewelry, groceries and the likes.  Some of the stores housed here include Shoprite, Aquaria, Rhapsody’s, Ruff N Tumble, PEP, Skechers, there are also ATMs as well as card payment option.


Jakande Art & Craft Market is also known as Oba Elegushi Market or Lekki Craft Market is an open style market where you can get almost everything you need, for your household and others. There are about 200 stalls housed here, vendors sell a variety of good which offers customers an array to choose from, the prices of good here are relatively affordable. A tour through this unique and organized market reveals lots of African artistic items you van purchase some of which include custom furniture, home craft pieces, gem stones, shebra beads, pearls, leather nags, ankara key chains , talking drums, paintings on canvas, creative wooden art, traditional interior decorating pieces and so much more.



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