Kofo Abayomi is a highly commercial area in Victoria Island with close proximity to Akin Adesola and Adeola Odeku street. The neighbourhood is one of the most popular areas on the Lagos Island. This may be because of the various offices located there. As a commercial sphere, the cost of renting a property in Kofo Abayomi is quite expensive due to the upscale nature of the neighbourhood, check out PropertyPro.ng to see properties for sale or rent in Kofo Abayomi street. The road network in Kofo  Abayomi is motorable and the power supply is good as well. Kofo Abayomi is neat and well secured with the streetlights lining the streets.

The numerous offices in Kofo Abayomi includes Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, Nigeria Natural Medicine Development Agency, Primera Africa, Global Energy Company, Accenture Nigeria, Candy Baking, Careforte Health Ship, Metropolitan Club, Consul General of Spain, Aire Dental Clinic, Laserderm Clinics, Total Nigeria, lop online.com and Citibank among others. Arcadia Montessori School is the major school present here. The parishes of the Redeemed Christian Church Of God are the major worship centres present.

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Around the block

The Neighbours

Kofo Abayomi is majorly the hub of upper class Nigerians. It is the workplace of a number people both on the Island and on the mainland. With a few commercial properties, the neighbourhood prides itself in class. However, there are also a number of Hausa residents who reside in the neighbourhood. Most of them are gatemen, shoemakers, Okada riders or drivers. One tends to see them in corners or roadsides doing businesses in the neighbourhood. Kofo Abayomi is a peaceful and calm neighbourhood, the roads are tarred are usually neat, the drainage channels are covered and there is also provision for walkway. Most of the buildings in the neighbourhood make provision for green area. For those without private cars, tricycles (Keke Maruwa), motorbikes (Okada) and taxis are allowed in the area. 

What To Expect

The Kofo Abayomi neighbourhood is a highly serene and accessible one. It is the hub of a few major government parastatals and thriving businesses. Kofo Abayomi is a good place to live, work and play. As one of the most expensive places to live in Lagos, residents here derive great benefits and relationships working or living in Kofo Abayomi as it is easy to network with top business owners and even government officials who reside in the neighbourhood. Cost of living or working in Kofo Abatomi street is quite high as seen in most areas in Victoria Island, schools within the vicinity are high end schools attended by high income earners who live around. 

The Lifestyle

Life in this area is more of upscale and plush. People who live or work here are social butterflies, high income earners and some top government officials. The neighbourhood is a healthy blend or work and play lifestyle, as much as it is mostly a commercial hub, there are also a number of fun and entertainment places that keep the area alive and bubbling. Kofo Abayomi Street is rich in social amenities which makes it a great place to live or work, the street is during most busy during the morning hours and early evening between 4pm-7pm as in most business districts in Victoria Island. 

The Market

Supermarkets and grocery shops in Kofo Abayomi meet the domestic needs of residents. Although there is no major market in Kofo Abayomi, there are a good number of roadside sellers. Most of them are Hausas. Most residents in Kofo Abayomi buy their food items online or in nearby markets. loponline.com is an online supermarket with an offline market in Kofo Abayomi. Most residents can purchase clothing items for their teenagers and adults here. Residents can also purchase their needs from supermarkets, malls and major markets in Victoria Island. 

You'll Fall In Love With

The cool hang out spots in Kofo Abayomi includes 7th heaven restaurant and Flamingo Restaurant. One of the major club in Kofo Abayomi is the Metropolitan Club of Lagos. It is the hub of the creme de la creme. The club has an exquisite building and plush furnishings. Exclusive meals are served here. The Metropolitan club is very neat and it is where the high and mighty of Victoria Island socialise. Belini Bar and Bistro 7 are not left out. Hotels in Kofo Abayomi include the prestigious Intercontinental Hotel which is one of the most expensive hotels in Nigeria and also Nanne and boi suite.


7th Heaven Restaurant is located at 273 Kofo Abayomi Road, Victoria Island Lagos, the restaurant is a known hangout spot in Kofo Abayomi, a good number of people who work here enjoy their lunch break here or even come around after the close of work to relax alone or with friends. 7th Heaven is a well decorated  with lovely art paintings on the wall, the restaurant offers various kinds of food and drinks, with helpful staff who attend to customers as they come.


Bistro 7 is a beautiful place tucked away in the heart of Victoria Island, Kofo Abayomi. The restaurant is famous for their delicious menu and eclectic ambience that lures you effortlessly into relaxation. It is situated in a serene and well maintained environment, the overall settling is suitable for single persons as well as groups, customers sometimes come along with their date so enjoy a private dinner on a cool evening. There is ample parking space and the good road network in the area, makes the location easily accessible.

Social Facilities


Lagos Continental Hotel is a prestigious and high-end hotel in Kofo Abayomi Street, Lagos Continental Hotel is the tallest hotel in West Africa with 23 floors, there are six food and beverages outlet housed within the hotel, some other facilities here include, state of the art gym, intercontinental spa, Wi-Fi, beauty salon, steam, sauna as well as a Grand Africa Ballroom, 5 meeting / breakout rooms and an executive board room next to a business center. The hotel offers luxury at a tidy sum and class with satisfaction, the hotel is located off the busy and noisy roads,  the interior and exterior decor is top notch  and it gives a contemporary look and feel that attracts class. Rooms in the hotel are exotic and in a class of its own, the staff are quite courteous and professional, guests get to enjoy top class hotel facilities as well as buffet with variety to pick from. Check out Lagos Continental Hotel, Kofo Abayomi https://thelagoscontinental.com/


Aire Dental Clinic serves individuals in Kofo Abayomi as well as others in Victoria Island generally. The dental clinic aims at restoring oral health, preventing oral diseases with the use of standard dental equipment. Some of their services include scaling and fluoride theraphy for adults, oral maxillofacial surgery, paediatic dental care, preventive dentistry and others. Check out Aire Dental Clinc kofo Abayomi, Victoria Island https://thelagoscontinental.com/


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