Lakowe is a residential neighbourhood in Ibeju Lekki, Lagos. The area was originally a local settlement of the Lakowe people. However, due to the rapid development in the Ajah axis, the real estate business in Lakowe has witnessed high appreciation. There are sub areas in Lakowe such as; Adeba and Onishan which are local settlers. Most of the estates in Lakowe are gated. Golf View Estates, VIP Gardens, Oakwood Gardens Estate, Lakowe Lakes Golf and Country Estate are the major estates in this neighbourhood. Lakowe also possesses a few commercial hubs.

Over the years, Lakowe has experienced rapid development and it is now a substitute for those who desire to build or buy a property in the Ajah axis. The neighbourhood is just about an hour drive to Ajah Roundabout during rush hours. With motorable road network, Lakowe is a desirable residential location. There are different types of properties for rent and sale in Lakowe which includes lands, flats, bungalows, detached buildings and duplexes. Flats for rent and sale in Lakowe are quite affordable, check out for a list of properties available for sale or rent. 

There are various companies, schools, worship centres and hospital situated in Lakowe. Companies include; Kasmus Unique Furniture, Shangta Real, Aligntext Incorporation, Perfect Boy Aluminium, Joe Bass Property Limited, Mayor Building Construction, Famous Edafe Building And Construction Company, Amsad Industries Limited, Olalekan Plumbing Works, Home Solution and Energy and Zeojana Concept among others. Prominent schools in Lakowe includes Guildhurst School, Tender Cradle School, Iwerekun community high school, Havillah International School and Sunlad Nursery And Primary School. Winners Satelite Fellowship, Mount Zion Parish and Miracle Assembly are the major worship centres in Lakowe. Lakowe Primary Health Centre is the major hospital here.

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Around the block

The Neighbours

Lakowe residents are a blend of middle and upper class Nigerians. Generally, Lakowe can be defined as the home of civil servants, business owners, professionals and artisans. With the emergence and development of the new estates, some of the estates are high brow estates for the upper class. Thus, the cost of renting an apartment in Lakowe depends majorly on the axis.

What To Expect

Lakowe will be one of the best real estate locations in Lagos, with her location in the Ibeju Lekki axis, due to the plan of the new Free Trade Zone in the neighbourhood. The neighbourhood is a good place to live for newlyweds, bachelors, spinsters and to raise a family.

The Market

Streetside shops, hawkers and roadside sellers in the local settlements and a few supermarkets make up for the absence of a major local market in Lakowe.

You'll Fall In Love With

The hotels, bars and suya spots where the residents can wine, dine and unwind includes Eagles Bar, Emmy Hotel & Suites, Lakowe Golf Course, Oakwood Gardens, Towne Place Hotel, Olowe Scenic Park, Tesem Grills and Bar among others.

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