Lawanson is a busy commercial neighbourhood in Surulere with close proximity to Ojuelegba and Itire. The major road in Lawanson is good but most of the street roads are left untarred. Lawanson features a fair power supply, busy road and frequent minimal traffic resulting from the Ojuelegba road. The streets and roads of Lawanson are also lined with a couple of small thriving businesses. A few bank branches are present within Lawanson neighbourhood.

Lawanson enjoys a central water provision which is made available by the government for the residents. The rental price of a flat apartment in Lawanson varies from N300,000 to N700,000 depending on the structure and finishings.

Schools in Lawanson include Tomorrow Heritage School and Perfect Standard school among others. A Catholic Church and several branches of Redeemed Christian Church of God are quite popular Christian worship centres in Lawanson. The Obele Oniwala Central Mosque in Ojuelegba also serves the residents of Lawanson. Hospitals in Lawanson include the Lindadel Medical Center, Divine Mercy Clinic and Laboratories amongst others.  

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Around the block

The Neighbours

Most of the residents here are middle aged people and they are majorly lower and middle-class Nigerians. Lawanson is a residential hub that also doubles as a commercial neighbourhood as there are lots of commercial activities that take place here. Some banks in Lawanson include Zenith Bank, Access Bank, Diamond Bank, Keystone Bank, UBA Bank, Guaranty Trust Bank, Union Bank, Wema Bank. 

Roads in Lawanson are considerably good although not without a few potholes and some some parts that need total renovation. The street roads are motorable but quite narrow as a result of cars packed along the road. There are lots of old houses in the neighbourhood, howbeit a few new buildings with modern designs can be spotted around the area, some are also under construction. The area is packed with street shops almost in front of every building.

What To Expect

Expect to see a neighbourhood majorly lined with old highrise buildings. The major road is quite good and there is an influx of people which is as a result of it’s closeness to Ojuelegba. Lawanson is quite the opposite when compared to other areas in Surulere such as  Bode Thomas, Aguda, Adeniran Ogunlana, Masha and the likes. During peak hours, Lawanson road, which is a major road experiences traffic as it connects to other key areas in Surulere.

The Lifestyle

Situated in proximity to Ojuelegba-a popular landmark in Lagos, Lawanson undoubtedly shares in the bustling lifestyle experienced in Ojuelegba. The greater percentage of the population in the area are Yorubas, other tribes such as Ibos and Hausas are sprinkled around as well. Getting around in the neighbourhood is made easier as commercial buses, motorbikes (Okada), tricycles (Keke Maruwa) are made available for residents and visitors who are not mobile.

The Market

The Lawanson Market and Ojuelegba Market serves the residents of Lawanson in addition to a couple of small markets along its street catering to the needs of its residents. Some other markets in Surulere include Oponri Market, Aguda Market, Masha Fruit Farmer Market, Ijesha Market. There are also some supermarkets within the vicinity that serves as a supplement for residents and visitors who do want to use the major markets, some of these include Shoprite, Dattose Supermarket, Zara Food mart, G and T supermarket, Leisure Mall.


You'll Fall In Love With

 The eateries, roadside bars and roadside food vendors selling local dishes all line the streets of Lawanson. There is also a presence of various shawarma spots in the area. For those who don not like to live boring places, this could be a perfect neighbourhood for you as Lawanson is mostly busy and you can easily access bustling areas like Ojuelegba from here. 

Nightlife in Lawanson is certainly a very interesting part of the day as residents and visitors hang out with friends and family at local bars or bukkas. Some night, residents who own shops in front of their houses sit out with friends and family to discuss or just enjoy the night.

Social Facilities

Apartments for sale of rent in Lawanson are quite affordable as compared to some high end areas in Surulere. Check out for properties for sale or rent in Lawanson, Surulere, Lagos. Some of the apartment type include mini flats, one bedroom apartments, 2 bedroom apartments, 3 bedroom apartments among others. There are also some nice hotels in Surulere including Ed Scob Suites, Vintage Suites, Wood Peckers Hotel, Kelin Height Hotel, Suru Express Hotel, Blue Seasons Hotel & Suites etc.

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