Lekki Phase 1 is a luxurious residential neighbourhood in Lagos Island. Her strategic location gives her an edge and has made her a choice real estate location in Lagos. The neighbourhood is a place of class plus resplendence. There are few commercial hubs in Lekki Phase 1. The lovely abode possesses a special feature that conveys residents and non-residents to and from the neighbourhood. The road network is well-planned and the power supply is good. The neighbourhood is well secured. There are street lights on the road sides that provide illumination at night. The neighbourhood is marked by her beautiful entry which leads to Lekki. Lekki Phase 1 is fast becoming a mini city in Lagos with the availability of companies, schools, hotels, worship centres and restaurants there.

Companies in this neighbourhood include; Assist 2 Sell Properties Limited, Teknokleen NIG LTD, Infinite Confirmations Co., Suki Paparazzi Photo Studio, iWay Nig. Ltd, Filmhouse Cinema, IMAX and Tangar & Anjor Nigeria among others. Marymount School, MX Film & Multimedia Academy, Pinefield School, Lekki British International High School, Les Petit Genies Bilingual School, Children International School, Dowen College, Imperial Gate School, Whitesands School, Starling School and Russell International School are the popular schools here. Prominent hospitals in this neighbourhood include Vedic Lifecare Hospital, Lifeline Children’s Hospital, Britannia Hospital, The Olive Branch Clinic, George’s Memorial Medical Centre, Shalom Hospital, Calens Dental Clinic, Medison Specialist Women’s Hospital, Advanced Videoscopic & Laparoscopic Surgery Centre, Johnson Gibbs & Co Physical Therapists, Uplift Medical Centre and Me Cure Healthcare LtdThe major worship centres in Lekki Phase 1 includes RCCG Jubilee Parish, Catholic Church of the Divine Mercy, All Souls Anglican Church and Lekki Muslim Ummah Central Mosque.

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Around the block

The Neighbours

Lekki Phase 1 is a highbrow neighbourhood located in Lagos Island, it is one of the fastest growing areas in Lagos State, most of the residents in VGC are upper-class Nigerians. The neighbourhood is the hub of highly successful businessmen and women as well as experts, celebrities, old money, young professionals oil workers, entrepreneurs, artisans, senior civil servant and multinational company workers.

One of the outstanding amenities Lekki Phase 1 possesses is good and accessible roads. The roads are clean and tarred. The Lekki-Ikoyi link bridge makes it even easier to access other areas on the Island especially business districts like Victoria Island and Ikoyi. When coming into Lekki Phase 1, you will spot the gate at the entrance and a drive through reveals flowers and trees on the streets of Lekki Phase 1. There are a good number of estates in this area, although there is no major security system, these estates have individual security guards who monitor how visitors come in and leave the estates.

Lekki Phase 1 wasn’t always a big deal until the revamping that gained it its reputation. It currently houses some of the most luxurious and expensive real estate properties. PropertyPro.ng is your safest bet if you want to buy or rent a real estate property in Lekki Phase 1 as it offers a line-up of good and available properties as well as access to experienced real estate agent. Lekki Phase 1 is also a good location in choosing an ideal area for your business in Lagos. 

The most popular road in Lekki Phase 1 is the Admiralty Way which doubles as longest and busiest road in the area. The road here is interlocked and usually neat. It is the hub for commercial activities in the area, a lot of offices, companies, petrol stations, mini marts, small stores, shopping malls, . have their headquarters located here. It is the Allen Avenue or Awolowo Way of the Island.

Some other popular streets in Lekki Phase 1 includes Fola Osibo, Omorinre Johnson, Durosimi Etti. There are lots of top-class schools situated here including Lekki British School, Chrisland Schools, Italian International School, Pinefield Schools, Lagoon School, Children’s International School. Lekki Phase 1  plays home to a good number of health facilities, banks, sport facilities, top bars, lounges, hotels, malls and markets.

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Guaranty Trust Bank, Me Cure Diagnostic, Lekki Phase 1, Lekki, Lagos
Well landscaped road, clean road, streetlights, masquerade trees, Lekki Phase 1, Lekki, Lagos

What To Expect

Living in Lekki Phase 1 is joining the league of affluent Lagosians. The neighbourhood reflects luxury at its peak. Lekki Phase 1 is strategically located. The area is peaceful, highly accessible and serene. Thanks to the Lekki-Ikoyi link bridge, there is little or no traffic heading to areas like Victoria Island from Lekki Phase 1. The regular traffic is experienced when trying to get through the toll gate. The Admiralty Way is one part of Lekki Phase 1 that faces traffic congestion due to the influx of people, both residents and workers.

Lekki Phase 1 experiences flood during the raining season especially when there is a downpour, or in places where the drainage systems are not so deep. Asides from times like this, Lekki Phase 1 is an enjoyable neighbourhood as you just might get to live next to a top celebrity or politician.

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The Lifestyle

Living in Lekki Phase 1 gives you a new status, life here could be both exciting and challenging. From keeping up with the luxurious lifestyle of people around to dealing with the bustling nightlife. Lekki Phase 1 is one area crackling with energy 24/7. Trust me, residing here means you miss out on nothing and if you are visiting, there is a whole lot of fun things you can do to last you a lifetime.

Life in Lekki Phase 1 is quite expensive and fancy, as it is a top class area in Lagos, dominated by high-earners and expatriates. Lekki plays home to various restaurants,beaches, hotels, resorts, a conservation centre for wildlife,relaxation hotspots,clubs,bars and many other leisure centres to help take away the day’s stress. With a lot of beautiful, innovative and fun places in the area is known to embrace the new fad which is work-life balance. Which makes it suitable for both old and young.

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The Market

The numerous supermarkets, mini shops, kiosks and a few hawkers cater for the domestic needs of the residents in Lekki Phase 1 as the area hold no major market. The Admiralty Way alone houses more than ten supermarkets including N Y Supermarket, Groceries Supermarket, Rennies Supermarket, Daytona Supermarket, Hubmart Stores, Stop Shop, Adiba Supermaket. 

Lekki Phase 1 offers you an array options to pick from when thinking of where to pick up some groceries or food stuff or just shop for other things. There are also markets in proximity to Lekki Phase 1 such as Jakande Market, Lekki Market among others which are also top choice markets in Lagos. 

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You'll Fall In Love With

The exquisite lounges, hotels, bars and suya spots in Lekki Phase 1 are unmatched as they offer luxurious treats. Some of them are; Switch Lounge & Grill, Bay Lounge, Sailor’s Bar, Bread Lounge, E-bar, Pit Stop Lounge, The Bridge Lounge, Roadster Burger Bar n Lounge, Primi Piatti Italian Restaurant, Tantalizers, Farm City, Bukka Hut, Chicken Republic, MINT by Eat Green Company, Otres Restaurant, Nuts About Cakes, Debonairs Pizza, Petit Paris, BLD Restaurant and Lounge, HSE Cafe, Unusual Cuisine, RoadChef Drive-Thru, Stranger Lagos, Mico’s House of Chicken and waffles, Otres Restaurant, Angle Villa, Tudor House Hotel, Manyxville Hotels and Suites, Zeina Suites, Dixie Suites, Preserve Apartments & Suites, Nostro Suite, Nostro Suites 2, Eagles Hotel & Resort, Curry’s, Kobis, King Serve Guest House, Sun Heaven Hotels Lekki, Extended Stay Grand Hotel, Noah’s Ark Hotel and Suite.


Bay Lounge is restaurant and lounge located in a stylishly luxurious and expensive areas in Lagos, Lekki Phase 1. It is the ideal location when in search of a place to eat, go on a romantic date, hangout with friends or hotspot in Lagos Island. Bay Lounge offers guest a home away from home experience with a cool seaside open air bar with a life band you could never go wrong, the spacious parking lot available at Bay Lounge is one of the best in Lagos. The restaurant and lounge gets quite rowdy at night with an influx of residents and lots of visitors in the area coming along to relax and enjoy excellent waterfront location as well as great food and drinks. Check out Bay Lounge Lekki Phase 1 http://bayloungeltd.com/


Primi Piatti Italian Restaurant is favourably situated on the longest and busiest road in Lekki Phase 1, Admiralty Way. It is an Italian restaurant with an amazing scenery, away from the loud buzz of the city which offers an indoor restaurant and an outdoor space where most guests sit to enjoy the waterfront where the ambience is quite cool and relaxing. Primi Piatti Italian Restaurnat is a perfect spot for a quiet date.  The restaurant also boasts of mouth-watering menu filled with Italian cuisine at its best that keeps you coming back.


Nuts About Cakes is a perfect place to enjoy quick bites in Lekki Phase 1. The environment is quite relaxing and the ambience is great. Nuts About Cakes makes superior baked products with quality from pastries, bread as well as custom cakes. There a variety of cakes available for purchase from chocolate to lemon, carrot, red velvet and regular vanilla cakes. Nuts About Cakes provides customers with an option to pre-order cakes or stop by and pick up ready and cakes, this is a great place to work or study during the week, guest also hold small meetings here while enjoying everything fresh and sweet. Check out Nuts About Cakes


Sailor’s Bay is a top-class lounge and bar located in an upscale area in Lagos. It is one of best hotspots in Lekki Phase 1 and doubles as the first floating bar in Nigeria. The bar and lounge is finely furnished, offering it a classy look. The ocean view gives the atmosphere a special effect, there is a VIP area as  Sailor’s Bay is a pricey bar and also a hub for the creme de la creme of Lagos.with relaxing ballads played on the sound system, great food and well made cocktail that could make your enjoyable. Guest get to enjoy a comedy event on Thursdays known as Unknot Your Tie. 

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Fun factory, Skye bank, Lekki Phase 1, Lekki, Lagos
Just Grills, MLB Kitchen, Food Stop, Lekki Phase 1, Lekki

Social Facilities

There are lots of social facilities in Lekki Phase 1. If you are looking to move into the area you can click on PropertyPro.ng to check out properties available. Some social facilities here includes churches and mosques such as This Present House Church, Lekki Central Mosque, Redeemed Christian Church of God Goshen, Overcomers Church World Outreach (Graceland), Ansar-Ud-Deen Society Of Nigeria, there are also lots of high-end and top class schools nestled here as well as healthcare facilities and hotels.


Lekki British International High School is located in Lekki Peninsula Scheme Estate, 30 Victoria Arobieke St, Lekki Phase 1. It is a school known to have one of the best top high education standard. The goal of the school being to allow every child discover their unique talent, Lekki British International High School offers a disciplined and caring traditional British environment. The school provides both pre school, junior school, high school and advanced studies, using both Nigerian and British curriculum to educate children. Check out Lekki British International High School http://lekkibritishschool.org/


Lilygate Hotel is strategically located in Lekki Phase 1 offering easy access to business districts such as Victoria Island as well as Ikoyi and with the new Lekki-Ikoyi link bridge, business and leisure traveler have nothing to worry about. The hotel provides guests with modern and luxurious facilities  such as conference facilities, restaurant, bar, swimming-pool, gym and free Wi-Fi. It is a great location for work and relaxation. Lilygate Hotel is in good proximity shops, supermarkets and other facilities. Have a look for yourself http://lilygatelagos.com/


Vedic Lifecare  is a top class hospital located in Lekki Phase 1, they provide qualified and experience medical practitioners as well as friendly and helpful staff. The hospital is well equipped with high quality facilites and state of the art equipment. Vedic Lifecare is a great place to go for your healthcare services including diagnostics with highly advanced diagnostic technonlogy. The hospital meets international standards and is association with Manipal Hospitals. 

social facilities
Zenith bank, Panasonic, Travel Centre, Makari, Lekki Phase 1, Lekki, Lagos
Domino Pizza, Coldstone Creamery, Lekki Phase 1, Lekki, Lagos

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