Oba Akran is a centrally located in Ikeja, the avenue is approximately 2,140 metres long. Oba Akran Avenue is a linking avenue as it in proximity to Agege, Ikeja, Oshodi-Isolo. It is a major business district in Ikeja, although a few persons reside here also. Check out PropertyPro.ng to have look at the properties for sale or rent on Oba Akran Avenue. Oba Akran connects Agege to Computer Village. Lined on the streets of Oba Akran are a few banks like Fidelity Bank, Keystone Bank, GT Bank.

 There is usually a lot of traffic in Oba Akran because of the heavy concentration of businesses. Irrespective of the commercialization of the area, Oba Akran houses some churches which include; Mountain of Fire Ministries, Triumphant Christian Center and RCCG. Some of the schools in Oba Akran are the IMS Computer Training School, First Logic Computer Center and New Horizons Nigeria. Oba Akran is host community to some big investments like Guinness Nig, Vitafoam Nig, Dunlop Nigeria Plc. 


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Around the block

The Neighbours

Oba Akran located in Ikeja is a heavily industrial area with businesses and companies like the Tower Aluminum Nigeria, Niger Rite, Mouka Foam, Michelin, Vitafoam Nigeria, Berger Paint, Lagos State Internal Revenue Service, May and Baker, Dunlop, and a couple of Insurance companies, some other banks housed here includes Wema Bank, Zenith Bank. A lot of business oriented people, as well as the working class, can be seen here going about their day to day operations.

The roads are tarred, very accessible, well maintained and have good drainage systems. If you walk or drive through Oba Akran during the morning hours you will get to see community sanitation workers from the Cleaner Lagos Initiative picking up dirt as well as sweeping the road. At night, Oba Akran is lighted up with street lights. There are also flowers and trees on the sides of the road.

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Berger Paint, Oba Akran Avenue, Ikeja
Wema Bank, Oba Akran Avenue, Ikeja

What To Expect

In this area, expect to see a lot of businesses, companies and commercial activities. This is a business and commercial atmosphere as a lot of companies and brands are nestled in this axis including  SKG-Pharma Ltd, AIICO Insurance Company, Hilltop Insurance Brokers Ltd. The lifestyle in Oba Akran is majorly business oriented so expect to see more of business owners, corporate workers, traders and visitors around. 

There is also a high rate of traffic in this environs especially in the early hours of the morning and towards early evening. Corporate workers, visitors and the few residents of Oba Akran get to have access to a good number of ATM due to the presence of banks lined up on the Avenue.

Expect to see lots of private cars, public buses and tricycles popularly known as Keke Maruwa. Some motorcycle riders also ply this route. You can easily spot some food vendors on the sides of the road, unlike some areas in Ikeja, in Oba Akran, cars are not parked on the sides of the road as most companies have suitable parking lots to accommodate their cars.



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The Lifestyle

If you intend to live or most-likely work in this area, you should get ready to enjoy the busy lifestyle of people here. On the avenue, almost everyone is on the move, either, driving in their personal cars or in a taxi or any other public transportation system. Oba Akran nestles lots of business such as schools, hospitals, restaurants, offices, filling stations, pharmacies, banks as well as shopping centres.

At night, Oba Akran is lighten up with streetlights that makes the road, flowers and trees look more beautiful. Corporate worker and visitors get to hang out in Oba Akran after work and all the heat. as there are some fun and entertaining places you can chill and dine with friends or business associates.

The avenue also boasts of  some relaxation spots like Bite restaurant and lounge, Sunrise Chinese Restaurant, Intro Lounge and Bar, Kelvins Lounge, Cegeolie Lebanese Resto Pub as well as some modern and Classy hotels including Eko Hotels & Suites, Dover Hotels, Botife Hotels Ltd among others.


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The Market

There is no major market on Oba Akran Avenue, although there are lots of shopping complexes, mini stores and small scale outlets housed here. The avenue also links to major markets, malls and shopping centres such as Ikeja City Mall, Alade Mall, Maryland Mall, PEP, Computer Village, Onigbongbo market and others.

The stores and mini marts that can be found on Oba Akran Avenue includes Westgate Technology (laptop & computer accessories store), Shobes Trading Store, Berryl & Onyx Mart among others. These stores serve as the market here, as visitors and corporate workers make do with them for whatever products or groceries they need in cases when they do not want to leave the area.

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You'll Fall In Love With

Irrespective of the strict business atmosphere, there are still some hangout spots in the area like; Mr Biggs, De Royale Hotel, Wazobia Plaza Hotel Annex, Ikeja Central Hotel, Tastee Fried Chicken, Reva Café.


Sunrise Chinese Restaurant is one of the best Chinese restaurants in the area and it has been in Ikeja for a couple of years. The restaurant offers both eating in and deliver services. It is one place you can enjoy Chinese Cuisine at its best and fancy dining, the service is swift and quite efficient , the environment is clean and comfortable although a lot of people have the opinion that the place need a little refurbishment. Sunrise Chinese Restaurant Oba Akran is still a great place to enjoy a date, or a family outing as the food will definitely sort your craving and you won’t believe but it is also quite affordable.


Club Royale Hotel is a popular spot for Ikeja residents, the interior decor is very attractive and catchy. Corporate workers as well as visitors from different areas come around to chill and thrill especially on Friday nights. The club is very vibrant and generally fun, from great music, ambience, energetic crowd. Although Club Royale is usually crowded during weekend and you might want to keep you money closer than usual, it is a good place to turn up anyday.


Cegeolie Lebanese Resto Pub is a place to be if you need a break from the conventional Nigerian food. It is a great place to enjoy relax or hangout and enjoy varieties, the price is fair and the staff are well behaved. A lot of residents of Ikeja who love to try out Non-Nigerian dishes patronize this Lebanese restaurant. The outdoor entertainment is quite serene and enjoyable. Cegeolie Lebanese Resto Pub is a cool place to have a quiet family outing.





Social Facilities


Tank and Tummy is a popular spot on Oba Akran Avenue with lots of customers from Ikeja environs. If you are visiting Ikeja for the first time, make a stop at Tank and Tummy annd say I told you so. The fast food restaurant offers great ambience, youcan drink in the view of the street while having a delicious meal at Tank and Tummy. It is a great place to unwind after work or to chill with friends,the staff are courteous and experienced, the restaurant is also kids friendly.


Eko Hotels & Suites offers you the perfect mix. It is a first class hotel, with guests who are top class and middle class. The hotel massive and has all you require in a ultra-modern hotel. Eko Hotel and Suites is a great idea for a quiet get-away, the hotel also offers parties, shows, and fun activities round the clock, this means that whether you are an introvert or fun-loving extrovert, Eko Hotel has got you covered. Eko Hotel is an expensive hotel with worth for your money, it is definitely not for every Tom, Dick and Harry, the hotel is a hub for social elites and government officials.


Intro Lounge & Suites is located on Oba Akran Avenue, it is one of the hotspots in Ikeja offering mouth-watering food. Intro Lounge & Suites will satisfy your craving for tasty barbecue and ‘asun’. as well as barbecue and asun. You can choose to enjoy the indoor ambience, lighting and decor or enjoy fresh air in the outdoor environment. If you love bubbling nighlife you should make a stop as there is also a  nightclub housed here.

social facilities
Tower Aluminium, Oba Akran Avenue, Ikeja

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