Ojota is a popular place in the mainland area of Lagos. With a presence of BRT lanes and pedestrian bridges, Ojota is a commercial nerve on Lagos mainland. Kudirat Abiola Way is off Ojota.

Ojota is in close proximity to Ketu and Maryland and it leads to Ogudu. There is a high influx of people in the Ojota environs. The main roads are good and well laid out. Bikes are a major source of transportation into the residential part of Ojota. Houses in Ojota are mostly old, high-rise and gated. Ojota has several motor park terminals where buses to different places in Nigeria can be boarded.

Popular schools in Ojota include Mictec International Schools, Queen-Mary School, Sunrise Midas Heart School. Ojota Church of Christ, Foursquare, Sacred Heart Catholic Church are some of the churches present in Ojota. The Ojota Central Mosque is the major worship centre for Muslims in Ojota.

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Around the block

The Neighbours

People of different classes across different age groups can be seen in Ojota. Owing to the commercialization of Ojota, a lot of traders can be seen within the environs of Ojota.

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Ojota Lagos
Ojota Lagos

What To Expect

Ojota can get rowdy most times because of a high influx of people in the axis either going about their business or patronising the Ojota Market. Ojota is a very busy road during peak hours and it is very accessible from different parts of Lagos.

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The Market

Ojota is popular for its market where clothing items, perishables and foodstuffs as well as chemicals are sold. Residents can also visit the Ketu market that is in close proximity.

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Ojota Lagos
Ojota Lagos

You'll Fall In Love With

The clubs and eateries in Kudirat Abiola Way and Ogudu make up for fun and recreation as they are in close proximity to Ojota. Ojota offers some roadside bars and food vendors for its residents to have fun, relax and unwind. Also, the Chinatown serves as a relaxation spot and tourist attraction for many.

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Ojota Lagos
Ojota Lagos

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