Oke Ira is a few minutes drive away from Ogba and it can be linked through a roundabout on Ajayi Road. Oke Ira is not a very popular area but it is a cool and serene one. The road that leads to streets in Oke Ira is tarred almost without potholes.

Generally, Oke Ira is averagely neat. There is a marriage registry in Oke Ira which is located at 1-3 Secretariat road Oke Ira in Ogba. The Oke Ira Primary health care is a government initiative that works on the health of its residents. There are a lot of churches in Oke Ira.

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Around the block

The Neighbours

Oke Ira residents are majorly the middle-class Lagosians. There is a wide category of people in Oke-Ira, though it is mostly dominated by artisans. If you have a flat tire or a bad generator, Oke Ira is a solution to such challenges. There is an atmosphere of peace in Oke Ira. Oke Ira residents are fun loving people as they tend to maximise most things to create laughter.

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Oke Ira
Oke Ira

What To Expect

Oke Ira is a fairly serene environment that is secured by mallams and they do their jobs well in preventing crime. The consistency of electricity in Oke Ira is below average. Most of the houses in Oke Ira are without gates. The buildings are old and majorly bungalows. While some of them are well-maintained others are not. Oke Ira is a straight road linked by a roundabout with different streets off the straight road. Accessing Oke Ira is also very easy. It can be linked via a car, a bike or Maruwa from Ogba or Ajayi Road. There are some mini Estates in Oke Ira. The low cost of renting an apartment in Oke Ira is almost irresistible due to the location.

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The Market

There are a lot of roadside shops in the environment. Although there is no special market, you can get almost everything you need in Oke Ira from the roadside sellers. There are also a few mini shopping complexes in the area (Dapson Shopping Complex).

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Oke Ira
Oke Ira

You'll Fall In Love With

The marriage registry may possibly be a fun spot for Oke Ira people. There are no Shawarma spots or permanent Suya spots at Oke Ira. Every Woman shop; a beauty centre, and The Kitchen Times are located in Oke Ira. 

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Oke Ira

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