Saka Tinubu street located in Victoria Island was named after a prominent Muslim personality in Lagos during the early twentieth century who embraced various causes. Akin Adesola, Adeola Odeku and Agoro Odiyan links with Saka Tinubu as they are in close proximity to the neighbourhood. A motorable road network, fair power supply and a luxury hub filled with a number of thriving businesses characterise the Saka Tinubu street. The cost of renting a commercial property in Saka Tinubu is high compared to other areas in Lagos. This is because Saka Tinubu centres class redefined. As a peculiar neighbourhood, there are some unique features and classes expected of Saka Tinubu. Most of them are schools, hospitals, companies and worship centres.

Cyberspace Network Limited, Wisdomland Oil & Gas Ltd, Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nig, Medplus Pharmacy, Apple Store, Yes Telecom, Halelua Communications Company, Philip Communication Limited, Swift Business Broadband, Just Blossom Nigeria,, Sunnywil Venture Nigeria Ltd, Visafone, Iliya Communication, SLOT, Dax Tech Nig Ltd, Belle-Vista Investments, Gadget Care and Chapel Hill Advisory Partners are the major companies present here. Prominent schools in Saka Tinubu are GEC Academy and Swiss Hotel Mgt. School. Naveen Health care is the major hospital in Saka Tinubu. Christ Embassy is one of the worship centres present here.

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Around the block

The Neighbours

Saka Tinubu is the home of elites, entrepreneurs and a few artisans. Most of its residents are affluent Nigerians. In Saka Tinubu, individualism prevails over communalism. The neighbourhood is well secured and highly accessible. Thus, it is the work place of a number of professionals. The roads are tarred and the road network is good, there is a functioning drainage system and most of the drainage channels are covered. The neighbourhood landscaping is fair as in some parts of the street, there is space for green area while some parts do not have any provision for such. There are a good number of companies, offices as well as banks housed here, some banks in Saka Tinubu include UBA Bank, Sterling bank, Zenith Bank Plc, First Bank, and Access Bank. 

Most people found on this street are corporate workers who have their offices or companies in the neighbourhood. You also find a few roadside sellers who sell under umbrellas, on tables in open space as well as street hawkers who more from one street to the other with low-cost goods. Means of transportation here is either private cars, taxis, or tricycles (Keke Maruwa), public buses are not allowed into the street which is the same with most areas in Victoria Island. The presence of banks on the street translates to availability of ATMs which makes financial trasaction easier inthe neighbourhood.

What To Expect

Serenity mixed with accessibility should be expected of the Saka Tinubu street. The road network is motorable and power supply is fair. Renting a property in Saka Tinubu means rubbing minds with the crème de la crème. Opportunities also abound for young working class people living in this neighbourhood and networking with top business owners and workers is almost unavoidable. Expect to see a good number of companies and offices in the neighbourhood as well as a few roadside shops. 

The Lifestyle

Life in Saka Tinubu Street is mostly the work/corporate lifestyle as the higher population on people on this street come to work. Living in this neighbourhood depicts class and an influential lifestyle, houses for rent or sale in Saka Tinubu are quite expensive and luxurious, as the nieghbourhood is packed with necessary amenities and social infrastructures that make living convenient, it is also in proximity to other major business districts in Victoria Island. There are also some good restaurants and bars in the area and within the vicinity where residents, corporate workers and visitors unwind.

The Market

The Saka Tinubu neighbourhood does not host a major market but there are several supermarkets there in addition to a few street shops. It is quite rare to find hawkers that provide for the domestic needs of residents. There are a few markets close to the neighbourhood. Some markets in the vicinity include Popco Supermarket, Nars Supermarket, 9 to 7 Supermarket, Hub Stores Limited, Emjays Supermarket, Adiba Supermarket, La Pointe among others. 

You'll Fall In Love With

The luxury, fun and recreation provided for residents are exquisite hotels, restaurants, suya spots and bars. Some of them are; Chesney Hotel, Bluesea Hotel, La Caterna (Whassan Hotels & Catering), Club 10, Feel At Home Restaurant, Zhou Jouie Restaurant, Domino’s Pizza, Belis Kitchen & Bar, No 10 Restaurant and Bar, Nacco-Polo Chinese Restaurant, Fuse Lounge,  and La Cafetaria among others.


Domino Pizza is one of the most popular pizza chains in Nigeria with an outlet nestled in Saka Tinubu street, Victoria Island, Lagos. It is a brand loved by a good number of Lagosians. The outlet has the same type of building as other outlets in terms of architectural structure both interior and exterior. The pizza restaurant offers hot and ready to eat pizza as well as  effective delivery service system. You can also enjoy ice cream from Coldstone Creamery which is housed just beside it. Check out Domino Pizza Saka Tinubu


Fuse Lounge is nestled on Saka Tinubu Street, Victoria Island. It is a great place to relax, hangout with friends and have fun. Residents as well as visitors come around after the day’s work to chill out with friends especially on Fridays. The blazing music would make you want to dance, the ambience quite welcoming and relaxing. it is a nice place for a small private party. Check out Fuse Lounge Saka Tinubu


Chesney Hotel is a popular hotel in the neighbourhood, strategically located in a safe and serene environment. The hotel offers adequately spacious and comfortable rooms, bathrooms for every room, active security system, well maintained facilities and courteous staff, although there is always room for upgrade. The food provided is decent and guests can get intercontinental dishes on demand. Chesney Hotel is in proximity to attractions and offers easy access to other business districts in Victoria Island.

Social Facilities


Slot is a household name and a leading retail company for affordable mobile phones, computers, accessories and other types of  electronics. Slot also offers sales assistants to customers as the company is arguably one of the most trusted and highly reputable  electronic company in Nigeria. The outlet at Saka Tinubu street offers various types of phones, computers, and accessories for sale as well as phone repair, Slot offers customers access to warranty and quality products. Customers sometimes get confused with the phones on display, so it is advisable to research on what of phone or device you want before heading for Slot. Prices are reasonable and quite affordable. Check out Slot Saka Tinubu Street


Medplus Pharmacy is located at 45 Saka Tinubu Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. Medplus Pharmacy is your one stop destination for quality drugs, prescription refill or beauty products. You are guaranteed of quality products and services here in a neat environment, with a standby pharmacist to give you professional services. Although the car park is not so large, their quality drugs and service will still make you come back. Medplus is a modern day pharmacy which is also quiet reliable and have loyal customers within the neighbourhood and beyond.


Naveen Healthcare is a healthcare committed to keeping individuals healthy. The healthcare centre offers utmost level of care using state of the art healthcare facilities, well trained and experienced medical personnel. Naveen Healthcare serves both residents of Saka Tinubu street, corporate workers who come to work within the neighbourhood as well as individuals from other  areas in Victoria Island and Lagos generally. It is quite cost effective and their services include comprehensive medical check up, cardiology services, diagnostics & medical procedures, medical evaluation, specialist consultant and a lot more. Check out Naveen Healthcare Saka Tinubu Street


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