Over the years, Tejuosho has amassed popularity due to its major market located between Yaba and Ojuelegba. In fact, if one visits Lagos for shopping and does not stop over at Tejuosho, the visit would be described as an incomplete one. The Tejuosho market is a conventional market where commodities are sold at a cut price.

Thus, Tejuosho is a fully commercial area. The market in Tejuosho is the home of clothing items, weaves, sports accessories as well as beauty supplies and it thrives in the multitude of buyers and sellers it hosts on a daily basis. The neighbourhood is always very busy and a lot of people seem to be going somewhere or coming from somewhere. After a major fire outbreak in 2007, Tejuosho rose out of the ashes regaining its pride of place once again as an icon in Lagos to the delight of all.

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Around the block

The Neighbours

Most of the people in the area are wholesalers, retailers, petty traders and their customers due to the commercialization of Tejuosho. The popular Tejuosho market draws a large number of people to the area and to Yaba as a whole. The neighbourhood is mostly a busy place with lots of commercial activities taking place at the same time.

A lot of the roads are tarred and moderately maintained, however some streets (like Asopo Street) are untarred but motorable, there is a drainage system and the drainage channels are properly covered. Some streets in Tejuosho include Aralile Street, Asopo Street, Aiyeleto Street, Oyerokun Street, Omole Street, Olaitan Street among others. At night, streetlights come on and light up the streets, however most houses in the neighbourhood make no provision for green space. 

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Busy road, motorbikes, tricycles, Tejuosho, Yaba, Lagos
Busy road, motorbikes, tricycles, Tejuosho, Yaba, Lagos

What To Expect

You can easily sell your gold accessories and get the cash immediately at Tejuosho Market. The activities of Yaba boys will make you laugh especially their verbal exchange and confrontation with ladies. If you would prefer to live in a neighbourhood that offers tranquility round the clock, this is certainly not the place for you as Tejuosho is mostly busy and crackling with energy all day long. Noise from moving vehicles, traders hailing customers and generally energetic neighbourhood is what is expected in Tejuosho. 

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Street in Tejuosho, Yaba, Lagos
Main Tejuiosho Shopping Complex, Tejuosho Avenue, Tejuosho, Yaba, Lagos

The Lifestyle

Street roads in Tejuosho are mostly narrow as cars are usually parked along the road or in front of some buildings. Anumber of houses in the neighbourhood have shops attached to them where residents sell mostly inexpensive good, ranging from food items, drugs, cosmetics and others. Houses in Tejuosho are quite affordable, check out PropertyPro.ng for properties for sale or rent in Tejuosho

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The Market

The Tejuosho market is one of the most popular markets in Lagos. People travel long distances to buy or sell goods in the market. The market days are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays before 7:00 am in the morning. You can get almost everything you need here from latest brands – fashion, perfumes, handicrafts and much more. Apart from this, the street where the shopping mall is located is lined with boutiques, jewellers, banks, showrooms, great location for window shopping.

When it comes to shopping, there is a world of choice to select from in the Tejuosho Ultra Modern Shopping Centre located in the heart of Yaba central area by the railroad.  The complex encompasses 4,040 shop units of various sizes.

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Market in Tejuosho, Tejuosho, Yaba, Lagos
Market in Tejuosho, Tejuosho, Yaba, Lagos

You'll Fall In Love With

The Tejuosho Ultra modern market structure is in itself an exciting spot to behold in Nigeria. The shopping experience will leave one with a memory of fun. What used to be the rowdy Tejuosho market, is now an ultra-modern shopping centre; it’s really surprising. There are a few eateries and roadside food vendors seen around the area.

Yaba has one of the busiest markets in Lagos State known as Tejuosho market or simply Yaba Market. Directly opposite Yaba market is The Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, popularly known as “Yaba Left”.  The Hospital was established in Lagos in 1907 as an Asylum for mentally deranged people. Tejuosho Ultramodern Shopping Center is one of the biggest shopping plazas in Lagos; Gutted by fire in 2007 but rebuilt in a more modern standard. If you are looking to shop either for sale or personal use, Tejuosho is the place to be.

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Tejuosho Ultra Modern Market, Yaba, Lagos
Tejuosho, Yaba, Lagos

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The Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital




Inglesias Hotel

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