Toyin street is one of the most popular streets in Ikeja. It is majorly a commercial area. There are two ends that lead to Toyin street. Although the road is relatively good, heavy rains leave Toyin street in flood. Moshood Abiola Crescent is off Toyin Street.

The popular Ibis Hotel and White House hotel are on Toyin Street. Stanbic IBTC, Skye Bank, Access Bank, GTB e-bank, Heritage Bank, Domino’s Pizza and Coldstone Creamery, supermarkets and boutiques as well as are also located on Toyin Street in Ikeja.

Although often plagued with traffic in the evenings as a result of people trying to find their way back home from work. Toyin Street remains busiest during the day with commercial activities and alive with social activities at night.

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Around the block

The Neighbours

Toyin Street is a commercial area, thus most of the people there are those that come to work on Toyin Street. The road is very good and it can be accessed by tricycles also known as Maruwa, motorcycles are also known as Okada, private cars for those that own theirs and taxis for visitors and other residents. Toyin Street being one of the upscale parts of Ikeja Lagos, commercial buses are not allowed to operate.

It is inevitable to observe the ambience and tranquility that comes with Toyin Street, which makes it an ideal location for offices, businesses and other commercial activities. Toyin Street is a beautiful place with comfy houses and friendly neighbours. You can check out for affordable properties for rent and sale on Toyin Street on

Toyin street is plays home to various banks namely;  Stanbic IBTCSkye BankAccess BankGTB e-bank and Heritage Bank.  Banks on Toyin street attracts an influx of people daily. There are an array of ATM machines on the street as a result of the number of banks lined up here.


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What To Expect

The unexpected appeal is the serenity of Toyin Street compared to other places in Ikeja.  Toyin street is one of the central locations in Ikeja and this makes it easier to navigate to other areas in Ikeja. There are a few hawkers on street. The word ‘epileptic’ is ideal in describing the power supply in Toyin Street.

Driving at a wrong hour on Toyin Street is an experience that can mess up your day totally. Although smart drivers who live or work here understand the trick of traffic congestion time. Here’s a little tip, the traffic congestion in the early hours of the morning starts from 6am-7am while the congestion after the close of work builds up from 5pm-6pm due to the migration of people from their workplace to their homes.

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The Lifestyle

The life in Toyin street is a blend of the new fad which is the work-play balance. This implies that although Toyin Street is more of a business district, there area various bars, restaurants, and relaxation spots to unwind after a tedious day at work.

Corporate workers, residents and visitors enjoy some evenings in leisure hotspots at Toyin street such as 306 restaurant and bar, Domino’s pizza,  Coldstone Creamery, Corporate Buka Restaurant and Best Lady restaurant are superb for cool off the day’s stress.

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Toyin street
Lagos Travel inn

The Market

There is no market in Toyin street but there are a few supermarkets and roadside shops. There are also places where you can buy good food at affordable prices. There is a small market at underbridge Ikeja where the residents of Toyin Street can purchase food items and hair accessories.

A major supermarket at Toyin street is the T black supermarket. T black supermarket offers a range of drinks, toiletries, beauty products, food items and many more household goods. It serves as a make shift market for the residents who do not want to locate any close by market and for corporate workers who want to pick up a few things.

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You'll Fall In Love With

Toyin street located at the capital of Lagos, Ikeja, also provides options for shopping with its varying arrays of shops. Shops at Toyin streets trade goods ranging from drinks, food items, toiletries, beauty products, drugs, clothing and household items.

Services are also provided by various firms and service providers in the community. Payment of purchased goods or services can be made via cash or credit card.

There are amazing fun and leisure spots on Toyin Street, the stress of getting a comfortable hotel or guest house, restaurants with varieties and others are all taken care of here on Toyin Street. Basically, you have an array of places to pick from such as:


Bay Suites is an exclusive hotel situated on Toyin Street, Ikeja. Bay Suites is known for good hospitality standards and well mannered staff. Customers and visitors enjoy free Wi-Fi in the lobby during their stay. Guest also have access to amenities like swimming pool, breakfast, airport shuttles and others. There are also bars and restaurants/lounge housed in Bay Suites. Check out Bay Suites


Domino Pizza is located at 31/37 Toyin Street, Ikeja Lagos. The pizza restaurant puts an end to the search for a place to relax and enjoy delicious., ready to eat pizza. Residents and corporate workers who don’t want to leave their homes or offices also enjoy the swift delivery system. Domino Pizza is a place you would always want to visit as far as you are on Toyin Street.


As in other locations, Cold Stone Creamery is located right next to Domino Pizza on Toyin Street. This restaurant serves the best tasting made-to-order ice cream. Cold Stone serves the finest, freshest ice cream, smoothies, cakes and shakes. Cold Stone faithfuls don’t fail to stop by and enjoy this high quality ice cream. Check out Cold Stone Creamery

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shop on Toyin street,Ikeja
shop on Toyin street,Ikeja

Social Facilities

Although Toyin street is a commercial hub it also has various social facilities for education, relaxation, religion and many more leisure activities. Religious institutions at Toyin street are Saint Leo’s Catholic church, Redeemed Christian Church of God and Zion World Christian Center which serves as a hub for a community of believers.

Ibis hotel

The Ibis hotel is situated at 23 Toyin street, Ikeja. The Ibis Hotel is located 10 minutes away from the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja. The hotel has 165 air-conditioned well stylish rooms. The hotel guests also enjoy access to free wi-fi. Check out

White house hotels and conference centre

 White House Hotel & Conference Center is situated at 23A Toyin St, Opebi, Ikeja. It is situated 1.2kilometres from the Kalakuta Museum. White House Hotel & Conference Center provides dual services in form of the hotel for guests and conference setting for clients and guarantees a perfect stay. White House Hotel & Conference Center is  20-minutes away from Murtala Muhammed International Airport.

Mr. Bigg ’s

Mr. Bigg’s is situated at 25B Toyin street, Ikeja, Lagos. Mr. Bigg’s is a fast food restaurant that provides varieties of meals ranging from local to international dishes. Mr. Bigg’s also provides catering services to clients. Residents and visitors in Toyin Street enjoy this spot both for hang out and delicious meals and snacks. Check out Mr Biggs


social facilities
 Zion World Christian Center
Lagos Travel Inn

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