10 Reasons You Need To Live In Lagos

Lagos city in Lagos state is no doubt the most popular state in West Africa and no doubt one of the go-to places in Africa.  According to Heinrich-Boll-Stiftung (HBS) Foundation research, it’s the 7th fastest growing city in the world. Eko as Lagos state is fondly called is the economic capital of Nigeria and unlike other states in Nigeria that is dependent on oil revenues, Lagos city’s economy diversified to manufacturing, transport, construction, service, wholesale, and retail sectors.

Life in Lagos is an adventure, the state is the smallest in Nigeria, yet the most populated and more popular than the capital; city Abuja. Expats living in Lagos have even described the city as vibrant, colourful and a huge amount of fun. Despite all these, there are still quite a few misconceptions about the Lagos city life.  


Daily life in Lagos has to do with you dealing with traffic, “danfo” drivers and generally the Lagos hustle. Despite all these, what is still attracting people to this World class destination that got its name from the Portuguese? Lagos has something to offer everyone. Despite the problems in Lagos, here are 15 other reasons why you need to buy a house in Lagos and live in the city, not like other states don’t have their own problems.

Job opportunities

An article once encouraged young African entrepreneurs to move to Lagos, Why? Because it is the economic nerve of West Africa and the fastest developing city in Africa. Despite it being the smallest state in Nigeria, Still, it accounts for over 60 percent of industrial and commercial ventures of the nation, according to Heinrich-Boll-Stiftung Foundation research. Most industries and businesses can be found in Lagos. If you hope to get a good job in Nigeria, then you should pack your bags and move to Lagos for a chance to build your career.

 Night Life

Nightlife in Lagos cannot be compared to any other part of Nigeria. There are many shows to attend and parties to groove in living in Lagos. The top hangout spots in Nigeria can be found in Lagos, so there is never a dull moment living in this city.


Considering any of the houses for sale in Lagos will give you a return on your investment. Before buying a property anywhere in Nigeria, it is crucial you consider your Return On Investment (ROI). You want to ensure you don’t lose money on the house you buy. It is hard to tell what will happen in the future, but with real estate, in Lagos locations like Ikoyi, Lekki, Ikeja Yaba etc it’s usually safe to assume that you’ll be getting a greater return on your investment than if you were to buy a home in other states in Nigeria. Lagos is a highly demanded location and those wanting to get a home here would be willing to pay the right price for a property located here.

 Luxurious living

Who doesn’t love luxurious living? If you are one that loves the luxurious life, the Lagos city life is for you. The Lagos Island a part of Lagos state is known for the luxurious features it offers residents. From five star hotels to five-star restaurants to the best art galleries, the most luxurious buildings to the best cars can be found in Lagos state. If you have the money, daily life in Lagos will be luxurious.


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 Beautiful beaches

A beach lover once asked me, is Lagos a good place to live? It was easy giving her an answer, as a beach lover, Lagos has some of the best beaches in Nigeria. Lagos is surrounded by water bodies. Thus, there are numerous scenic sandy beaches which are suitable for picnics and recreation. Not only beaches but also private islands and beach resorts you can take a vacation on.

Access to quality schools

If you are thinking of moving your family to Lagos, you don’t have to worry about finding your kids good schools as the city is filled some of the best primary, secondary and tertiary institutions in the country, both private and public. Giving your children quality education is not a herculean task in Lagos.

The best markets

You cannot talk about the beauty of Lagos and not include the Markets. Lagos is filled with various markets that satisfy the demand for both consumer and industrial goods of the over 21 million Lagosians. f you have products to sell or services to render and profit is one of your motives, Lagos is the city to live in. Some of the markets are popular for various things like Computer village Ikeja, known for all mobile phones and computer products, Mile 12 market known for consumer goods etc. so whatever you want, there is a market in Lagos you’ll find it at an affordable price.

Presence of international airport and seaport

Living in Lagos means you are connected to the world. How? Laos has both an international airport and also a seaport, so you can travel to other parts of the world and transport your goods quite easy if you decide to live and do business in Lagos. Having a rental property close to these areas is a good investment as you’ll be able to rent your property to the various individuals trooping into the country and need somewhere to stay.


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Amazing street food

one of the interesting facts about Lagos is amazing street food you are sure to get if you buy real estate in Lagos. Lagos street foods have a distinctive flavour that will be difficult to get anywhere. The most popular and delicious barbecue meat, known as Suya can be found at almost every corner of the city. Similarly, the famous ‘Agege’ Bread can be also be found on the streets of Lagos. There other street foods like Akara, Boli, Puff Puff, Agbo Jedi and much more.

 Life in Lagos is just different

Truth is Lagos is a unique city and life here cannot be compared to living anywhere else. You cannot predict what is going to happen but you know it will never be a dull moment if you own a house in one of the numerous areas in Lagos state. Someone once said jokingly that you don’t need to work out if you live in Lagos as every day in Lagos is basically a workout.



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