7 Things New Real Estate Agents Should Focus on Right off the Bat

Starting a new job is an exciting process. You want to dive in and learn everything you can to be the best in your company. Real estate offers the same excitement to beginners — you want to impress clients, gain leads and sell/rent houses. What skills should you prioritise as you begin your career, and which best practices will help you obtain clients? Here are 7 Things New Real Estate Agents Should Focus on Right off the Bat.

With so many new items on your plate, you might be confused about how to unlock the real estate puzzle, but don’t be intimidated. Being a great agent is a simple skill to learn. Pay attention to how other people move around the market, advertise yourself, and develop close relationships with customers. 

#1: Listing Photos

Hire a professional photographer to take listing photos. These pictures are the first things people see. The typical client does not want to encounter low-quality, outdated images. Unprofessional photos affect their perception of your business and the home, which costs you leads. Though it is tempting to take pictures on your device — smartphone cameras are becoming undeniably sharp — use a professional camera or hire a professional.

#2: Soft Skills

Start working immediately if you feel that your soft skills need some improvement. In terms of client interaction, real estate is similar to customer service. You’ll need to be able to communicate, listen, offer advice, and interpret the information others to give you. 

You are after all helping someone make what is perhaps the largest purchase of their lives—a home. The art of real estate lies in luring them without coming across as obnoxious or sleazy.

#3: Prequalifying clients

Before taking consumers on home tours, prequalify them. 

If they say they aren’t ready to buy or sell, doing this will save you time and effort. Because you don’t know the client’s financial status or what features they want in the properties you show them, you’ll be left spinning in circles. Pre-qualification is often handled by the lender, but you should interrogate your purchasers to learn more about their expectations and financial capabilities.

#4: Contracts

There is a ton of legal jargon in real estate contracts that you might not understand. While it is ok to not have all the answers right away, try not to leave your clients with more questions than you can answer. Learn the contents of standard real estate contracts and what they include, such as deadlines, payment conditions, inspection information, and more. Buyers should have faith in you with the future of their home ownership in your hands.

#5: Focused Marketing

The next thing on our list of 7 Things New Real Estate Agents Should Focus on Right off the Bat is Marketing. Be wise about how you execute marketing. Advertise on multiple platforms for maximum engagement, but don’t overwhelm yourself with a bunch of unfamiliar techniques. Thoroughly study each medium and learn how it works — plus how you can make it successful — before tackling the next one. Rushed and ineffective advertising methods won’t land you many leads. Nail it the first time around to avoid wasting time on continuously re-hauling your marketing campaign.

#6: Niche Sectors

Many agents claim to know everything about the industry and offer to tackle all selling and buying needs. This diversity works for some, but consider targeting a niche market. Niche markets reduce the competition in a saturated industry, and they allow you to hone your skills in one area rather than dabble in several. These markets focus on distinct buyer demographics or geographical regions. Some examples of specific sectors include resorts, luxury homes and condos.

#7: Networking

Networking as a real estate professional is of the utmost importance. While selling homes, you’ll collaborate with a wide range of individuals, including buyers, sellers, and inspectors. You never know when you might require someone to give you wise real estate guidance, so keep their contact information on hand. The majority of buyers for agents come from referrals, highlighting the need of building a rapport with peers. Customers will appreciate your care if you follow up with them after their purchases to see how they’ve adjusted.

Learn the Ropes of Real Estate

You’ll soon impress clients by sharpening your skills and excelling in your training. A great agent always takes opportunities to listen and learn, no matter how experienced they are. A willingness to lead and assist shows your clients how dedicated you are to the field.

Do you agree with our list of 7 Things New Real Estate Agents Should Focus on Right off the Bat? Let us know what we missed out. 



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