5 Clever tips to make your living room appear bigger

Your living room is the first place your visitors get to see before any other place in your home. Is your living room too small for comfort, you can make it look bigger with simple tips and tricks. Not only is a perceived bigger living room appealing to the eyes, it is easy to find comfort in. Imagine that you feel chocked every time you walk into that area?

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How can you experience the feel of a bigger space in your living room? Below are insanely simple tricks:


Decorate with white or any other cool colour

white living room space

White is an instant fix to a smaller space. In fact, it is the best colour to use for a small area. If you don’t like the feel of white or have little children around, you can go for other light colours like blue or a very light shade of green.

Go minimalist

minimalist living room

With more space to move around, you have a living room that appears larger. Make more room for blank space by having few things in the living room. You can use the store for things that are not very essential to a living room.

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Make use of spaces wisely

Stack books and as many other things that you can in shelves. Make use of desk drawers. Cupboards and wardrobes should be effectively maximized. If you can organize spaces to accommodate as many things as they can, you create more space to be free around.

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If you don’t want to walk into your living room to instantly feel chocked, declutter. This is extremely important if you have kids. You can teach your kids how to clean up after themselves. Also learn to return things back to their respective places as soon as you use them.

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Use mirror on the wall

A mirror at the back of your suffer can make a great difference in the overall outlook of your living room. Place your mirror at a strategic place. It would work better if it is matched with a cool colour.

How have you made your living room appear bigger in times past? We would love to have you share your thoughts with us.

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