Locations of Beaches in Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt is the capital and largest city of Rivers State. There are many places one can visit to have a great time, and that includes the beach. Port Harcourt Beaches are considered some of the most beautiful and well-maintained shorelines in Africa.

There are many reasons one should spend time at the beach. It can help clear the mind, making one lighter and freer. The sweet feeling of watching the waves, the rising and falling of tides and the water that helps soothe the joints, are just some of reasons to visit the beach. A day at the beach can make a lot of difference at that phase of one’s life. Studies show that people are generally happier at the beach.


The beach also gives room to bond with friends and family. It is a good place to appreciate the beauty of nature. Visiting the beach also helps in personal growth by providing time for reflection and also makes one have better perspectives to situations.


The business of providing leisure and pleasure is an exciting one. It’s why there are man-made beaches. These ones usually have a man-made infrastructure, such as lifeguard posts, changing rooms, and showers. They may also have hospitality venues (such as resorts, camps, hotels, and restaurants) nearby. Beaches usually consist of loose particles.

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These are some of the beautiful and exciting beaches in Port Harcourt:

Port Harcourt Tourist Beach

Ifoko beach port harcourt

The Tourist Beach is one of Port Harcourt’s oldest attraction sites, along with the Kolabi Creek line. Commissioned in 1988, this manmade beach has served as a place for recreation, and relaxation. One advantage it has over others is its location which is on the edge of the city, such that visitors can take a walk through the hiking trails. The designers of the beach created a serene environment for tourists. Visitors to the Tourist Beach can enjoy the white sands and waves.

The Tourist Beach has also played host to numerous tourists from different parts of the world who visited, particularly during the annual cultural fiesta of the state popularly known as CARNIRIV, to watch the glamorous boat regatta organised by the Rivers State Tourism Development Agency (RSTDA). The local government has worked hard to preserve the area because of the increasing number of visitors Tourist Beach attract each year.

It’s peaceful and serene atmosphere is perfect for tourists to relax, play games and enjoy some cool sea breeze. There is also a museum within the beach; there is a tour guide to show tourists around the interesting artefacts on display.

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Ifoko Beach

Ifoko beach Port Harcourt

Ifoko Beach is another popular spot in Port Harcourt. It provides perfect getaways from the daily bustles of life. Unlike the Tourist Beach, Ifoko Beach is not man-made. The constant maintenance by local residents makes it one of the best and most beautiful beaches in Port Harcourt. The local fishermen depend on the sea for their livelihood. Tourists can enjoy freshly caught seafood from any of the local restaurants. The rainforest borders the shoreline. Family and friends can have picnics at the site. After a pleasant lunch, one can take a walk along the shore and enjoy the exotic scenery. Sometimes, visitors get to catch sight of a whale when walking down the shoreline. They can also take advantage of the nature trails to see the wildlife living in the rainforest. At nights, one can visit the fine restaurants around.


Private Beaches

People looking for privacy and quiet time can find it at a private beach. There are numbers of private beaches surrounding Port Harcourt, like Yowiks Beach near Kono. They are part of the growing resort industry of the city. These resort beaches are popular among honeymooners who want to enjoy time alone. These resorts are typically inhabited by expatriates and tend to have more western style accommodations. Private beaches provide great alone-time for visitors and serve as a source of income to the owners.

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