Omole Phase 1 is an Estate in Ojodu which is a fully residential and fully secured with uniformed men at the gate. Visitors without cars are welcomed into the Estate and they can be transported with the Estate’s Maruwa shuttle or the Estate’s Okada to their destinations. Car owners are given car tags at the gate. Omole is a place where the good roads, clean streets, clean drainages and the constant power supply, and the powered street lights will make you want to stay there all day long, all week long and all year round.

Omole is divided into zones for identification and quick access. The zones are named. Some zones in Omole are Apple Zone and Diary Zone. There are a number of churches in Omole like; Catholic Church of the Holy Spirit; Progressive Cottage Hospital; and St. Jude Anglican Church among others. There are also a few mosques.

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located in Ogba

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The Neighbours

Most of the people living at Omole are elites and working class people who value privacy. This can be deduced psychologically from the fact that most of the houses are gated and you don’t find the residents roaming the streets aimlessly. There are also a few retirees in the area.

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Omole Phase 1
Omole Phase 1

What To Expect

There are no roadside sellers in the estate as things are sold in well-constructed shops and shopping malls. There is no central market in Omole Phase 1. There are healthy trees on the roadside and in individual buildings. There are also newspaper vendors on the street to show that Omole Residents are well informed. There are a few hospitals in the environment. The streets of Omole Phase 1 is beautified with flowers and street lights. Most of the houses have electric fences. The road in Omole Phase 1 is good and electricity is constant.

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Omole Phase 1

The Market

Omole Phase 1 is majorly filled with supermarkets and convenience stores like the Old English Superstore.

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Omole Phase 1
Omole Phase 1

You'll Fall In Love With

Omole residents mix fun and business. Thus, it is very easy to find places to relax and have fun, especially at night. There are also shops where you can buy food. Some of the fun spots in Omole 1 are; First World Hotel; The Spot Shawarma; Calabar Kitchen; Suya Spot. If shopping is fun for you, then you can have fun at Mag Divas Boutique.

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Omole Phase 1

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