Omole Phase 2 is quite close to Lagos-Ibadan Express Road and it is not in close proximity to Omole Phase 1, as opposed the notion or perception that they should be in the same environment.

Like Phase 1, Omole Phase 2 is a gated and well-secured estate. The residents pay dues and the vehicles have stickers as well. The streets are very neat and there are uniformed estate cleaners that clean the streets from to time. Electricity in Omole is like that of Nigeria’s London, where the light seldom goes off. The network is very good and the residents are majorly friendly.

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The Neighbours

The Phase 2 community consists of largely working class people and a few artisans. Most of the houses are one storey buildings with high gates. This shows that Omole residents are highly concerned with adequate security and privacy. You cannot find people roaming the streets in mass at Omole.

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Omole Phase 2
Omole Phase 2

What To Expect

The unexpected appeal in Omole Phase 2 is the presence of banks in the environment, the estate shuttle and the clean serene environment. The security agencies are friendly yet they are firm when it comes to work.  In Omole, you have everything at your reach. Possibly, the only thing you will have to do outside the estate is to go to work and visit family and friends. If you live in Omole, you are expected to pay dues. Some residents complained that dues are quite high.

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Omole Phase 2

The Market

There is no major market in Omole, however, there are well-constructed shops. There are a few shopping complexes. Kiosks or roadside sellers are not allowed within the estate. There are also ATM points and a few commercial banks. There are schools, dry cleaning outlets, a few major churches and mosques within the estate.

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Omole Phase 2
Omole Phase 2

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