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A Day in the Life of A Facility Manager

A Day in the Life of A Facility Manager

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The duties of facility managers span across maintaining buildings, ensuring health and safety compliance, and routine mechanical and electrical repairs. While these activities improve the smooth operation of facilities (office spaces, homes, retail spaces, or restaurants), facility managers have integrated tech support into their tasks to increase efficiency. In a chat with Prestige Magazine, the head of operations of Filmo Facility Management Limited, Ifeoluwadayo Adeoluwadotun, discusses some of the tech tools that ease his work and how he spends his day. 

What Facility Management is Really About and How Technology Impacts Our Job

Facility management is about people, place and process. And when you are talking about the impact of technology, it has helped us manage our process easier in terms of lesser wastage of time, efficient and effective service delivery, good communication, and assisted us in making proactive decisions. Because of technology, we have ensured that our customers are satisfied. 

What We Do at Filmo Facility Management

Filmo Facility Management is a market leader in the facility management industry. With over 25 years of experience, we operate in 12 states with 20 major clients. Furthermore, we provide total facility management for residential and commercial properties across the country, and our services include both hard and soft services. Our mission is to provide optimal value to our clients using sustainable and innovative solutions driven by technology and a passion for excellence. 

Technology-based Tools We Work With

Firstly, data has enabled us to make swift and predictive decisions that results in coherent and effective service delivery. So, how do we collect this data? We collect data using our technology tools like ‘VampFi’ software, our maintenance software that enables us to digitize each customer’s process and even when they make a request. VampFI also caters to the process at which the technicians execute their jobs, the time it takes to process the job, and the cost of completing the task. It also gets the information of how satisfied our customers are at the end of the work. Knowing this data helps us understand the workforce involved and the cost implication or the quality of service. Ultimately, we can measure the time, cost, and service with VampFI.

The other tool that we use is called an infrared camera. This has to do with technical jobs like leakages within walls and short-circuiting. The third tool I would like to mention is IoT. IoT means Internet of Things. These are devices that give you real-time information about a piece of equipment. We plan on making these tools available to other colleagues in the industry as well.

A Day in the Life of a Facility Manager…

A typical day in a facility manager’s life is never the same every five days in a week. However, there are some routine processes or routine services expected of the facility manager. When you get to your workplace or your site, you walk around and do what is called management by walking around to know the status of all your equipment. You do what is called two boss talk; you discuss with your on-sight personnel to educate them about health and safety and get updates about what is happening on that site. So you go around to check things like your swimming pool, that’s for residential apartments; you check your generator and your lift if available. Then you go round your equipment, and where you have issues, you go back to fix it. At the end of the day, you send your report to your line manager and prepare for the next day. 


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