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About the Agent

Company Profile
We are Registered, CONTRACTS AND GENERAL'S MERCHANDISE, Our main Objectives is to render our Prospect a better Services Solutions, and get you the best when it's comes to Real Estate-interior -general Merchant Services

real estate services
We buy and sells Properties, Letting, Lease, Valuation, Documentation, Feasibility and Viability, Consultancy. joint venture. land surveyor. mortgage

our interior service.
we install all kinds of post construction work.such as.
pop installation. screeding works. tiling.
painting. 3D installation. wall morals.
window blinds. wall paper. curtains. bed sheets. furniture. etc...

our general Merchant Services
We Supplies all kinds of building post construction materials, pop cement. pop paint. emulsions paint. satin paint. wall tiles. floor tiles. window blinds. curtains. wall paper. furniture.
, Etc.
We are proud of our company’s many accomplishments and our clients appreciate the fact FEGS is a closely held Corporation owned and operated by its shareholders. Famous Ogbeide, We operate in,Lagos, Abuja, and Ogun State . FEGS's integrated, team-based approach facilitates effective, responsive communication and our proactive approach to management ensures that the operational and financial performance of your property is always our highest priority.

FEGS is recognized by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) as an Accredited Management Organization (AMO ®) and is one of only approximately 500 such firms worldwide. This designation recognizes excellence in Real Estate firms the result of having achieved the highest levels of performance, experience, in our industry. We value the continuing support of our able prospect and hope to save you well in many more years...

FEGS Real Estate Services was originally founded in 2018 under the operational services

Be customer focused
Bring a positive energy and attitude to everything you do
Work hard, work smart, and always get the job done
Be a team player stepping in to help whenever needed.
At FEGS our recipe is quite simple. We take care of our customers. We bring a positive attitude and energy to everything we do. By working harder and smarter, we always get the job done. And through teamwork and collaboration, we have what it takes to be unstoppable!

To turn our client’s real estate goals into reality.

To simplify the complexity – We are the aspirin to your real estate headaches

FEGS'S is a full-service real estate organization that provides a customized menu of high-quality services tailored to your specific needs and to maximize the profitability and potential of your asset. Our success in attaining these goals, along with our well-regarded reputation has enabled us to forge relationships and partnerships with clients from all across the NIGERIA.

Our ability to develop and execute customized strategic solutions in support of our clients’ unique goals and assets further exemplifies our commitment to creating enduring, successful partnerships.

FEGS offers many different services including:

FEGD provides a wide range of Residential Property Management services, customized to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. Our integrated team-based approach facilitates effective and timely communication between all parties, from tenants to property managers, vendors to facility technicians, accountants to our most important point of contact – our clients.