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Land for sale in Nigeria

We have a total of 11,918 Land for sale in Nigeria updated on 20 Mar 2019 . Among these properties are houses, lands, shops, apartments, flats and commercial spaces . Every Real Estate in Nigeria posted on this site is verified by real estate agents . We also have cheap houses for rent and cheap houses for sale . Refine your property search by price, number of beds and type of property

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Plots of land are available for sale in all states in Nigeria which are fertile enough for agricultural purposes and are as well endowed with untapped resources. The plots of land for sale in Nigeria are priced within the range of N200,000 to N2,500,000,000,000 (N2.5 trillion naira). This price range is subject to the size of the land as well as the location.

Land for sale in Nigeria is one of the most demanded properties by citizens as well as expats in the country. Land may be acquired for agricultural usage which is mostly for the plantation of cash or food crops in large quantity for exportation and in some case, lands are bought when there is a discovery of mineral resources. These type of lands are tagged as lifetime investments because the mineral resources found there can be exhumed, refined and then put up for exportation or sold to the local market at a high price. Some of the mineral resources embedded in the crust of land include; gold, copper, coal, tin, and bronze among many others.

Simply defined as a part of the earth not covered by water, and can be regarded as earth's pocket as it hosts a number of mineral resources that has become a source of wealth to many nations. A land is one of the most prized real estate property which is bound to appreciate in value. The demand for land will always be unending due to the various purposes in which it is used, either residential or commercial purpose. Megacities in Nigeria do not have land in abundance, unlike the other states.