Pay Your Rent Monthly in Nigeria on These Tech Platforms

When a significant portion of Nigerian employees receives salaries monthly, the idea of having to pay annual house rental payments cannot be appealing. As a result, tenants are forced to set aside huge sums of money to pay for rent. Read this article for Tech platforms to pay rent monthly in Nigeria. 

This issue has been recognised by several PropTech (property tech) startups, who have created businesses around it. These businesses have created systems that let tenants pay their rent monthly; which is how it should be in a society where most services are paid for monthly.

This article examines a few of these businesses to show you where to turn if you decide you need additional rent payment flexibility.


Rentsmallsmall (SmallSmall) is Nigeria’s “On-demand Home Rental Solution” with flexible payment and renters insurance. From the platform, users can search for apartments to rent in Eti-Osa, Gbagada and Ibeju parts of Lagos.

RentSmallSmall lists properties from as low as N50,000 per month to as high as N800,000 per month. This targets different social classes.

Spleet offers access to premium residential solutions, with as little hassle as possible. Their payment solutions are also very flexible —monthly or quarterly— depending on which fits your plans the most.

Spleet also offers a co-sharing option where users choose between their private spaces or living in affordable shared spaces with verified housemates. Both options come with flexible payment options.

HomePay Africa

HomePay Africa is a company currently in collaboration with that gives Africans the opportunity to pay their rent monthly with little to no hassle. 

You become a verified renter, search for your apartment and get the funds you need to live a life of ease. It makes renting more affordable and less of a burden. 


Muster is a startup that connects people and organisations looking to rent properties with other people and organisations using preset preferences to find the most suitable match. Like others above, the startup offers flexible payment options and monthly subscriptions.

On Muster, you can also earn money by renting out your available rooms to tenants on the platform. Almost similar to the AirBnB model.

So, the next time you are house hunting, and you need a flexible payment structure, do give some of these platforms a try. Please drop a review if you have tried any of these companies or pay rent monthly in Nigeria.

Also, leave comments on some other tech platforms which can be used to pay rent monthly in Nigeria like these. They could have been used by you or someone else. This would be very helpful. 



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