Abraham Adesanya Estate is a residential estate in Ajah which is in close proximity to the Ajah Roundabout (as it is located on the 10th roundabout of Lekki). The estate is strategically located in Ajah. The Abraham Adesanya Estate is an attractive abode for families and young working class people by virtue of the rapid growth in the Ajah axis. Abraham Adesanya Estate is a good place to rent a residential property on low cost in Lagos. The neighbourhood is neat and serene. The road network here is motorable, however, the neighbourhood tends to be flooded as a result of heavy rainfall. 

Originally, Abraham Adesanya estate was developed by the Lagos State Government as a low-cost housing scheme in the early 21st century (precisely 2001-2001). Today the estate is a middle-class residential hub. Abraham Adesanya Estate is also in close proximity to Ogombo village. As a residential estate, Abraham Adesanya Estate possesses unique house designs that are similar. There are different types of buildings for rent and for sale in Abraham Adesanya Estate. These apartments vary based on size thus, the estate possesses duplexes, bungalows, flats and detached buildings (although most houses here are bungalows). The bungalows in this estate are unique as they are a combination of flats, detached bungalows and semi detached bungalows.  

The cost of renting an apartment in Abraham Adesanya Estate is quite affordable considering its location. The cost of renting a flat in Abraham Adesanya Estate ranges between N600,000- N800,000. The semi detached bungalows and detached bungalows are more expensive. There are a number of properties for sale in Abraham Adesanya Estate

Major companies here are; T Gold Design, Nollywood Angels, Cake Factory, Simple Plus Ventures Ltd, Shadur Nigeria Ltd, 1st Naija, The Nigeria Is Blessed Movement, Events Decor Company, Anniky fabrics and Accessories, Afonchies Pharmacy, Clementina Centre and Havilahs Gold Fountains. The Almighty Specialist Hospital is the prominent hospital here. One of the schools here is Greater Scholars Preschool. Catholic Church of the Annunciation is the popular worship centre here.

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Around the block

The Neighbours

The residents are a mix of middle and upper-middle class Nigerians. The estate was built in a bid to solve housing challenges in the state. Today, Abraham Adesanya Estate is one of the most affordable estates to live in Ajah, it is in proximity to business districts in Lagos like Victoria Island.  You can check out properties for sale or rent in Abraham Adesanya Estate on PropertyPro.ng

Abraham Adesanya Estate possesses two central gates which serves as the main entrance to the estate, guarded by security guards. The gated estate is well secured and serene, there has been no incident of robbery till date, although there is no security guard within the estates asides the ones found at the entrance. Unlike places like Victoria Garden City, visitors are allowed into the estate without any security checks. The drainage systems are also well channeled. The residents pay dues for security and waste disposal monthly.

Most houses in Abraham Adesanya Estate were built as bungalows, some of these houses are old and have old fashioned structures, while some have been refurbished, others are still same. The streets are mostly clean and some streets in the estate are beautified with flowers. The power supply in Abraham Adesanya is fair while residents support with generators as in most areas in Lagos


What To Expect

Abraham Adesanya Estate is one of the most affordable places to buy or rent properties in Ajah, Lagos. Abraham Adesanya is a fairly serene estate that is strategically located within close proximity to the Ajah roundabout. The distance between Abraham Adesanya to Lekki is about an hour during rush hours when there is no serious traffic and approximately 30 minutes to Victoria Island. 

Most of the roads are poorly maintained, formally tarred but broken causing potholes that retain water during season. Unlike areas like Lekki Phase 1 facing increased rate of property’s appreciation and high demand, properties in Abraham Adesanya Estate are not on high demand. The drainage channels are deep and flooding in the estate is a rare occurrence.

The Lifestyle

Abraham Adesanya Estate is one of the popular estates in Ajah that houses residents who are middle-class Lagosians, corporate workers who need to be close to central business centres, families on a budget who can’t afford to live in high end areas in Lagos Island. Life in this estate is peaceful, quiet and safe as there has been no incident of robbery in the estate or any other criminal activities.

There are restaurants, bars and lounges close to the estate such as Jesse’s Lounge, Buchi Bar and Restaurant, D’elixir Bar & Lounge, Legend Hotel and Bar, Domino Pizza. Other fun and leisure spots in the vicinity includes clubs, parks and Hotels and shopping centres.


The Market

The major supermarket in the estate is ‘Shop for less’ situated on the major roadside. The supermarket is the hub of perishable foodstuffs and groceries including . There is no major market here but there are a number of fruit sellers on the roadsides opposite the estate. There are also a few shops and kiosks in the estate. Some stores and shopping centres close by includes Eastline Shopping Complex, VGC Shopping Mall, Blenco Supermarket, Shop4me Services and others. 

You'll Fall In Love With

The estate has quite a number of entertaining activities close by to keep you excited, some in walking distance and others a few minutes drive. These includes suya spots, eateries and hotels includes Atican Beach Resort  Hotel and The Joel’s Place. 

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