Top Coworking Spaces in Lagos

Exploring Lagos' Best Coworking Environments


Are you tired of the monotonous office routine and yearning for a more stimulating work environment? Look no further than Lagos, Nigeria, where the coworking scene has flourished, providing a plethora of coworking spaces to cater to your diverse needs. In this article, we will delve into the leading coworking spaces in Lagos, discussing what you can expect when you step into their premises and shedding light on their unique pros and cons.

Let’s embark on a journey to explore the vibrant coworking landscape in Lagos!

1. Workstation Nigeria

Location: Multiple locations in Lagos, including Victoria Island and Lekki.

What to Expect: Workstation Nigeria exudes a contemporary and professional ambiance. Expect an aesthetically pleasing and well-lit workspace that’s perfect for meetings with clients or focused work.

High-speed internet keeps you connected, while ergonomic chairs ensure comfort during those long work hours. Workstation Nigeria also provides well-equipped meeting rooms, complete with audio-visual equipment, making presentations a breeze. Plus, there’s an on-site café offering a selection of coffee and refreshments for that quick energy boost.


– Prime Locations: Accessible locations in the heart of Lagos.

– Professional Vibe: Ideal for corporate professionals and entrepreneurs.

– Tech-Ready Meeting Rooms: Equipped for seamless presentations.

– Coffee on Hand: Quick caffeine fix for those intense work sessions.

– Networking Opportunities: Connect with a diverse community of professionals.


– Premium Pricing: A hig

her price point compared to some other options.

– Crowded at Times: Expect a bustling atmosphere during peak hours.

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2. The Village Workspace

Location: Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

What to Expect: The Village Workspace embraces a creative and vibrant atmosphere. As soon as you step in, you’ll notice the artistic decor and comfy seating options, including bean bags and cozy nooks.

The fast Wi-Fi ensures you’re always connected, while regular networking events and workshops provide opportunities for collaboration. For moments of relaxation and inspiration, head to the rooftop terrace with a stunning view of Lagos.


– Artsy Vibe: Ideal for creative professionals and startups.

– Creative Atmosphere: Perfect for brainstorming and innovation.

– Networking Events: Regular gatherings to foster collaboration.

– Rooftop Relaxation: A serene escape for a change of scenery.

– Supportive Community: Connect with fellow creatives and entrepreneurs.


– Limited Locations: Availability may be restricted to a specific area.

– Not for Traditional Work: The atmosphere may not suit conventional office tasks.

3. Cranium One

Location: Victoria Island, Lagos.

What to Expect: Cranium One offers a sleek and modern workspace that’s ideal for professionals seeking a high-quality working environment. Here, you’ll find a range of options, including private offices, meeting rooms, and shared workspaces.

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The high-speed internet keeps you seamlessly connected, and the stylish design adds to the overall professional vibe. A notable feature is the on-site café, perfect for quick bites and coffee breaks. Additionally, Cranium One provides IT support, ensuring that technical issues won’t hinder your workflow.


– Prime Location: Situated in the business hub of Lagos.

– Swanky Meeting Rooms: Ideal for important meetings and presentations.

– Professional Feel: Perfect for corporate professionals.

– Café Convenience: Quick access to refreshments.

– Tech Support: Assistance available to resolve technical glitches.


– Premium Pricing: Higher costs compared to some other options.

– Limited Locations: Availability might be limited depending on your area of interest.

4. iDEA Hub

Location: Yaba, Lagos.

What to Expect: iDEA Hub is a haven for tech enthusiasts and innovators. The space is heavily tech-focused, offering access to cutting-edge amenities like 3D printers and labs. It’s a nurturing ground for tech startups, with incubation programs in place to support their growth. While tech takes the spotlight here, there are also meeting spaces and training rooms available for diverse needs.

The community at iDEA Hub primarily comprises tech professionals, making it an ideal place to network and collaborate.


– Tech Wonderland: Perfect for tech startups and enthusiasts.

– 3D Printers and Labs: Access to advanced technology for prototyping.

– Startup Support: Incubation programs to nurture budding businesses.

– Tech Networking: Connect with like-minded professionals.

– Budget-Friendly: Offers affordable pricing for startups and freelancers.


– Limited Amenities for Others: May not cater to the needs of non-tech professionals.

– Not for Classic Office Work: The focus on tech innovation might not suit traditional office tasks.

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5. LeadSpace

Location: Multiple locations across Lagos, including Ojodu and Yaba.

What to Expect: LeadSpace is a flexible coworking solution with multiple locations across Lagos. Whether you need meeting rooms, private offices, or open workspaces, they’ve got you covered.

High-speed internet and ergonomic furniture ensure your comfort and productivity. What sets LeadSpace apart is its vibrant community of entrepreneurs and regular networking events, providing ample opportunities for collaboration and growth.


– Multiple Locations: Convenience with various options across Lagos.

– Flexible Choices: Tailor your workspace to your specific needs.

– Networking Opportunities: Engage with a diverse community.

– Budget-Friendly: Offers affordability without compromising quality.

– Supportive Community: Connect with fellow entrepreneurs and professionals.



– Basic Amenities: May not have the same premium amenities as some other spaces.

– Can Get Crowded: Smaller spaces may fill up quickly during peak hours.

6. Intrepid Spaces

Location: Suite 201, Unit 11B Maben Terrace LFS Maben Rd, Lekki – Lagos, Nigeria

What to Expect: Intrepid Spaces is a tech-centric coworking space designed primarily for tech startups. It boasts state-of-the-art tech facilities and resources.

For startups, this is a goldmine. NG Hub also offers incubation programs and training. Besides the tech resources, the space provides opportunities to collaborate with industry leaders, making it a hotspot for tech innovation in Lagos.


– Facebook’s Resources: Access to the vast resources of Facebook.

– Tech Startup Paradise: Ideal for tech-oriented startups.

– High-Tech Facilities: Equipped with cutting-edge technology.

– Industry Links: Opportunities to network with industry leaders.

– Supportive Community: Connect with other tech entrepreneurs and professionals.


– Limited Availability: Due to its popularity, space may be limited.

– Geared Toward Techies: Tailored for tech startups and professionals, not suitable for all industries.

7. Seedspace Lagos

Location: Multiple locations in Lagos, including Ikoyi and Victoria Island.

What to Expect: Seedspace Lagos is part of a global network, providing access to a diverse community of entrepreneurs and startups. The workspaces are comfortable and designed to enhance productivity.

Regular events and workshops add value to the coworking experience, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing. Seedspace members can also tap into the global Seedspace community for broader networking opportunities.


– Global Network: Access to a worldwide community of entrepreneurs.

– Diversity: Connect with a variety of professionals and startups.

– Comfortable Spaces: Productive and comfortable.

8. CapitalSquare

Location: Lekki and Ikoyi, Lagos

What to Expect: CapitalSquare offers a cozy and productive environment. It’s a place where you can count on focused work.

You’ll find meeting rooms for important discussions, dedicated desks for those who like their own space, and an open work area for collaboration. High-speed internet is a given, and they frequently host networking events and workshops to help you expand your professional circle.


– Cozy Atmosphere: A relaxed and focused ambiance.

– Networking Chances: Opportunities to connect with other professionals.

– Budget-Friendly: Offers affordability without compromising quality.

– Multiple Locations: Conveniently situated in both Lekki and Ikoyi.

– Supportive Community: Engage with a community of fellow professionals.


– Fewer Amenities: May not have the same premium amenities as some other spaces.

– Limited Locations: Available only in Lekki and Ikoyi.

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9. The Executive Spot

Location: Ikeja, Lagos.

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What to Expect: The Executive Spot is tailored for professionals who need a quiet and well-equipped workspace. Here, you can expect a calm and focused environment conducive to productive work.

The workspace provides well-equipped workstations, meeting rooms, and the added bonus of IT support to resolve any technical issues swiftly. It’s an excellent choice for those who prioritize professionalism and peace.


– Ideal for Professionals: Perfect for corporate professionals and business meetings.

– Peaceful Environment: A tranquil atmosphere for focused work.

– Well-Equipped: Meeting rooms and workstations are equipped with essential amenities.

– IT Help: Technical assistance is readily available.

– Convenient Location: Strategically situated in Ikeja.


– Few Amenities for Startups: May not cater to the needs of startups requiring additional amenities.

– Not for Creatives: The environment may not be conducive to creative work.

10. Lagos Cowork

Location: Ikeja, Lagos.

What to Expect: Lagos Cowork offers a range of workspace options to cater to different preferences. Whether you prefer open workspaces, private offices, or meeting rooms, you’ll find what you need. It’s a budget-friendly option that doesn’t skimp on quality. The diverse community of professionals adds to the overall coworking experience, and basic amenities are readily available.


– Diverse Options: Choose from various workspace configurations.

– Budget-Friendly: Offers affordability without compromising quality.

– Diverse Community: Connect with a wide range of professionals.

– Convenient Location: Strategically situated in Ikeja.

– Basic Amenities: Essential amenities are accessible to support your work.


– Fewer Amenities: May not have the same premium amenities as some other coworking spaces.

– Not for Large Teams: The space may not be suitable for larger teams requiring more extensive facilities.

Final Thought 

Lagos is a treasure trove of coworking spaces, each catering to unique needs and preferences. Whether you’re a creative soul, a tech enthusiast, a corporate professional, or a startup founder, you’re sure to find a coworking space in Lagos that aligns with your vision of an ideal workspace.

Remember to consider factors like location, budget, and the atmosphere that best fuels your productivity when making your choice. With the dynamic coworking ecosystem in Lagos, there’s a space waiting for you to unlock your full potential.

So, seize the opportunity today and experience the transformation of your work life in Nigeria’s bustling business capital.


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