Awoyaya is a residential area in Ibeju Lekki, Lagos. The area is fast developing with very few commercial hubs. The neighbourhood was originally the local settlement of the Awoyaya people. The residential area of Awoyaya consists of a number of gated estates. Some of the estates in Awoyaya are; Mayfair Gardens, Meridian Park and Lekki Gardens. Some estates in this neighbourhood are located on the Lekki-Epe Expressway. There are also some local settlements outside the area.

The real estate venture in Awoyaya will sure bring big rewards due to the new Free Trade Zone in the Ibeju Lekki axis. Also, the neighbourhood hosts good estates that are conducive and serene with motorable roads and a fair supply of power. Flats for rent in Awoyaya are mostly new buildings. Apartments for rent in Awoyaya are majorly flats, bungalows, duplexes and detached buildings. Land for sale in the Awoyaya axis promises large returns and has appreciated beyond measures in the past decades. Click on to check out properties in Awoyaya and other areas in Nigeria . The neighbourhood is a good place to raise a family.

Companies in Awoyaya include; Toba Abejide Ventures, Mekalina Ventures, Coscharis Group, De New Star Video Film Production, Ley Househelps and Nannies and Peacefisimi Consult among others. Prominent schools in Awoyaya include; Attwool College, Greenfield Comprehensive School, Greenspring School and The Fundamentals Private School. Hospitals here include; Awoyaya Hospital, Bitola Specialist Hospital, Eagle Eye Assessor and Hanan Plus Diagnostic Centre. RCCG Church Divine Favour Parish and Church of Redemption are the major worship centres.

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Around the block

The Neighbours

Awoyaya is the hub of middle class and upper class Nigerians. There is also a blend of indigenes and non-indigenes in the neighbourhood. While some estates (like Mayfair Gardens) are for the affluent, other estates are for the middle-class people. The indigenes stay in a separate area outside the estate. Some of the indigenes belong to lower class. Most of the residents here are civil servants, businessmen and retirees. 

Streets in Awoyaya include Alh. Babatunde Elehe Street, Hon. Idowu Eletu Street, Adebayo Folarin Street, Omo ‘B’ & Sons Street, Lead Forte Gate Avenue, Millicent Igwe Street, Donald Odisan Street, Ugochukwu O. Ekpo Street, Olawale Akintunde Crescent, Sanni Eleku Street, Okesunu Street, Odibo Road, Oke Imale Street, Ogunlana Crescent, Alh Olowolaiyemo Crescent, Abiodun Balogun Street, Hon. Tokunbo Amele Street, Suraju Eletu Close. 

What To Expect

Expect a lot of properties for rent and for sale in Awoyaya. Although, the neighbourhood is a bit far from the CDBs (Central Business Districts) on the Lagos Island. The new Lekki Free Trade Zone will sure shoot Awoyaya into the limelight. The neighbourhood is a good place to live for civil servants, business men/women or retirees. Motorbikes (Okada) and tricycles (Keke Napep) are allowed to transport people and goods within the area. 

Awoyaya is a serene neighbourhood, there are street lights that lighten up the area at night. Some streets in the area have street shops mostly attached to their buildings, during the day, street hawkers move around with good to sell mostly in streets dominated by middle income earners. Some streets in Awoyaya are tarred especially those in gated estates like Meridian Park, while others though fairly clean are untarred. Streets in Awoyaya have two sided drainage systems howbeit, most of them are stuffed with dirt which stopped water from flowing freely through the drainage channels.

The Lifestyle

Life in Awoyaya is serene and enjoyable. Most people who live here go out to their places of work during the week, so the enironment is mostly tranquil. Awoyaya is mostly a residential areas which makes it a good area to raise a child as residents enjoy safety especially in gated estates with security guards who ensure routine checks are carried out before visitors are allowed into the area. Other areas are quite safe as well, there are street lights in most streets to brighten up the area at night.

If you love to go out at night to chill with friends or family, then you have an array of fun spots to pick from. Nightlife in Awoyaya is usually bubbling as residents as well as some visitors come around to unwind and hangout during the weekend. Some hotspots in Awoyaya include Ace Restaurant & Event Centre, Tantalizers, Ebis Recreation & Fun World, Peninsular Motel 3, Mayfair Garden Club, among others.

The Market

Residents of Awoyaya can shop from the Sangotedo market and the Ajah market. There is no major market in this neighbourhood but there are a lot of street shops, kiosks and hawkers especially in the local settlements. There are a number of supermarkets that provide the domestic needs of the residents in the estates some of which are Royal Priesthood Supermarket, UBA Pharmacy & Supermarket, Wear it out, Wrawley Supermarket, BI Supermarket Awoyaya. 

You'll Fall In Love With

The many places where Awoyaya residents can unwind and catch some fun are Nowoola Palace Hotels & Suite, Royal London Hotel & Suites, Jata Events and Resorts, Bar Classique and Restaurant, Mama T Bar and Peninsular Motel 3.


Royal London Hotel & Suites is off Mayfair Gardens, Awoyaya, Lekki. The hotel offers a blend of luxury and comfort, the ambience is great, the restaurant provides delicious meals and drinks, laundry services, customer services, swimming pool, and all round relaxation. The view from Royal London Hotel & Suites is beautiful and the environment is serene. The prices of hotel accommodation is quite affordable as compared to the services rendered.


Tantalizers is situated at no 43, Awoyaya, Mayfair Garden Estate Gate, km 31 Ajah- Epe Expressway, Awoyaya, Lagos. It is a leading fast food company in Nigeria with an outlet in Awoyaya. Tantalizers provide quality food service that has stood the test of time in exceptional taste and pleasurable experience. Residents and visitors stop by on a daily basis to grab a quick sweet bite or unwind with a chilled drink with friends and family. Check out Tantalizers Awoyaya


Villa Garden Hotel is a luxurious hotel located in Awoyaya. The hotel offers privacy and comfort as it is strategically located in an area that boast of serenity. Services and facilities offered by Villa Garden Hotel includes room service, laundry service, bar, restaurant, friendly staff, total relax. The hotel is properly furnished in a simple and cozy style to make you feel at home.

Social Facilities


Greenspring School is a world-class school favourably located in Awoyaya, it is one of the most sought after schools in Nigeria and ranks among the top 30 best schools in the country. They provide top-class, quality and well-rounded education. Greenspring School has the pre-school, elementary school, secondary and IB diploma education with qualified teachers, great learning environment, boarding facilities, gymnasium, quality teaching and learning facilities. It is one of the most expensive school in Nigeria and parents whose children are enrolled here are high income earners and social elites.


Ebis Recreation & Fun World is definitely one fun place to visit in Awoyaya. There is so much to do in this recreational centre, ranging from swimming in the medium sized pool or inflated rubber pool for children, playing table tennis, chilling out at the bar or restaurant while enjoying great music and refreshing  ambience.  Ebis Recaretion & Fun World offers amusement park, play centre, table and board games, electronic gaming, gym, hair dressing and barbing salon, event centre and others.



Awoyaya Hospital is a public hospital in Awoyaya owned and maintained by the government. Residents in this area do not have to worry about getting quality healthcare services as the hospital houses experienced doctors, nurses and other medical personnel. Some of the services rendered here are medical laboratory services, diagnosis and general treatment at a subsidized rate.

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