Bourdillon is a residential neighbourhood in Ikoyi and also a hub of a few thriving businesses and a few government parastatals. The neighbourhood is serene and highly accessible. The road network here is motorable as Bourdillion is decorated with beautiful street light. Bourdillion is a renowned highbrow location in Lagos State. The neighbourhood is a popular luxury hub that enjoys sustained property development. This makes the area largely attractive for residents and one of the best real estate locations in Lagos. Bourdillion is one of the most sought after areas for real estate in Lagos. There are various structures such as flats, terraced buildings and semi-detached houses, bungalow, shops and office spaces for rent and for sale here.

Bourdillion caters for her steady stream of residents with a large number of commercial properties. There are schools, hospitals and companies in this neighbourhood. Companies here include; Chicason Group of Companies, FIRST E&P, Icon Best, Authentic Images, Okechukwu Ventures, Kel’s Investment, JC International, Statoil Nigeria Limited and Niger Gate Consult. Major school here is Lee Music School. The prominent hospital here is Gold Cross Hospital.

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Around the block

The Neighbours

Bourdillion is the residential hub of residential Nigerians. Bola Ahmed Tinubu a renowned politician in Nigeria lives here. Most residents here are senior government officials, politicians, business moguls and entrepreneurs. Because of the luxury and class that Bourdillion denotes, the cost of renting or buying a property here is quite expensive here. The area is gated and visitors have to go through a security routine check before they are allowed access into the estate, the roads are good, clean, interlocked and well maintained  streetlights at different points on the road. The  drainage system in the neighbourhood runs underground and the drainage channels are well covered which makes the issue of flooding quite unlikely as long as these facilities are properly managed and maintained. 

What To Expect

The neighbourhood is serene and accessible. The road network is good as the major roads are well laid out. Bourdillon has a beautiful view, it plays home to a number of upper class citizens who can afford the luxury houses in the neighbourhood and keep up with a high class lifestyle. A walk through the area during peak hours reveals some of the fanciest, expensive and luxurious cars owned by residents here. An average resident of Bourdillion owns at least a car which serves as a major means of transportation in the neighbourhood. Residents pay a service charge monthly which is used for maintaining the facilities in the area. 

The Market

Bourdillon has no major market here but there are a few supermarkets that provide the domestic needs of residents here. The neighbourhood is in proximity to the army barracks market in Ikoyi. However, within the vicinity at large, there are some large supermarkets and malls that serve both residents of Bourdillion and individuals in other parts of Ikoyi. 

You'll Fall In Love With

The numerous fun places in Bourdillon has made it a perfect location to achieve the Live, Work and Play neighbourhood. There are majorly hotels, restaurants and bars. The major fun spots in Bourdillon are; Rimal Hotel Ikoyi, Amala Spot, Onome’s Canteen, The Cakehouse, Gardenview, Cruz Bar, Mama Habibat Store and Peter Anika & Sons Bar among others. Although Ikoyi is mostly a residential neighbourhood, however, there are a good number of fun and entertaining places where residents and visitors can enjoy their leisure time, 

Social Facilities

Bourdillon Court Estate is a gated estate with armed security guards, houses within the estate are also gated, the presence of good drainage system as well as clean and well maintained drainage channels helps to prevent flooding in the area as there has been no incident of flooding in the estate. Bourdillon Court Estate is one of the few places that experiences 24 hours power supply in Nigeria. Electricity supply here is not controlled by Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKDC), power supply here is constant as residents are charged depending on the usage. There is a central management authority that controls waste management which keeps the estate keep at all times.


Lagoon Hospital was formerly Gold Cross Hospital before it was acquired by Lagoon Hospital. It is a popular hospital in Ikoyi, Lagos which provide quality healthcare services for residents, commuters as well as visitors. The hospital provides international standards of healthcare here in Nigeria, dedicated, passionate and helpful staff. Some of their services include general surgery, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, general medicine, burns and plastic surgery, critical care, trauma and orthopaedics among others. Check out Lagoon Hospital, Ikoyi


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