Ebute Metta readily comes to heart when you think of the Nigerian Railway Corporation. Ebute Metta was one of the first developed places in Lagos – this is because most of the major buildings here were constructed during the colonial era. Ebute Metta is divided into two main areas: East and West. The neighbourhood has risen to popularity due to the production and sale of local food and clothes within its environs, it is almost impossible to suffer loss doing business in this area.

Ebute Metta is a get to course connecting Lagos mainland to the most well-known parts of Lagos Island. A noteworthy system of flyovers and access roads connect these different parts of Lagos as you drive through the Iddo peninsula. Ebute Metta is additionally a standout amongst the most prominent centres for interstate travel in Lagos as a decent number of transport organizations work here.

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Around the block

The Neighbours

Ebute Metta is an area located in the Lagos Mainland Local Government Area which is a local government having several communities under it including Yaba, Iwaya, Ebute-Metta, Akoka, Abule-nla, Makoko. The Lagos Mainland Local Government’s head office is housed at  2, Ondo Street, Ebute Metta, Yaba, Lagos.

A blend of young working class people, traders and retirees are the crop of neighbours you should expect in Ebute Metta. There is also a good number of retirees in the area, as most of the buildings are old. The environment can be rowdy at times especially during rush hours. Ebute Metta is a old part of Lagos and one of the experienced developed right early. The area houses a number of notable landmarks.


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What To Expect

Cheaper rents, food options and an inexpensive livelihood in a moderately populated area will attract anyone to make Ebute Metta their home. Due to the popularity of the area, Ebute Metta can be rowdy at times. Especially during festive periods where a lot of people travel as well as in the market. The cost of living here is relatively low and the cost of renting apartments is relatively affordable. Ebute Metta is a good place for those working on the Lagos Island especially in terms of proximity. There are a number street shops, street hawkers, local bars and restaurants within the area. 

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The Lifestyle

Ebute Metta offers the typical Lagos lifestyle which is fast moving which older people sometimes find difficult coping with, however, residents of Ebute Metta who have lived here for long, know how to keep up with all that the area has to offer.

Major Landmarks in Ebute Metta

  • Nigerian Railway Corporation headquarters
  • Oyingbo Market
  • St Saviour School
  • Ebute Metta Health Centre
  • St Paul’s Catholic Church
  • Jaekel’s House
  • Lisabi Hall

Life in Ebute Metta is fun and fast paced, it is a perfect location for a low income earner or middle income earning families who want to get a low-budget apartment as Ebute Metta is one of the cheapest places to live in Lagos Mainland. Check out PropertyPro.ng for properties and apartments for sale or rent in Ebute Metta, Yaba. 

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The Market

A market for perishable items filled with traders and customers is what describes the Oyingbo Market which caters to the needs of Ebute Metta residents. The Oyingbo market is so popular that one of the popular music artists sang a song about it, claiming that “the Oyingbo market misses no one”. Any day, anytime, the market is a full market with so many traders and their customers. 

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You'll Fall In Love With

The bubbly fun spots, a wide array of hotels and guest houses within Ebute Metta depicts the neighbourhood as a lively and socially active one. One of the most popular fun spots here is Ground Zero (a game arcade and a mini cinema) located at Cemetery Road. Popular hotels in Ebute Metta include Mainland Hotel, Hotel Lawa, Jonesville Hotel, Sharrylesh Hotel, RoofTop Hotel Corner Guest House among others. Other fun spots in this area are; Suya Spots, Shawarma spots, and bars. The evening life is always bubbling.


Sharrylesh Hotel is situated in Vaughan Street, Ebute Metta, Lagos. It is a known hotel in Yaba as a whole which offers optimum care and hospitality to guests, with the effort of helpful and friendly staff, guests are bound to make lovely memories of their stay in the hotel. The rooms in Sharrylesh Hotel are conducive, comfortable and affordable. Other facilities available include laundry service, adequate parking space, restaurant, bar. The hotel serves residents of Ebute Metta other guests from Yaba environs.


Delish Restaurant – De Calabar Kitchen is located at no  55, Apapa Road, (Opp Keystone Bank), Ebute Metta, Yaba. The restaurant offers quite a range of options for customers to pick from. The dishes served are Nigerian cuisines and the pricing is also pocket friendly. It is a great location to relax and enjoy local dishes with friends and family. 

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Social Facilities


Jaekel’s House is a mini museum is located at Ebute Metta, Yaba, Lagos which was named after a former superintendent of the Nigerian Railway Corporation, Late Francis JaekelThe Jaekel House is now a heritage site managed by Legacy 1995, the museum houses ancient artifacts. It serves as a centre of attraction and site seeing for residents and vsitors from various locations in Lagos and beyond.


Ebute Metta Health Centre was setup in 1964 and experienced an upgrade in 2008. The health centre offers 24-hour medical, paediatric and minor surgical emergencies. Ebute Metta Health Centre offers comprehensive medical care to residents of Ebute Metta, Yaba and Lagos generally. With staff strength of almost 175, the health centre is committed to providing accessible and satisfactory services  round the clock. Services offered here include Accident and Emergency, General In/Out-Patient Clinic, Medical In/Out-Patient Clinic, Paediatric In/Out-Patient Clinic, Medical/Paediatric Admissions, Dental, Eye Clinic, HIV Testing and Counselling, Community Health, Medical Laboratory, Pharmaceutical, Medical Social Welfare

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