Graceland Estate is a residential hub in Ajah Lagos. The estate is in close proximity to Royal Gardens Estate, Abraham Adesanya Estate and Lekki Gardens Estate. Graceland Estate is located on the Lekki Epe Expressway, a short distance after Ajah roundabout. Graceland Estate Ajah has the structure of a typical street in Lagos, where residents procure lands and build houses within compounds bordered by high fences. The road network is motorable, but the drainages are majorly one sided.

This fairly serene abode has a residents’ association, and residents pay an annual service charge for the estate facilities. Houses in Graceland Estate vary from bungalows to flats, duplexes, detached and semi detached buildings. The cost of renting or buying a property in Graceland Estate is fairly affordable. There are beautiful properties for rent and for sale in Graceland Estate. The estate is well secured with two gated entrance. However, non-residents are allowed entrance only through one of the entrances in the estate, although there are security checks on cars.

There are a number of companies, schools and worship centres in this estate. The companies here include; Vintage Technologies Ltd., Caariona Nigeria Ltd, Bigrose Ventures, NGCOM Network Solutions and Tuale Media Concepts. Gr8 Solutions School and Amber Ville School are the schools in the estate. Major worship centres here are; Cherubim And Seraphim Movement Church and Revival Army Ministries.

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Around the block

The Neighbours

Most of the residents are traders, entrepreneurs and civil servants of the middle class. There are also a few artisans here. The estate was structured to be a middle-class real estate hub for those who work in Victoria Island and Lekki axis. The neighbourhood is an enjoyable one as residents get to enjoy their privacy as most houses are gated and have high fences. Non-residents of the estate do not go through the security checks before they are allowed entry, although there are security guards who carry out routine checks on cars irregularly.

Although the roads in Graceland Estate are interlocked, they are also narrow and makes navigation a bit difficult, the drainage channels though well covered are just on one side but there has been no incident of flooding in the estate. Unlike some other estates in Lekki, commercial activities are allowed in Graceland Estate as there are some companies housed including a number of transport & logistics companies which makes it easier for resident going on a quick journey by road.

What To Expect

Graceland Estate is a choice real estate location in Ajah. The neighbourhood is secured and fairly accessible. The estate is also strategically located and it is a good place to live for young adults who work on the Lagos Island. There are some trees planted by the side of the road in the estate although most houses do not make provision for green space. The electricity supply in the estate is dependent on the EKDC which supplies electricity to most areas in Lekki although residents supplement with the use of generators and inverters as power supply in Lagos is generally unpredictable. 

The estate is generally clean and is a healthy place to live in with your family. Public amenities in the estate are easily accessible although as compared to other estates and areas in Lekki, Graceland Estate doesn’t have enough infrastructure. Starting up a business within the estate can be a very profitable idea as the area can do with some stores and supermarket.

The Lifestyle

Graceland Estate is mostly a residential settlement so life is more of reserved and quiet as seen in most estate in upscale areas like Lekki. Neighbours in the estate prefer to keep to themselves as each compound is gated and surrounded with a high fence. Graceland Estate houses no bar, restaurant or park notwithstanding, there are quite a number of fun and leisure places along the Lekki-Epe expressway and in Lekki general so residents which are just a few minutes drive from Graceland Estate.

The Market

The residents can shop from the Ajah Ultra Modern Market as there is no major market in the neighbourhood except for a few roadside shops and supermarkets. There are some markets close by that offer a variety of goods and services, some of which are Jakande Market, Lekki Market, Oba Elegushi International Market, as well as some supermarkets and malls such as Novare Mall, Shoprite, Trimart Supermarket, Daytona Supermarket, Prince Ebeano Supermarket among others. 

You'll Fall In Love With

The major fun place in this estate is Humphery’s Concept. However, there are other places around the estates where the residents of Graceland Estate can also unwind and have fun. Some of them are; Fairmont Suites, Le Brigadier Hotel, Global Hotel, Utimanik Suites, Priceless Restaurant, Spot One Bar, Sparkle and Berries Restaurant, Tasko Crown Hotel, Chicken Republic and The Dreams Foods International.

For real estate investors looking for an area with average property appreciation, Graceland Estate is certainly not a bad idea, as there a good number of undeveloped lands as well as properties for sale within the estate. Another advantage of living here is that the service charge paid annually covers for waste management so the estate is not littered with waste, Graceland Estate is known to be generally clean.

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