Ikate usually referred to as Ikate Elegushi, is a residential hub with a few commercial spheres. This luxury area has beautiful buildings and lovely ambience. Ikate Elegushi symbolises luxury redefined. The road network, security and power supply in Ikate is good. The neighbourhood is a local one. Elegushi has a traditional ruler who is Oba Samuel Ademola Elegushi (Kusenla III). The traditional ruler is the youngest Oba in Lagos State. The neighbourhood is serene and accessible.

There are a number of companies, schools, hospitals and worship centres in this neighbourhood. The companies in Ikate Elegushi include; Wakanow, The Bespoke Center, Gubtish Home Movers Lagos, Richmond Gate Estate, Victorious Olin Real, Olasco Company Nigeria Limited, JGC Nigeria Ltd, Rickey Tarfa & Co. and Richmond Gate Estate among others. Prominent schools here are; Meadow Hall, SS Peter & Paul Creche and Faith Heritage School. The average rate of property appreciation in Ikate is high as a result of its proximity to business district and hotspots in Lagos Island. 

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Around the block

The Neighbours

Ikate is a hub of the crème de la crème in Lagos. Upper-class Nigerians live here. Most of the residents in Ikate are successful businessmen and women. There are also oil workers, bankers and multinational company workers here. Although Ikate is a highbrow neighbourhood, the area has no security system, entrance and exit into Ikate is unrestricted, there are some small estates within the neighbourhood where residents come together to provide general security for the estate. However, Ikate is still  quite a peaceful and safe place to reside in and is also a great choice for high income earners who work in business districts like Victoria Island, Ikoyi and Lekki Phase 1.

Most of the raods in Ikate are tarred or interlocked especially the central road, the road network is also very good. There are drainage channels on both sides of the road which reduces the risk of flood although due to the fact that the area is not very high above sea level, there has been incidents of flooding in Ikate mostly when it rains heavily.  Residents or visitors move in and out of the area using their private cars or boarding a motorcycle which has mostly found at the entrance of the Ikate. As in a lot of areas in Lekki, power supply in Ikate is dependent on Eko Electricity Distribustion Company (EKDC), residents also make use of their generators or inverters as electricity supply in Nigeria is generally unpredictable.

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Road in Ikate, Lekki, Lagos
Toyota, Ikate, Lekki, Lagos

What To Expect

The neighbourhood is peaceful, strategically located and serene. There are a lot of attractive and fun things to do here. The residents of Ikate can easily visit the Elegushi beach anytime they want. The residents who work at Ikoyi, VGC or Victoria Island can easily get to their workplace. The landscaping of the area isn’t quite impressive as there is no provision for green space and you can find dirt littered around in some parts of Ikate as there is no central waste management system to cub that, which makes the neighbourhood look unappealing. Although there are also some beautiful, well planned and gated estates housed within Ikate some of which are Seagate Estate, Pinnock Beach Estate among others. 

Major worship centres in Ikate include Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Ikate Baptist Church, Assemblies of God Church, Ansar-Ud-Deen Central Mosque, Apostolic Faith Church, Badrul-Islam Central Mosque, Folawiyo Bankole Memorial Methodist Church, The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Obele Oniwala Central Mosque, House On The Rock, CCC Zion Parish Lekki, Clear Path Islamic Centre, Iranlowo Oluwa Central Mosque, Faith Impact Church.

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Road in Ikate, Lekki, Lagos
House On The Rock, Ikate, Lekki, Lagos

The Lifestyle

Most residents of Ikate are high income earners or social butterflies who can afford to live in these luxurious apartments. Houses in Ikate are gated, residents dig their own borehole and water treatment plant as the water in Ikate requires treatment before usage. There are fun spots within the neighbourhood as well as in the vicinity, Ikate also houses a sport park where residents engage in various kinds of sporting activities during the weekend. Residents of Ikate also have access to good within the neighbourhood, there are also some highly recommended schools in Lekki. Athough Ikate is more of a residential area, there are also some commercial activities that take place here, the area is generally good to do business in.

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The Market

Ikate possesses a unique night market called the Itedo market. The Itedo market never sleeps. This is one of the very few markets in Lagos. Buying and selling activities take place in the market till very late in the night. Itedo market is located at the end of Admiralty, Lekki. The goods for sale are perishable and nonperishable food items as well as groceries. There are also some supermarkets, mini marts and shopping malls in the vicinity such as the Family Affair Plaza, as well as major markets in Lekki at large such as the Jakande Art and Craft Market, Oba Elegushi Market where residents can purchase various items. 

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You'll Fall In Love With

The number of exquisite hotels, bars and restaurants in Ikate for unwinding and dining promises just the best experiences for you. Some major recreational spots here are; Beach Thrills, Ashley’s Lounge and Restaurant, SPAR, Grandma’s Special Restaurant, Nike Art Gallery, Sabitex Hotel Limited, Dupoint 71 Place, La Taverna and Elegushi Beach. The Elegushi beach, one of the best beaches in Nigeria, is a major fun spot for the Ikate residents.

The safety and peaceful nature of the area is a desirable appeal as there has been no incident of robbery and rate of criminal activities is very low. The area is filled with luxury apartments that offer comfort on a different level, there are also some on-going building projects in the area, you can check out PropertyPro.ng for properties for sale or rent in Ikate as well as in other areas in Lagos. 

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Social Facilities


Family Affairs Plaza is a popular place in Ikate. The plaza is situated off Kunsela Road, Oba Elegushi, Ikate, Lekki, Lagos. Family Affairs Plaza houses a nice beauty salon with professional hairstylist, a cool bar where residents and visitors unwind with friends as well as a lounge.


Brooke House School is a top-class school in Ikate which is located at no 31, Kusena Road, Ikate Elegushi, Lekki, Lagos. The school serves residents of Ikate and Lekki who can afford to enrol their children. The school ensures that students receive high quality education, have access to experienced, qualified, committed and caring teachers. Brooke House School aims at raising children who are cerebral, confident, intellectually sound, future leaders, sophisticated and refined with high morals and ethical values. Check out Brooke House School http://brookehouseedu.com/


Leisure Sport Park a hotspot in Ikate where residents and visitors unwind especially during the weekend. The sport park is an amazing multipurpose sporting ground which is easy accessible and worth every penny paid, the facilities are also well maintained. Leisure Sport Park offers nice basketball court, soccer pitch, volleyball court, paintball arena as well as other games such as table tennis, dead lifts, monkey bars, flag football and others . The facility is an oasis for outdoor sports and games. Check out Leisure Sport Park Ikate https://leisure-sports-park.business.site/



social facilities

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