Ikeja GRA: The Peak of Luxury Living on the Mainland of Lagos

Ikeja GRA is known to be occupied by the crème de la crème of Lagos Mainland. It is heavily residential with a few government offices and other businesses. It is a serene and quiet environment. Bungalows, detached houses, duplexes, serviced apartments can be seen here.

Although the whole of Ikeja GRA was planned to be a residential estate, commercial activities have since taken over this area, especially along Joel Ogunnaike and Isaac John . There are however still some areas in Ikeja GRA that have maintained their residential characteristics like Oduduwa Crescent, Herbert Macaulay Crescent, Rev. Ogunbiyi and Fani-Kayode streets. Keke’s (tricycles) and bikes are the major source of transportation for people who aren’t mobile.

Although Ikeja GRA is not a gated community, there is a high-security presence as security men and armed personnel are available to ensure a peaceful atmosphere. The Nigerian Army Cantonment, Police College, Ikeja High Court, Nigeria Immigration Service are a few government parastatal in the area. Hospitals within Ikeja GRA include LASUTH and Reddington Hospital. The schools in this area include; Police College, Avi-cenna International School, Grange school, Oxbridge Tutorial College, S.T T Regency School. Some event centres here include; The Haven Event Centre and The New Unity Events Centre.

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Around the block

The Neighbours

High-class people are the calibre of residents in Ikeja GRA. Ikeja GRA can be likened to the Manhattan in New York or West Hampstead in London. The rich and powerful people on the Lagos Mainland can be seen here. Living here in Ikeja GRA can be fun. 

There are lots of trees lines up here, the means of transportation here is majorly private cars and taxis, tricycles also known as keke maruwa are also allowed in Ikeja GRA. The good road makes it easy to navigate and access other areas in Ikeja. The houses in Ikeja GRA are well built and mostly gated with the street clean all the time, you can check out properties for sale or rent in Ikeja on PropertyPro.ng. Ikeja GRA, has lots of stores and supermarkets nestled here,


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What To Expect

In Ikeja GRA, expect to see class and lots of a social elites. The serenity here is one to be desired, the streets are usually peaceful and quiet. Ikeja GRA is highly secure due to the class of people who reside here, the good road networks helps for easy navigation and movement in and around this area. The power supply is really good compared to some areas in Ikeja. 

There is little to no traffic here both in the morning and in the evening, except for places like Joel Ogunnaike and the popular Isaac John Street which are more of commercial locations. Ikeja GRA is easily accessible, the environment is mostly clean.  There is an apparently sophisticated lifestyle associated with the residents in Ikeja GRA. There is an aura of wealth that is felt in the neighbourhood of Ikeja GRA.


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The Lifestyle

The lifestyle in Ikeja GRA is more of modern and upscale. Ikeja GRA is top area in Lagos, the mansions found here are plush. Residents of Ikeja GRA are business tycoons, old money and social butterflies. Although life in Ikeja GRA can be pretty quiet, there are still lots of hotels, bars and restaurants found here such as Amber Residents, Downtown Royal Hotel, Bluespring Hotel, Cassia Restaurant and Bar, Bar Continental, Crescendo Bar. Some other leisure places in Ikeja GRA includes The Orchid Bistro, La Mango Restaurant and Lounge, Jevinik Place, Celebrations Gardens Event Centre, Metro Park. 

Nightlife in Ikeja GRA comes alive with top clubs like Rumors Nightclub, The Place and The Cave Nightclub among others.

Security in Ikeja GRA spurs from the presence of the Lagos State Police Command Ikeja as well as Area F Police Station situated here

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The Market

A market is one of the necessary amenities that makes an area conducive for living. Ikeja GRA houses no major market howbeit, it is in proximity to some big and well-known markets in Ikeja and in Lagos generally. Some of these markets include Alade Market, Computer Village, Oshodi Market and others.

There are also lots of supermarkets in Ikeja GRA that experiences an influx of people both residents and visitors who come to purchase various items. Some of which are Chiffy Supermarket, BG Mart Supermarket, Mosplace Food Store, Hayes and Ashley.

You'll Fall In Love With

The many exquisite fun spots in Ikeja GRA which includes Ikeja Golf Course, Protea Hotel, Prima hotel, The Sojourner by Genesis, The Place, Orchid Bistro, B Natural Spa, Rumors Night Club, ZEN Garden, Savoy Place and Best Western Starfire Hotel is designed to make you feel totally relaxed while you enjoy scrumptious meals and take a well-deserved break from the hustle of city living.


Rumors Night Club is strategically located at Oduduwa Way, Ikeja GRA. The luxurious hang out spot is known for being upscale and is a hub for top DJs, bands, musicians, and the creme de la creme in Lagos. The security here is tight as there are bouncers at the entrance and other places in the club, customer service is top notch, venue is easily accessible and one of the attractions is the VIP corner.  Thinking of a place to hang out on a Friday night? Rumors Night Club is an ideal spot if you want to grind all night long.


The Place is located at 45 Isaac John Street, Ikeja GRA. The restaurant is a popular spot in Ikeja GRA for both residents and visitors. The Place is usually filled with mostly middle class citizens and is usually the busiest during weekends.  The Place provides a menu list that offers an array of options, their meals are affordable and there is always something you can pay for. Although the finding a space at the parking lot can be a little challenge because of the population sometimes, The Place also has a bar and a nightclub. Check out The Place http://www.theplace.com.ng/restaurant


Zen Garden is a Chinese restaurant with tranquil environment, VIP room, patient and friendly attendant, conference room and banquet hall. It is one of the nicest Chinese restaurant on the mainland, a great place to dine and enjoy Chinese cuisine. The ambience is good and the food is affordable. Zen garden provides enough space for special event and is a good idea when thinking of places to go on a date.


The Sojourner By Genesis is situated at 16 Oba Akinjobi Street Ikeja G.R.A. It is a deluxe hotel that is nothing short of class, offering amenities such as an outdoor pool, room service, restaurant, business centre, laundry service. Great place for a weekend getaway with your spouse or the family. The Sojourner By Genesis is full of life both day and night. It is a great place to have a nice time.

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Social Facilities


S. T T Regency is a located at 20 Remi Fani-Kayode Avenue Ikeja GRA. It is known as a school for achievers as the teaching methods used here top notch, the school makes use of international curriculum and standards. S. T T is committed to instilling discipline and confidence in the lives of children, it is one of the popular schools in Ikeja that have stood the test of time as they offers high quality education in both nursery,primary and secondary schools. Check out S. T T Regency Schools https://sttregencyschools.com/


Avi Cenna International Schools is a government approved school in Ikeja GRA which offers quality and high standard education, experienced teachers, safe environment, equipped facilities and lots more all targeted at bringing out the best in a child. Avi Cenna offers nursery, primary and secondary educational programmes, kids from various nationalities attend and distance is not a problem as the school has a very conducive boarding facility. Have a lot at Avi Cenna International Schools  http://www.avi-cenna.com/


Are you in search of a church in Ikeja GRA? Church of Presentation Catholic Church  located at 20 Oba Akinjobi Way, Ikeja GRA is a religious centre where residents and visitors who are Christians come to worship on Sundays and on other designated days during the week. It is a popular Roman Catholic Church in Ikeja http://www.churchofthepresentation.org/


BG Mart Supermarket is an ultra modern store that is well-known for selling affordable goods as well as variety of groceries, toiletries, cookware and gift items. It is situated in the heart of Ikeja, residents and visitors also stop by to shop for household stuffs. You can also get fast food here, their chicken double extra-spicy sharwama is a always wait the try.


social facilities

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